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DRINA Knockdown: Matt’s Report

18 Mar

Day 120. (Day 60 since Ushuaia; now longest leg. SF to Ushuaia, 59 days)

Noon Position: 43 46S. 133 51E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: WSW15-20

Bar: 1017

Sky: Overcast, drizzle from passing low squalls Sea: SW8 (big background swell)

Cabin Temp: 60

Sea Temp: 57

Miles last 24 hours: 162

Longitude Made Good: 138 (odd such a wide variance, especially compared to yesterday’s very narrow variance. Winds were lighter overnight, causing more wandering.)

Miles to Hobart: 637

Total Miles: 16,611

The author is Matt Jensen Young, one of the crew, a professional seaman, and all-around nice guy. We became friends when ...

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Oh, That Smell

16 Mar

Hey virtual voyagers. You get an extra post today as we’re catching up with Randall. As you can see, he’s much closer to pulling into Hobart than this post suggests. Joanna’s heading to Tasmania Sunday night and looks to rendezvous with Moli and her Captian on Tuesday.

Day 119

Noon Position: 43 50S. 130 39E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: W15-20

Bar: 1025

Sky: Overcast, occasional drizzle

Sea: SW6

Cabin Temp: 60

Water Temp: 55

Miles last 24 hours: 170

Longitude Made Good: 164

Total Miles: 16,449

Miles to Hobart: 775

I bought a selection of dry sausages in Ushuaia, the kind ...

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DRINA Knockdown

15 Mar

Day 118

Noon Position: 43 58S. 126 51E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: W20

Bar: 1029

Sky: High Fog Sea: SW8

Sail: Headsails poled out full

Miles last 24 hours: 169

Longitude Made Good: 150

Total Miles: 16,279

Miles to Hobart: 939

A note from my friends on DRINA, the green hulled ketch that is exploring those southern ocean islands now 2,000 and more miles astern of us. Last I heard they were just off the Kerguelen Islands. I presume they have since departed and are heading east, because the not read… “Knocked down. Recovery mode. More later.”

I met Matt, Roscoe ...

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Be Angry at the Sun

14 Mar

Day 117

Noon Position: 43 50S. 123 23E

Course/Speed: ENE7

Wind: WSW17-32

Bar: 1031 Sky:

Overcast Sea: SW8

Cabin Temp: 60

Water Temp: 55

Miles last 24 hours: 162

Longitude Made Good: 152

Total Miles: 16,110

Miles to Hobart: 1090

Part I

Slate gray the sea,

Slate gray the bird,

Slate gray the sky,

And the wind blows.

Slate gray and ice blue the sea crashing;

Slate gray and white the bird passing over;

Slate gray and ash the sky,

And the wind blows its empty howl in the rig.

Slate gray and ice blue the sea crashing,

its endless, ...

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Quick Report…

13 Mar

Before we launch into today’s report a quick thank you to Mark Gibbens who created the awesome sketch of Randall after watching the Seeker Video about Randall. If you haven’t seen it take a look. It’s got some footage from Randall’s departure day. They certainly ramped up the drama. 🙂


#team F8

Day 116 (56 days since Ushuaia)

Noon Position: 44 08S. 119 51E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: WSW25+

Miles last 24 hours: 168

Longitude Made Good: 152

Total Miles: 15,948

Miles to Hobart: 1240

Quick report tonight as the day has been long and the night may be … eventful....

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Miles to Go Before….And Some Observations on Provisions

12 Mar

Day 114

Noon Position: 44 08S 113 31E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: NW18

Bar: 1016

Sky: Overcast, though clear till noon 

Sea: NW5–big roller coming in from somewhere

Cabin Temp: 64 Sea Temp: 53

Miles last 24 hours: 169

Longitude Made Good: 164

Total Miles: 15,653

Miles to Hobart: 1513

When you have the opportunity to see your wife some 1500 miles on, you do the distance math…a lot. Wind machines, that are slow by nature, and schedules aren’t a good match. Much could go right, and wrong. In the 17 days since Mo lost her port pilot house window, we’ve ...

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Red Lid, II

11 Mar

Day 113

Noon Position: 44 30S. 109 43E

Course/Speed: ENE7

Wind: NW18

Bar: 1018

Sky: Clear: cloud front windward

Sea: NW3

Cabin Temp: 58

Sea Temp: 51

Miles last 24 hours: 132

Longitude Made Good: 125

Total Miles: 15,484

Miles to Hobart: 1673

Light winds overnight—from the southwest until early morning, and then gently they swung into the northwest and stayed light. I rose every hour and a half. Each time there was more south in our course. Finally at 4am it was too much south. I dressed, had a snack, and then swapped the headsails—larger genoa to starboard, smaller ...

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10 Mar

Day 112 (Day 52 since Ushuaia)

Noon Position: 44 16S 106 50E

Course/Speed: E6

Wind: SSW15

Bar: 1015

Sea: SW8

Sky: Clear, Cumulus: look like Tradewind weather

Cabin Temp: 56

Sea Temp: 51

Miles last 24 hours: 143

Longitude Made Good: 116

Total Miles: 15,352

Miles to Hobart: 1800. I need to average 138 miles/day in order to arrive Hobart in time to see my wife, who arrives on the 19th.

Weather building. It started on the 4th. At first NW 20, then 25, then 30. By 6am  on the 5th winds had gone 30 plus, at which point I ...

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Red Lid

8 Mar

Day 111

Noon Position: 44 21S 104 08E

Course/Speed: ESE7

Wind: NNW20-30

Bar: 1005

Sea: NW10

Sky: Overcast, rain

Cabin Temp: 61 Sea Temp: 52

Miles Last 24 hours: 168

Longitude Made Good: 157

Total Miles: 15,209

Wind moved into the northwest and increased overnight to the high 20s and low 30s. At 4am I took down the main with three reefs and made our course off the wind a bit for comfort, which in this case was east-southeast. However, this system has a sharp corner to it, and by late morning had pulled winds well into the north and ...

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Greetings to Iles Crozets

7 Mar

Day 110

Noon Position: 43 51S 100 29E Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW2025+ Bar: 1012 Sea: NW8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 61 Water Temp: 54

Miles last 24 hours: 160 Longitude Made Good: 150 Total Miles: 15,041

Miles to Hobart: 2082

Imagine. A sky slate gray to each horizon. But not even entirely. Here and there jagged Openings, tears with sharp corners, eerie. One of these voids is low down and in the way of the sun, which sets, a vast fiery ball, or so I’m told. In this case, though, the fire is seen as if through a hedge of ...

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