Randall Reeves


10 Mar

Day 112 (Day 52 since Ushuaia)

Noon Position: 44 16S 106 50E

Course/Speed: E6

Wind: SSW15

Bar: 1015

Sea: SW8

Sky: Clear, Cumulus: look like Tradewind weather

Cabin Temp: 56

Sea Temp: 51

Miles last 24 hours: 143

Longitude Made Good: 116

Total Miles: 15,352

Miles to Hobart: 1800. I need to average 138 miles/day in order to arrive Hobart in time to see my wife, who arrives on the 19th.

Weather building. It started on the 4th. At first NW 20, then 25, then 30. By 6am  on the 5th winds had gone 30 plus, at which point I ...

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Red Lid

8 Mar

Day 111

Noon Position: 44 21S 104 08E

Course/Speed: ESE7

Wind: NNW20-30

Bar: 1005

Sea: NW10

Sky: Overcast, rain

Cabin Temp: 61 Sea Temp: 52

Miles Last 24 hours: 168

Longitude Made Good: 157

Total Miles: 15,209

Wind moved into the northwest and increased overnight to the high 20s and low 30s. At 4am I took down the main with three reefs and made our course off the wind a bit for comfort, which in this case was east-southeast. However, this system has a sharp corner to it, and by late morning had pulled winds well into the north and ...

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Greetings to Iles Crozets

7 Mar

Day 110

Noon Position: 43 51S 100 29E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW2025+ Bar: 1012 Sea: NW8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 61 Water Temp: 54

Miles last 24 hours: 160 Longitude Made Good: 150 Total Miles: 15,041

Miles to Hobart: 2082

Imagine. A sky slate gray to each horizon. But not even entirely. Here and there jagged Openings, tears with sharp corners, eerie. One of these voids is low down and in the way of the sun, which sets, a vast fiery ball, or so I’m told. In this case, though, the fire is seen as if through a hedge of ...

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A Change in the Weather

6 Mar

Day 109

Noon Position: 43 35S. 97 04E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: WSW25-30

Bar: 1016 Sea: NW8

Sky: Rain/Drizzle

Sail: Working Jib, 2 reefs

Miles last 24 hours: 164

Longitude Made Good: 157

Total Miles: 14,881

Miles to Hobart: 2233

Overnight wind increased and brought with it low cloud and rain. At midnight I took down the twin headsails, out on poles these last two days, and set the working jib to starboard with a couple reefs. The morning came on late and cold and gray and all day the quality of light has remained poor. If you were trying to ...

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Shout Out

4 Mar

Day 108

Noon Position: 43 14S 93 27E

Course/Speed: SE5

Wind: NW8-12

Bar: 1024

Sea: NW4

Sky: Clear

Sail: Twins headsails out full

Cabin Temp: 65 Water Temp: 55

Miles last 24 hours: 137

Longitude Made Good: 117

Total Miles: 14,717

Miles to Hobart: 2396

For those of you just getting caught up, these blogs are now without photos or videos because the gale of two weeks ago that shattered a window in the pilot house and flooded the boat also knocked out the Fleet Broadband 250 unit used for media, email and weather. And it killed the Iridium GO ...

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Slowly East

3 Mar

Day 107

Noon Position: 42 56S. 90 35E Course/Speed: E5 Wind: WSW10-15 Bar: 1027 Sea: W4 Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temp: 57 Sea Temp: 54

Miles last 24 hours: 120 Longitude Made Good: 113 Total Miles: 14,580

Wind trailed off overnight, seeming simply to evaporate. When I came on deck at 6am, the sails were complaining at having so  little to do. Actually, they had not been set well for 15 knots dead aft and the lingering swell from yesterday’s blow did not help matters, so after coffee, I lowered the main and put both headsails out on poles.

All ...

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Comes Another Blow

1 Mar

Day 106

Noon Position: 42 48S 88 01E

Course/Speed: E6 Wind: SW20 – 30

Bar: 1021 Sea: SW15

Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temp: 57

Sea Temp: 53

Miles Last 24 hours: 167 Longitude Made Good: 112

Total Miles: 14,460

Not too long ago the best weather forecast one could get at sea was from his barometer. And without a satellite link or single sideband radio, that is essentially what I’ve been reduced to. The barometer will tell you that change is a-comin, but with what intensity and from what direction—on these topics, it is more or less mum. When one is ...

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Night Watch

28 Feb

Day 104

Noon Position: 44 53S. 81 50E

Course/Speed: NE5 Wind: NW13

Bar: 1023 Sea: NW4

Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temp: 61

Sea Temp: 50

Miles last 24 hours: 107 Longitude Made Good: 92

Total Miles: 14,136

Slowly we drifted northeast, the twin headsails filling and folding in an endless cycle timed to the swell. The night sky, its moon sunk long ago, darkened to reveal its dimmer, more outward secrets. The Milky Way, so bright you could see it bending and twisting, a cosmic river flowing from one horizon to the other. The only sound, the soft crumpling of sails ...

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Uncles and a Note on Distance

26 Feb

Day 103

Noon Position: 45 20S. 79 33E Course/Speed: NE5 Wind: WSW 11 Bar: 1030 Sea: SW 8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 56 Water Temp: 52

Miles Last 24 hours: 148 Longitude Made Good: 135 Total Miles: 14,029

“The guys have been great,” said my wife in a message, “Every time something happens to you, one or more of them will check in with me to make sure I’m OK and give me their technical advice on next steps and strategies. It’s like I have a whole squad of Expert Uncles.”

So, a shout out to the Figure 8 Expert ...

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Today We Sailed

25 Feb

Day 103

Noon Position: 45 45S. 75 19E

Course/Speed: E7 Wind: SW20 Bar: 1032 (wow!)

Sky: Clear, Puffy Cumulus

Cabin Temp: 56

Sea Temp: 49 Miles last 24 hours: 158 Longitude Made Good Miles: 148 Total Miles: 13,881

Sleep. I can’t get enough of it.

Last evening I sat down for the pre-dinner beer, took two sips, and woke an hour later, having poured the remainder of the can into my lap and all over a cushion that had spent the day drying in the cockpit. So I went to bed. It was 8pm.

At 6am I made the ...

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