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The Halifax Work List, Monte Restored

28 Jun

Having done with the greasier mechanical systems, I moved on to restoring Monte.

Soon after our Halifax arrival, I reattached the vane pendulum* and went for a test sail to see how the frame, bent upwards on starboard when wrapped by the drogue bridle in a gale, affected the vane’s functionality.

Could Monte sail Mo when so out of alignment? On test day, the winds were light, but the answer was that, yes, he could. (Alignment is a funny concept on a vessel that is moving in three dimensions within two mediums, water and air.) Ops were tricky, however. ...

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The Halifax Work List

26 Jun

“Can you please write a blog post?” asked my wife.

“I’m busy,” I say.

“But it’s been four days with nothing from you. You’ve posted every day for almost a year. People expect an update.”

“After such a flood, I’d think those people would like a break.”

“Then stop thinking and write a post.”

Over the last week, Mo and I have been holed-up on Ben Garvey’s dock in Purcell’s Cove, which is well outside of town. This has two benefits. One, it makes me hard to find, and so the number of visitors has slowed to nearly zero. Two, ...

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Randall Blue Giveaway!

21 Jun

Note from Joanna:

Hey folks. We’ve got a fun giveaway for all of you. If you’ll remember, a dear friend and supporter of the Figure 8 Voyage asked if he could name his ink after Randall and his journey. You can read about this amazing ink and the story of why it inspired the name of Randall Blue here.

Here’s where things get fun!

If you’d like some Randall ink, Nick is giving away 4 bottles together with signed original artwork to 4 lucky winners. All you have to do to enter is like the Figure 8 ...

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Provisions–What Got Eaten

20 Jun

As of yesterday, provisioning for the next leg of the Figure 8 Voyage is complete. Foods have been purchased, loaded aboard and neatly stowed, and once again, Mo’s lockers are full-up.

This time around, provisioning was largely a function of re-establishing par levels for core foods. Having done that, I sat down this morning to see what, in fact, I’d eaten since last October.

Below is a list of foods that were consumed during the 237 days it took to get myself and Mo from San Francisco to Halifax.

Open-and-Eat Canned Goods
Soups and stews, 108 cans
Baked ...

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Interview with Ben Shaw of Out the Gate Sailing

19 Jun

Here’s the set-up.

Two friends from San Francisco, Ben Shaw and his wife, Lauren Keane, just happened to book a cruise on Ice Bear, 59 North Sailing’s newest boat, that put them in Halifax the week of Mo’s arrival.

Ben and Lauren aboard Ice Bear, climbing toward Halifax last week.

I learned of this via a text that read, “Hey, we’re in Lunenburg. Can we buy you a beer?”

I’d not seen Ben since a month before the Figure 8 began, and though we’d chatted for his podcast, Out the Gate, while Mo and I were at ...

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18 Jun

Sure, it’s a nice town, but it became fabulous when my wife arrived on Friday afternoon. Her flight through Philadelphia canceled; the resulting connection grounded her in Dallas. That she came trundling out the gate of Stanfield International at roughly the right time proved a stroke of luck; that she pushed before her two large bags of spares for Moli and a bubble-wrapped Monitor frame was nothing short of miraculous.

Jo and Randall. First meeting after eight months apart.

The previous day, I moved Mo to a private mooring kindly offered by Ben Garvey of Purcell’s Cove.

Mo on a
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Halifax Happenings

11 Jun

Each day starts with a renewed attack on the work list, and each day that attack is blunted by visitors. Rich, John S, Sebastian, the owner of Comet, Bob, James, Rob, Ben, Sandy, Phil…the names go on. These interruptions, “the many snares of popularity,” are not the least unpleasant, and some even mature into dinners at the club.

A mere twelve days ago, I was enjoying the habit of eating my meals cold from a can; now I am served fresh haddock, salmon and lamb accompanied by beer colder than the ocean. One would think such a transition might be ...

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A Chat with John Harries

10 Jun

As referenced in a previous post, John Harries, author of the well-known voyaging website, Attainable Adventure Cruising, came to visit Mo at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron last week.

John has long advocated the use of the Jordan Series Drogue and so was interested to explore the issues Mo had with the drogue during a recent North Atlantic gale.

By way of reminder, the drogue bridle wrapped the Monitor wind vane late in the blow, causing serious damage. More on that here.

What follows is a snippet of our conversation, a short video shot entirely by John. ...

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A Reef of Barnacles

9 Jun

June 7, 2019

The Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I noticed barnacle growth before our first pass at Cape Horn, just one or two, spied going about their business in the eddies off Mo’s transom. And then, over the course of the Southern Ocean circuit, each time I hung myself over the stern to work on Monte, the numbers I could observe grew. Within a few months, were clearly hosting a colony.

A diverse colony of at least three species. The gorilla of the group was entirely purple, carried a long, thick stem at the end of ...

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Figure 8 FAQ from Joanna

8 Jun

Date: June 7, 2019

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from “my lovely wife,” but with Randall and Mo now tucked safely into a Halifax marina, a number of my non-sailor friends have been asking me questions about the voyage. The same questions. I’m the in-house expert on the non-sailorly stuff, so I thought I’d do a quick FAQ for everyone.

So, here we go…

1. Has Randall broken the “rules” for this voyage by stopping?

The short answer is: no, there are no rules. It wouldn’t matter if Randall stopped once or a 100 times (which ...

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