Randall Reeves

Naps and Vents

11 Dec

Day 43
Noon Position: 43 51S 111 48W

Course/Speed: SE 6

Wind: W to 20

Sail: Reaching with two tucks in working jib and main

Bar: 1019

Sea: W 10+

Sky: Clear

Cabin Temp: 61

Water Temp: 50 (down five degrees from yesterday)
Miles last 24-hours: 155

Miles since departure: 5722

Crisp sunrise to start a crisp and sunny day at sea. Wind has been in the low 20s from the west for most of it but is slacking as I write, and the barometer has risen to 1019, up from 1014 yesterday noon. My tactic for outrunning the descending ...

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Encounters South

10 Dec

Day 42
Noon Position: 41 51S 133 44W

Course/Speed: ESE 6 – 7

Wind: NW 15 – 25

Sail: Twins, poled, half reefed

Bar: 1014

Sea: NW 10

Sky: Overcast, ragged

Cabin Temp: 67

Water Temp: 55
Miles last 24-hours: 172

Miles since departure: 5567

It drew my attention at first because it hung there over the wave as if suspended by wires. Not a petrel, I thought. Petrels have such a crazed need for speed that if the wind isn’t providing, they will flap furiously with long powerful strokes that give the impression of a winged primate swinging through ...

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New Normal, Suddenly

9 Dec

Day 41 Noon Position: 39 41S 115 58W Course/Speed: SE 7 Wind: NW 20+ Sail: Twins, half in Bar: 1023 Sea: NW 8 Sky: Gray deck Cabin Temp: 71 Water Temp: 58 Miles last 24-hours: 155 Miles since departure: 5395 This evening we have technically entered the roaring 40s, and though they are not, Read More...

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Scenes from the South Pacific below the Line.

8 Dec

In the latter part of November, 2017, Moli and I were making way south through the Pacific’s Southeast Trades toward Cape Horn. These shots document a few of those moments. By way of explanation, the repair to the tiller was necessary because the plastic I used as a gasket between the aluminum tiller the, Read More...

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Forty Days and Forty Nights

7 Dec

Day 40 Noon Position: 37 46S 118 02W Course/Speed: SSE 5 Wind: NNW 10 Sail: Twin genoas poled out full Bar: 1029 Sea: N 3; the big odl swell from the SW is gone. Sky: FOG! Cabin Temp: 77  Water Temp: 63 Miles last 24-hours: 138 Miles since departure: 5238 When I wake in, Read More...

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Bodgering and Big Wind

6 Dec

Day 39  Noon Position: 35 58S 119 42W Course/Speed: SE/SSE 6 – 7 Wind: N 11 – 15 Sail: Twins, poled out full Bar: 1027 (wow) Sea: N 6 SW 8 Sky: Overcast, drizzle all night Cabin Temp: 79 Water Temp: 66 (big drop) Miles last 24-hours: 151 Miles since departure: 5100 “Bodacious” (a, Read More...

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A Banner Day

5 Dec

Day 38 Noon Position: 33 47S 121 04W Course / Speed: SSE 5 Wind: N 9 – 11 Bar: 1023 Sea: E 5, S 8 Sky: Overcast. Light rain in the morning. Cabin Temp: 82 Sea Temp: 67 Mile since last noon: 139 Miles of voyage: 4949 Three reasons this is a banner day:, Read More...

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The Ancients

5 Dec

Day 37 Noon Position: 31 53S 122 35W Course / Speed: SSE 5… Cabin Temp: 81 Sea Temp: 71 Miles since last noon: 140 Miles for voyage: 4810 Standing at the boom gallows in the afternoon and watching this lonely run of the sea, lonely because the flying fish of the north have departed, Read More...

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New Jacklines

3 Dec

Day 36 Noon Position: 29 57.2S 124 59.7W Course/Speed: SSE 6 Wind: E 9-11 Sail: Full Bar: 1026 Sea: Locally flat. Old swell form SW is growing. Sky: Clear. Thunderheads to windward. Cabin Temp: 81 Water Temp: 74  Miles last 24-hours: 123 Miles since departure: 4670 Stronger breezes this morning. Mo got up a, Read More...

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Silently Mo Glides

3 Dec

Day 35  Noon Position: 28.01S 124.24W  Course/Speed: SSE 4 Wind: E 6 Sail: Full Bar: 1024 Sea: S 10; E 6 (old rollers), otherwise the sea is flat. Sky: Mostly clear; some cumulus; occasional squall Cabin Temp: 79!  Water Temp: 75 Miles last 24-hours: 118  Miles since departure: 4547 Silently Mo glides through a, Read More...

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