Randall Reeves

Gray Above and Below

3 May

Day 132/10

Noon Position: 45 52S 176 12E
Course/Speed: ENE5
Wind: WSW10-15
Bar: 1022, steady
Sea: W3
Sky: Overcast
Cabin Temperature: 59
Water Temperature: 53
Sail: Twins headsails, poled out, full

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 145
Miles this leg: 1262
Avg. Miles this leg: 126
Miles since departure: 18,517

A gray boat sliding above a gray sea under a gray sky.

Today is unnaturally dark and still. The deck of cloud does not change; above is uniform; a light spot to the west holds its position; the foreboding sky astern does not advance.

For the third day we ...

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On the Declaration of Problems, Chafe Check and Wine

3 May

Day 131/9

Noon Position: 46 47S 172 57E
Course/Speed: ENE 7
Wind: W15-20
Bar: 1016, steady
Sea: W5
Sky: Overcast
Cabin Temperature: 56
Water Temperature: 50
Sail: Twin headsails, poled out

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 148
Miles this leg: 1,117
Avg. Miles this leg: 124
Miles since departure: 18,372

“I know what your problem is,” says the man standing on the dock at the Hobart yacht club. “I’ve been reading your blog. You’re that Eight Figures fella.” The man is smiling. We shake hands. He’s happy to meet me. Then he tells me my problem.

“That double headsail ...

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A Little Low and Note on Feet

2 May

Day 130/8

Noon Position: 47 42S 169 36E

Course/Speed: NE7


Bar: 1003, rising

Sea: W10

Sky: Broken, clearing

Cabin Temperature: 55

Water Temperature: 49

Sail: Twin headsails poled out

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 156 (now that’s more like it; over twice the distance of the last two days combined)

Miles this leg: 969

Avg. Miles this leg: 121

Miles since departure: 18,224

All night we rode the top of a low whose center was so far south, it fell off my weather chart. The forecast had called for 25 knot winds from the northwest turning west after ...

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The Thrill of Discovery

1 May

Day 129/7

Noon Position: 47 34S 166 07E

Course/Speed: SE 7-8

Wind: WNW to 20

Bar: 1009

Sea: W5

Sky: Broken but lots of sun now; front visible astern

Cabin Temperature: 55

Water Temperature: 54

Sail: Twins poled out

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 62 (We sailed 140 to gain those 62.)

Miles this leg: 813

Avg. Miles this leg: 116

Miles since departure: 18, 068

I tacked to the south just after dinner, still close hauled. At midnight the wind began to swing into the west (hosannas!), so I tacked again, now heading southeast, but still reaching in ...

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On Variability and Why a South About of New Zealand

1 May

Day 128/6

Noon Position: 47 00S 164 28E

Course/Speed: E4

Wind: SSE11

Bar: 1016

Sea: SE4

Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temperature: 55

Water Temperature: 54

Sail: All plain sail, close hauled starboard

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 42 (ah, the pleasure of working up wind)

Miles this leg: 751

Avg. Miles this leg: 125

Miles since departure: 18,006

Wind has been light, generally, for two days and coming, generally, from the quadrant into which we wish to proceed.

I say “generally” because there is simply no constant here except variability. Over the course of an hour, winds will be 6, ...

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The Traps and The Snares

28 Apr

Day 128/5

Noon Position: 46 39S 163 36E

Course/Speed: SE5

Wind: S15

Bar: 1023

Sea: S4

Sky: Broken, sometimes squally

Cabin Temperature: 56

Water Temperature: 54

Sail: Working jib, full; main, one reef, close hauled on starboard

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 138

Miles this leg: 709

Avg. Miles this leg: 142

Miles since departure: 17,964

Viewed from space or, more likely, from my small scale chart in the pilot house, New Zealand’s South Island looks nothing imposing, a long, smooth shape resembling a dog bone and absent the hooks and daggers of its kin to the west, Cape ...

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28 Apr

Day 128/4

Noon Position: 46 21S 160 17E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: SSW 25

Bar: 1013

Sea: SW5

Sky: Clear with puffy cumulus

Cabin Temperature: 59

Water Temperature: 52

Sail: Working jib, 3 reefs; main, 2 reefs, close hauled

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 143

Miles this leg: 571

Avg. Miles this leg: 143

Miles since departure: 17,826

The sea does not teach patience so much as demand it as a requisite for survival, this in the context of the last day, whose Southern Ocean has been her usual fitful self. Wind is 25, then 12, then 30, then 20; ...

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It’s a double update day! Randall made the local news

27 Apr

As it is with the news, we were only told about an hour before airing that an update from our friendly NBC reporter Joe that Randall and the update on his story would be on the 6pm local news station.

Want to watch. You can check out the brief update here.

And yes, they’re going to interview him again when he gets back. Apparently, we’re now a “story”.

Big thanks to Eric Mathewson and the team at WideOrbit (one of our awesome VIrtual Voyagers and Sponsors) for introducing us to the team at NBC. Couldn’t do this without your help....

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Indoor Play Day

27 Apr

Day 127/3 this leg

Noon Position: 45 47S 156 56E

Course/Speed: ESE7

Wind: NW20

Bar: 1006

Sea: NW5

Sky: RAIN!

Cabin Temperature: 60

Water Temperature: 53

Sail: One reef working jib, One reef main; wind port quarter

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 133

Miles this leg: 428

Avg. Miles this leg: 143

Miles since departure: 17,683

Rain began just after midnight. Heavy at times but always steady, it continued till mid afternoon. Luckily, the wind was constant for the Southern Ocean, moving from NW to NNW and cycling between mid teens and high twenties. This allowed me a delicious ...

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Day Two of Forever

26 Apr

Day 126 (Day 2 of this leg)

Noon Position: 44 58S 153 59E

Course/Speed: ESE4

Wind: W10

Bar: 1013 steady

Sea: W3

Sky: Squally

Cabin Temperature: 65

Water Temperature: 55

Sail: Wing and wing with main and working jib

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 150

Miles this leg: 295

Avg. Miles this leg: 147

Miles since departure: 17,550


“Good Morning, Monte.* It’s nice to see you at your post again.” I say.

“Buenas Dias, Senior. I enjoyed my, how you say, shore leave, but it is nice to again have a hand on the tiller and wind in ...

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