Randall Reeves

Timelessness and Time

13 Oct

October 12, 2018

Day 8

Noon Position: 21 00N 132 22W

Course/Speed: S 5+

Wind: NNE 7 – 10

Sea: NE 3

Sky: Clear.

Bar: 1700, falling

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 82

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 76

Percent Relative Humidity: 61

Sail: Asymmetrical spinnaker and main, portside broad reach

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 101

Avg. Miles/Day: 148

Miles since departure: 1180

All night, the main slapped and banged its frustration as Mo lolled in a lazy, hand-me-down swell. As the hours of dark played out, the cloud cleared away. I could see Orion there above the mast and Sirius winking as if ...

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Message in a Bottle and Bad Fruit

12 Oct

October 11, 2018

Day 7

Noon Position: 22 40N 132 40W

Course/Speed: S 4

Wind: NNE 8

Sea: NNE 4

Sky: Cear. Cumulus on all horizons but none here.

Bar: 1016, falling

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 77

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 75

Percent Relative Humidity: 67

Sail: Both genoas poled out, third day. Main with three reefs amidships to dampen rolling.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 126

Avg. Miles/Day: 154

Miles since departure: 1,079 (A thousand miles a week is all we ask!)

“I’m glad to see you talking to Monte again,” said my wife in this morning’s note, “because that bit of ...

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Sun, Words with Monte, and a Haircut

11 Oct

October 10, 2018

Day 6

Noon Position: 24 43N 132 13W

Course/Speed: SxW 6

Wind: NxE 7 – 12

Sea: NNE 6+

Sky: Mostly clear

Bar: 1016, falling

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 75

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 74

Percent Relative Humidity: 69

Sail: Both genoas poled out; they take wind on port quarter.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 144

Avg. Miles/Day: 159

Miles since departure: 953

Sergio is on his way toward Baja, which opens the gate south. And if that wasn’t enough good news, we now have brilliant sun.

Suddenly, the sea is a living jewel, an undulating, sparkling sapphire under an ...

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10 Oct

October 9, 2018

Day 5

Noon Position: 27 06N 131 53W

Course/Speed: S 6+

Wind: NExN 12 – 17

Sea: NE 8 – 10

Sky: Overcast. No sun shots today.

Bar: 1017+, falling (1015 by 6pm)

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 72

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 71

Percent Relative Humidity: 71

Sail: Both genoas poled out and swung to starboard; wind dead on port quarter.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 153

Avg. Miles/Day: 162

Miles since departure: 809

I should have suspected something right away.

The bird, a drab-colored boobie, began landing protocol at dusk. He circled Mo rapidly thrice and then came ...

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Back to Southing

9 Oct

October 8, 2018

Day 4

Noon Position: 29 21N 130 33W

Course/Speed: SSW 6

Wind: NNE to NE 15 – 18

Sea: NNE to 10

Sky: Overcast with drizzle

Bar: 1020, falling

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 72

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 69

Percent Relative Humidity: 74

Sail: Both genoas poled out; Mo is running dead downwind.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 166

Avg. Miles/Day: 656

Miles since departure: 164

Navigation alarms woke me at 2am.

I jumped into the pilot house to examine the chart plotter, which, in night vision mode, was really too dim to distinguish anything except that that it ...

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Big Blue Boulder Garden

8 Oct

October 7, 2018

Day 3

Noon Position: 30 49N 127 50W

Course/Speed: SW 7 – 8

Wind: NNE 19 – 25

Sea: NW 10

Sky: Partly Cloudy

Bar: 1021, falling

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 73

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 67

Percent Relative Humidity: 66

Sail: #2 genoa, three reefs; Main, 2 reefs; wind starboard quarter

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 172 (Yes, second day of better than 7 knots per hour for a 24-hour run.)

Avg. Miles/Day: 163

Miles since departure: 490

Even though no ships woke me and no sail changes were required, I slept fitfully.

Overnight winds veered into the N, ...

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Crossing Paths

7 Oct

October 6, 2018

Day 2

Noon Position: 32 59N 125 37W

Course/Speed: SSW 7+

Wind: NNW 16 – 20

Sea: NNW 6 – 8

Sky: Overcast, squally, part sun

Bar: 1021, falling (1018 by evening)

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 72

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 67

Percent Relative Humidity: 76

(Note: I’ve added this last statistic just for the interest of it. One might think that, with water right there, humidity should be rather constant. We shall see.)

Sail: #2 genoa, full; main, one reef; tack starboard quarter.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 172

Avg. Miles/Day: 159

Miles since departure: 318

Today was all ...

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Out to Sea

6 Oct

October 5, 2018

Day 1

Noon Position: 35 33N 124 06W

Course/Speed: SSW 7

Wind: NNW 17-19

Sea: NNW 6

Sky: Mostly clear. Some thin cumulus

Bar: 1022 and falling

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 68

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 62

Percent Relative Humidity: 71

Sail: #1 genoa out full; one reef in main; wind on starboard quarter.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 146 (Note: this is distance measured as a straight line from one noon position to the other.)

Avg. Miles/Day: 146

Miles since departure: 146

Well past the Farallones and on into the evening, the sea maintained the color of jade. As ...

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A Real Start

4 Oct

October 4, 2018

Departed Drakes Bay at 0900

Day 0 (Noon tomorrow will close my first full day at sea and will be recorded as “Day 1.”)

Noon Position: 37 48N 122 46W

Course/Speed: SSW5

Wind: NNW15

Bar: 1018

Sea: S3; NW4

Sky: Overcast with drizzle

Cabin Degrees Fahrenheit: 63

Water Degrees Fahrenheit: 59

Percent Humidity: 79

Sail: #1 Genoa full; Main full; starboard quarter

Yesterday morning, a wind from the west. I let it set in for several hours to be sure; then I weighed after lunch.

Mo ghosted along under engine toward the south and past the ...

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Sailing, sailing away…updates from Jo

4 Oct

We’re just shy of a year ago when I posted for the first time on this blog. I posted the letter I wrote for Randall as he headed out to sea. When I wrote last time I thought I wouldn’t see him again for a year. The reality was very different.

Hi Figure 8 Voyage readers, this is Jo. Yes, I do exist. Yes, I am 100% supportive of Randall heading out on his adventures. Yes, I miss him terribly. Yes, I have adventures of my own. What can I say, we’re not your traditional couple. But as I’ve said ...

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