Randall Reeves

Uncles and a Note on Distance

26 Feb

Day 103

Noon Position: 45 20S. 79 33E Course/Speed: NE5 Wind: WSW 11 Bar: 1030 Sea: SW 8 Sky: Overcast Cabin Temp: 56 Water Temp: 52

Miles Last 24 hours: 148 Longitude Made Good: 135 Total Miles: 14,029

“The guys have been great,” said my wife in a message, “Every time something happens to you, one or more of them will check in with me to make sure I’m OK and give me their technical advice on next steps and strategies. It’s like I have a whole squad of Expert Uncles.”

So, a shout out to the Figure 8 Expert ...

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Today We Sailed

25 Feb

Day 103

Noon Position: 45 45S. 75 19E

Course/Speed: E7 Wind: SW20 Bar: 1032 (wow!)

Sky: Clear, Puffy Cumulus

Cabin Temp: 56

Sea Temp: 49 Miles last 24 hours: 158 Longitude Made Good Miles: 148 Total Miles: 13,881

Sleep. I can’t get enough of it.

Last evening I sat down for the pre-dinner beer, took two sips, and woke an hour later, having poured the remainder of the can into my lap and all over a cushion that had spent the day drying in the cockpit. So I went to bed. It was 8pm.

At 6am I made the ...

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Two Successes and a Failure

24 Feb

Day 102

Noon Position: 45 36S 72 47E (Just past Kerguelen Island)

Course/Speed: E7; Wind: SW 25;

Bar: 1023

Sea: SW 6 – 8, steep and breaking;

Sky: Clear;

Cabin Temp: 51;

Sea Temp 48. Miles last 24 hours: 161;

Longitude Miles Made Good: 148;

Total Miles: 13,722

Two days ago I disassembled the AA battery charger, washed it in fresh water and let it dry in the sun. I had no hope whatever of success because the power plug and most of the backside of the “motherboard” showed signs of corrosion. Then again, one can’t get lucky without trying. ...

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Work and Sail

23 Feb

February 22, 2018;

Day 101;

Noon Position 45 36S 69 13E;

Course/Speed: E7;

Wind NW20;

Bar 1004;

Sky Overcast:

Sea: NW 5. Miles last 24 hours: 172. Longitude Made Good: 175 miles (more than 24 hour run due to troubleshooting chart plotter)

Total Miles: 13,561

The radar is back online as of this morning. The issue was the router, which had drowned in the deluge and has now been replaced with the spare I thought I’d never use. That’s the good news. The bad news is I’ve not been able to restore the AIS transmitter. At least not as of ...

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Make and Mend

22 Feb

Date: February 21, 2018.

Day: 100 (I was off by two days in last post).

Noon Position: 45 46S 65 01E.

Course/Speed: E7 Wind: NW15.

Sky: Clear.

Temps: Cabin got to 62 today. Amazed. Miles last 24 hours: 133.

LMG: 128.

Total F8 Miles: 13,389.

The southern ocean has dealt us a kind hand the last three days. Winds have been consistently light to moderate and the skies, Bright and open. Except for the Wandering Albatross, one might say he was transiting a trade wind belt. Nights have been clear too. Orion marching high. Sleep has been deep and long. ...

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20 Feb

Quick note from Jo and Team F8 before you read through Randall’s report from Moli. First – you should be aware that this whole thing was typed out 160 characters at a time. Team F8 then had to copy and paste each section to build this and upcoming posts. Hence the slightly stilted langage.  Second – as Randall always does, he’s trying hard to be real with all his readers about the experience, what happened and how he’s feeling. Know that I just communicated with him and we’re back to jokes.

Team F8 and I will continue to copy and ...

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Not beautifully written post #2 – update post storm.

19 Feb

Hey Virtual Voyagers!

Quick update for everyone following.

  1. Windy TV tracking. Later today (we hope) this should be back up and running due to the awesomness of Tedde and the team at Track My Voyage. We’re linking our secondary communication system to the Windy TV app. I don’t have an idea of the frequency of the updates yet but you’ll get one at least once a day.
  2. Randall’s updates. We have a “hack” for this too. Unfortunately, in the short term (about a month) we won’t have images he will be writing updates. They might not be as frequent but
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Quick update from team F8 regarding the tracker outage.

18 Feb

Hi all!

For those who follow Randall on his tracker. Do not panic. He’s fine. His tracker is not. I’m sure you all noticed the stormy weather over the last 24 hours. There were, of course, shenanigans. Randall is drying out and figuring things out and we’re going to try and get the tracker back online. Until then, we’ll continue to keep posting here as we get updates.


Team F8...

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In the Heart of It

17 Feb

Day 96

Noon Position: 47 03S  53 43E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: NW 20 – 30

Sail: Working jib, two reefs

Bar: 996

Sea: NW to 12; N to 7

Sky: Clear, for the moment

Cabin Temp: 56

Water Temp: 43

Miles last 24-hours: 136

Longitude Miles Made Good: 131

Miles since departure: 13,057

In the Heart of It

We’re in the heart of it now, the heart of what this low has to offer. Winds are mostly middle 30s, but blowing up a gale down here is a very gusty business, so 40 and above is not an uncommon. Neither ...

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Land Ho

17 Feb

Day 95

Noon Position: 46 48S  50 31E

Course/Speed: ESE7

Wind: NNE20 – 25

Sail: two reefs in working jib and three in the main

Bar: 1012

Sea: N6 but steep

Sky: Overcast with rain

Cabin Temp: 52

Water Temp: 41

Miles last 24-hours: 151

Longitude Miles Made Good: 143

Miles since departure: 12,921

0750 Land Ho. Ilse Crozets. First the upraised clouds and then the smudges on the horizon. Isle Cochon, surprisingly big and round; quite high because I’m 39 miles south of it. Then to the east, Isle Pingouins, much smaller and just shy of 20 miles distant....

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