Randall Reeves

A Photogenic Day

8 May

Day 136/14

Noon Position: 43 25S 173 40W

Course/Speed: NE7

Wind: WXN25

Bar: 1007, steady

Sea:n NW8

Sky: High Cumulus

Cabin Temperature: 63

Water Temperature: 60

Sail: Broad reach with two reefs in working jib and main

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 143

Miles this leg: 1,735

Avg. Miles this leg: 124

Miles since departure: 18,990

We are now treading lightly over the extreme northern arm of some powerful lows to the south. This has lead to unsettled and changeable weather and a very photogenic day.

Wind was WNW at dawn; then veered NNW and just after noon backed sharply to ...

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Updates and information from Team Figure 8

8 May

Hi folks!

Quick update from Team Figure 8 now that Randall and Moli are clearly hitting their stride.

The Tracker – for those of you checking the tracker on a regular basis you’ll notice that we switched from a continuous line to dots on the map. We needed to make the switch due to the crossing of the dateline. The tracker doesn’t quite understand yet (the awesome team at Follow My Challenge are working on this) the whole concept. We thought dots would be less confusing than a line that ran around the world. Also, for all of our new ...

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Rough Ride Round The Chathams

8 May

Day 135/13

Noon Position: 44 39S 176 30W

Course/Speed: ENE6

Wind: NNW25-30

Bar: 1015, dropping a point per hour

Sea: NW8

Sky: Dark, rain, more dark

Cabin Temperature: 60

Water Temperature: 57

Sail: working jib, three reefs; main, three reefs, reaching

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 160

Miles this leg: 1,592

Avg. Miles this leg: 122

Miles since departure: 18,847

A dirty, sleepless night. Up once an hour to discuss our course with Monte, this as the wind backed steadily, or take in more sail or both. By morning we were reefed right down and winds were a steady 25 and ...

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He Who Aspires to the Ocean Always Has the Yearning.

6 May

Day 134/12

Noon Position: 44 31S 179 45E

Course/Speed: E5

Wind: NNE13

Bar: 1027, steady

Sea: NE2

Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temperature: 58

Water Temperature: 55

Sail: Working jib and main full, close hauled

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 43

Miles this leg: 1,432

Avg. Miles this leg: 119

Miles since departure: 18,687

Consider for a moment the commonality of human experience through time.

We lay becalmed all night. The sails hung like sheets on a line, dripping with dew. I stowed them after dinner, put on the anchor light and went to my bunk.

At midnight, I rose, anticipating wind ...

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Up the Mast

5 May

Day 133/11

Noon Position: 44 52S 178 51E

Course/Speed: NMNE4

Wind: SSW10

Bar: 1027, steady

Sea: W5+ (old rollers)

Sky: Partly Cloudy

Cabin Temperature: 60

Water Temperature: 55

Sail: Twins poled out ful.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 127

Miles this leg: 1,389

Avg. Miles this leg: 126

Miles since departure: 18,644

I came on deck this morning to find a small washer lying near the mast. Mo made slow way northeast with the twin headsails poled out and mostly full. Wind was light but steady, the sky, blue, the water too. A lovely day to be at sea. Except for ...

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Gray Above and Below

3 May

Day 132/10

Noon Position: 45 52S 176 12E
Course/Speed: ENE5
Wind: WSW10-15
Bar: 1022, steady
Sea: W3
Sky: Overcast
Cabin Temperature: 59
Water Temperature: 53
Sail: Twins headsails, poled out, full

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 145
Miles this leg: 1262
Avg. Miles this leg: 126
Miles since departure: 18,517

A gray boat sliding above a gray sea under a gray sky.

Today is unnaturally dark and still. The deck of cloud does not change; above is uniform; a light spot to the west holds its position; the foreboding sky astern does not advance.

For the third day we ...

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On the Declaration of Problems, Chafe Check and Wine

3 May

Day 131/9

Noon Position: 46 47S 172 57E
Course/Speed: ENE 7
Wind: W15-20
Bar: 1016, steady
Sea: W5
Sky: Overcast
Cabin Temperature: 56
Water Temperature: 50
Sail: Twin headsails, poled out

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 148
Miles this leg: 1,117
Avg. Miles this leg: 124
Miles since departure: 18,372

“I know what your problem is,” says the man standing on the dock at the Hobart yacht club. “I’ve been reading your blog. You’re that Eight Figures fella.” The man is smiling. We shake hands. He’s happy to meet me. Then he tells me my problem.

“That double headsail ...

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A Little Low and Note on Feet

2 May

Day 130/8

Noon Position: 47 42S 169 36E

Course/Speed: NE7


Bar: 1003, rising

Sea: W10

Sky: Broken, clearing

Cabin Temperature: 55

Water Temperature: 49

Sail: Twin headsails poled out

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 156 (now that’s more like it; over twice the distance of the last two days combined)

Miles this leg: 969

Avg. Miles this leg: 121

Miles since departure: 18,224

All night we rode the top of a low whose center was so far south, it fell off my weather chart. The forecast had called for 25 knot winds from the northwest turning west after ...

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The Thrill of Discovery

1 May

Day 129/7

Noon Position: 47 34S 166 07E

Course/Speed: SE 7-8

Wind: WNW to 20

Bar: 1009

Sea: W5

Sky: Broken but lots of sun now; front visible astern

Cabin Temperature: 55

Water Temperature: 54

Sail: Twins poled out

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 62 (We sailed 140 to gain those 62.)

Miles this leg: 813

Avg. Miles this leg: 116

Miles since departure: 18, 068

I tacked to the south just after dinner, still close hauled. At midnight the wind began to swing into the west (hosannas!), so I tacked again, now heading southeast, but still reaching in ...

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On Variability and Why a South About of New Zealand

1 May

Day 128/6

Noon Position: 47 00S 164 28E

Course/Speed: E4

Wind: SSE11

Bar: 1016

Sea: SE4

Sky: Overcast

Cabin Temperature: 55

Water Temperature: 54

Sail: All plain sail, close hauled starboard

Noon to Noon Miles Made Good: 42 (ah, the pleasure of working up wind)

Miles this leg: 751

Avg. Miles this leg: 125

Miles since departure: 18,006

Wind has been light, generally, for two days and coming, generally, from the quadrant into which we wish to proceed.

I say “generally” because there is simply no constant here except variability. Over the course of an hour, winds will be 6, ...

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