Randall Reeves

Honolulu Encounters

16 Jun

Doctors Nikolai Maximenko and Jan Haffner enter the Waikiki Yacht Club promptly at the appointed hour. Maximenko is tall, clean-cut, in dress khakis and a pressed Hawaiian shirt. His stride is long and purposeful, but he is tipped forward under the weight of a shoulder-strung briefcase bursting with papers. Haffner, equal in height, is in jeans and a t-shirt. He carries only a camera and an air of nonchalance.

I’ve been corresponding with these men since 2012 when Murre and I made our solo leap to Alaska. On that 26-day passage, I collected marine debris and noted debris locations for ...

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13 Jun

June 11, 2018

Day 170/49

Noon Position: 21 13N 156 40W

Course/Speed: W7

Wind: E20

Bar: 1016

Sea: E8

Sky: Clear

Cabin Temperature: 82

Water Temperature: 78

Sail: Twin headsails, poled out and full

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 145

Miles this leg: 6,395

Avg. Miles this leg: 131

Miles since departure: 23, 499

Overnight wind shifts aft and softens. Without the distraction of squalls, it is, at least, consistent in direction. We slip across Alenuihaha Channel unmolested. Here fresh trades pressed between high islands can accelerate to gale force. Tonight, no such trial.

At moonrise, I’ve heard enough from ...

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Approaching the Big Island

12 Jun

Day 169/48

Noon Position:20 08N 154 50W

Course/Speed: NW6-7

Wind: ExN15-20

Bar: 1020, steady

Sea: E4

Sky: Clear, then light Squalls

Cabin Temperature: 83

Water Temperature: 78

Sail: All plain sail

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 152

Miles this leg: 6,250

Avg. Miles this leg: 130

Miles since departure: 23,354

The overnight ritual of calls to the deck every half hour continued. Squalls blew 20 at their leading edge and 10 behind and from NNE to a little south of E. A tiring business pulling on Monte’s sleeve so often, but at least we had a goal, The Big Island of ...

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Hawaii, Quick Stop

10 Jun

Day 168/47

Noon Position: 17 43N 153 07W

Course/Speed: NNW7

Wind: ENE19

Bar: 1019, steady

Sea: E7

Sky: Overcast, squally

Cabin Temperature: 82

Water Temperature: 80

Sail: Working sail, one reef, close reaching

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 170 (169.5…but I’m taking the half mile. Our best day’s run of this leg!)

Miles this leg: 6,098

Avg. Miles this leg: 130

Miles since departure: 23,202

Some may be wondering why our course has been beelining towards Hawaii since Mo and I entered the NE trades. The answer is that while the wind angle of the trades would not have allowed another ...

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Speed and Shooting in Bad Weather

9 Jun

Day 167/46

Noon Position: 15 06N 151 58W

Course/Speed: NNW7+

Wind: E20+

Bar: 1017, steady

Sea: E8+

Sky: Clear, a few inconsequential cumulus, so thin as to be translucent

Cabin Temperature: 88

Water Temperature: 85

Sail: #1 and Main, one reef each

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 161

Miles this leg: 5928

Avg. Miles this leg: 129

Miles since departure: 23,033

Speed. The last 24-hours have been NE trades at their finest; that is fresh and fast and at an angle that Mo adores. Yesterday we flew the big genoa while winds slowly built, and Mo slid along at 7 and ...

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Unsatisfactory Conversation with a Flying Fish

8 Jun

Day 167/45

Noon Position: 12 36N 151 02W

Course/Speed: NNW7

Wind: E12 -15

Bar: 1014, rising before noon, falling after

Sea: E3

Sky: Overcast, solid deck with heavy cumulus under

Cabin Temperature: 86

Water Temperature: 82

Sail: #1 and Main, full, reaching at between 7 and 8 knots

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 149

Miles this leg: 5,767

Avg. Miles this leg: 128

Miles since departure: 22,827

Cloud rolled in as the sun set. I had planned a whole series of sextant star shots, but in the end was only able to nab Jupiter and Arcrux before I lost the horizon ...

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Rough Night and Reefing

7 Jun

Day 166/44

Noon Position: 10 18N 150 04W

Course/Speed: NNW6-7

Wind: E5

Sky: Overcast. High haze to windward; clear to leeward

Cabin Temperature: 88

Water Temperature: 83

Sail: Working sail, single reefs

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 130

Miles this leg: 5,618

Avg. Miles this leg: 125

Miles since departure: 22,723

A night worthy of ridicule, of scorn, of vituperate contumely squared.

I couldn’t see them as there was no visibility, but we must have continued working through squalls after dark. And though it was the greatest good fortune to have wind at all, the wind we got was a torture: ...

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The Doldrums, Now and Again

6 Jun

Day 166/44

Noon Position: 08 16N 149 19W

Course/Speed: NNE3

Wind: SE9

Bar: 1013, rising

Sea: NE 6-8; SE 3-4. Vile combo in such little wind.

Sky: Partly cloudy; squalls to windward.

Cabin Temperature: 88

Water Temperature: 84

Sail: All plain sail. Slatting terribly.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 136

Miles this leg: 5,488

Avg. Miles this leg: 125

Miles since departure: 22,593

“I told you not to talk,” said Monte., who is in lather, “Did I not say you never ever talk about the Doldrums or making your fine escape until you are almost home, not until you can see ...

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Change is Comin

4 Jun

Day 164/42

Noon Position: 03 53S 149 46W

Course/Speed: NNE6+

Wind: SE14. An hour later EXS 20 – 25

Bar: 1011, falling

Sea: E4

Sky: White cumulus cover the sky. An hour later, low and gray squall clouds.

Cabin Temperature: 89

Water Temperature: 84

Sail: All plain sail;

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 145

Miles this leg: 5,221

Avg. Miles this leg: 124

Miles since departure: 22,326

Prior to noon, I had nothing new to report. It had been a lovely day in the trades. But it’s been that for a week. How many odes to the color blue can one ...

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More Ramblings on Navigation

3 Jun

Day 163/41

Noon Position: 01 43N 150 52W

Course/Speed: NNE4

Wind: SExE 7-10

Bar: 1009, steady

Sea: E4

Sky: Overcast (alto cumulus and cumulus)

Cabin Temperature: 88

Water Temperature: 84

Sail: All plain sail, reaching. Just after noon, up went the #1,

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 131

Miles this leg: 5,076

Avg. Miles this leg: 124

Miles since departure: 22,050

We are nearing the top of the trades. Winds are veering more into the south and becoming lighter, which makes for a very comfortable, cruise-ship type ride. Things set on the counter aren’t immediately flung to the floor. I can ...

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