Randall Reeves

The quest for Ushuaia

23 Dec

Hey Virtual Voyagers – we managed to get a report from Captain Reeves. Team Figure 8 is working on getting the equipment together and Joanna’s going to wrap everything in her undies and hand carry it down to Ushuaia.

Dec 23


Pos: 55 50S 74 35w

On Drogue

Winds 40+ gusting 50

Day three of the quest for Ushuaia and I’m hanging out on a drogue 150 miles from the entrance to Bahia Cook. West winds predicted to high 30s started to build last night around 9 pm. Am getting 45. gusting 50 now and the barometer is still ...

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Pulling into Port…

21 Dec

Hi Figure 8 Voyage Followers!

This is Team Figure 8 speaking. Well the list of broken things got to a point today where a different approach was needed – specifically poor Monte broke this time.

The good news is Randall isn’t broken (frustrated but not broken) and the boat is as solid as a rock. However self steering gear is critical for getting around the Horn so Randall will be pulling into Ushuaia Argentina for needed repairs.

So what does this mean?

1. It means Randall will be steering, eating and sleeping. He won’t be writing so you’ll have to ...

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20 Dec

Hodge podge of a day on all fronts.

Wind has been mostly W and WNW, allowing me to follow a rhumb line course for the Horn. But consistency of direction has been all there is by way of consistency. In fact, one rule in my brief time below 50S is that wind velocity changes constantly, and I don’t mean from day to day or even morning to afternoon, but intra-hour. My notes in the log in the wind column today: 0600 Wind W 20 – 35; 1200 W 19 – 40; 1400 W 20 – 30. Later I just started ...

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19 Dec

Dec 17

Waves have broken fully onto the boat many times over the last two days–I stopped counting at five at Mo’s insistence. An hour ago I heard that now familiar deep whooshing and braced, but instead a wham to the hull and water over the top (kathwap–sploosh!), we were hit as by a freight train. Mo was pushed heavily to starboard and then went all the way over. Knocked flat.

Weather was moderating (wind 35+), a dangerous time after a blow as waves will spring up initially when released from the downward pressure of heavy wind.

I’d just ...

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All is Well!

18 Dec
Hi Virtual Stowaway followers.

If you’ve been looking at the tracker you’ll see that Randall is in some pretty big seas (20-30ft) so writing long blog posts etc hasn’t been high on the priority list. I did however get a short email from Randall this morning and I thought I’d share it will all of you. Mostly so you don’t worry, also to answer some questions I’ve had today.


All well, though a very tough ride. Average winds 45 knots from the west; typical range 35 to 55. Overnight gusts from super-squalls of 60 and 70. Had to do

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Little Experiment and Two Lows

15 Dec

Day 48
Noon Position: 50 59S 98 03W

Course/Speed: ESE 7

Wind: WSW 25

Sail: Working jib, two reefs; main three reefs; wind abeam

Bar: 1011

Sea: W 10

Sky: Broken; some high squall

Cabin Temp: 55

Water Temp: 44 


Last night: 8 hours, up four times; quality: high

Today: 1 hours; quality: high

Dinner: Pasta with chicken and parmesan cheese.

Breakfast: Oatmeal (1C dry) with peanut butter and dates and polenta for a different texture

Lunch: Leftover oatmeal. Can of giant beans, tomato, eggplant; added WASA crackers to bulk up; then cheese and crackers.

Snacks: 1/2 chocolate ...

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The Figure 8 Voyage 2017-12-15 01:57:54

15 Dec

Day 47
Noon Position: 49 57S 101 54W

Course/Speed: ESE 6+

Wind: SW 30 – 35

Sail: “storm jib” and triple reefed main; wind on beam

Bar: 1001

Sea: W and SW to 10

Sky: Broken, some sun, some squalls

Cabin Temp: 58

Water Temp: 45 
Miles last 24-hours: 141

Miles since departure: 6303


Last night: 9 hours, up four times; quality: very poor (Mo quite rolly)

Today: 2 hours (slept through the alarm set for one hour); quality: high

Dinner: Left over cabbage, pork and mashed potato stew (added one can of carrots and peas and more ...

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47 South and Sleep

14 Dec

Day 46
Noon Position: 48 02S 103 59W

Course/Speed: SE 6-7

Wind: W 25 – 30

Sail: Working jib, wind on starboard quarter

Bar: 1009

Sea: W 10+

Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temp: 56

Water Temp: 47
Miles last 24-hours: 142

Miles since departure: 6459

Three times I’ve gone on deck to raise the main, just a scratch of a main, and I don’t. The working jib is flying solo as it has done the last 24 hours. Wind is on starboard quarter, 25 this morning and 30 this afternoon. We make 6 and 7 knots with no apparent strain. And ...

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The Stingy Sea

12 Dec

Day 45
Noon Position: 46 51S 106 41W

Course/Speed: ESE 5

Wind: WSW 18 – 28

Sail: Working jib only

Bar: 1006

Sea: W 10

Sky: Cloudy, a squall no and then

Cabin Temp: 55

Water Temp: 47
Miles last 24-hours: 142*

Miles since departure: 6020
*Due to a math error on the part of the skipper over the weekend, two hours had to be withdrawn from today’s run to get Mo into the appropriate zone time. Thus, our 24-hour run was more like 154 miles.

Our sweet westerly has some south in it today, a little too much for ...

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Slowing Time

12 Dec

Day 44
Noon Position: 45 44S 109 33W

Course/Speed: ESE 6

Wind: W 18 – 29

Sail: Twins poled, deeply reefed

Bar: 1012, dropping

Sea: W 15

Sky: Clear

Cabin Temp: 59 

Water Temp: 48
Miles last 24-hours: 156

Miles since departure: 5878

I know the transition has been slow. Nothing much happens quickly when you’re traveling at 7 miles an hour. But it feels quick. Everything feels quick. Wave movement, wind, approaching cloud, boat motion. And most especially the transition from where we were two weeks ago to the surprising where we are now. I don’t remember a transition. ...

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