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Extreme Sailing

6 Sep

With the America’s Cup fizzling (though Saturday could be a new day), the Extreme Sailing Series is consistently delivering good sailing and good story lines. I particularly enjoyed this look inside the friendship–and rivalry–between Leigh McMillan and Morgan Larson:

McMillan won the most recent match-up, by the way.

One other note: You know how high speed multihull racing organizers like to say it is about the sailing and not the Crash & Burn? Well….


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Oracle Team USA Hammered For AC45 Rules Breach

3 Sep

The guy above is probably not very happy right now. His mega-million team Oracle USA will start the America’s Cup match on Saturday (winner is first to 9) at -2. Ouch.

So it turns out that the International Jury did not look at all kindly on clandestine and witting modifications of the strict one design AC45 class.

Here’s the Jury Notice. Read the whole thing to feel the full ire of the Jury regarding the mendacity and culpability of Oracle team members, as well as the details of what each team member did. But here are the punishments ...

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Ten Best Videos From Clipper Round The World Race

30 Aug

The Clipper Race, Sir Robin Knox Johnston’s brilliant creation to allow anyone (with a sizable chunk of cash) race around the world, sets off Sept. 1.

To get sailing fans in the right frame of mind, the Daily Telegraph complies a list of ten videos that make the America’s Cup look dull (oh, wait, that doesn’t take much).

Still, how about a 27-knot endless surf?

Or some storm porn?

Or some crew eccentricity?

You can check out the rest here.

Anyone want to go sail around the world?...

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The AC72 Is A Different Sort Of Beast

29 Aug

Over on Scuttlebutt, Australia II veteran and Cup winner John Longley details just how different it is:

* If you had an engine to power the hydraulics rather than grinders, you could sail the AC72s with 4 people rather than the crew of 11 they now sail with.

* There is really only one trimmer on board and he controls the wing. The helmsman controls the cant and rake of the board with buttons on a control pad in front of him but only has 3 seconds of stored power before he has to “throw bananas” into the

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Best Of The Louis Vuitton Cup

28 Aug

Okay, stay with me here, even if you think “Best Of” and “Louis Vuitton Cup” placed in close proximity is a laughable oxymoron. Because if you just watched these videos, you might think the LV Cup was pretty exciting. You would be wrong, but you could think it, and that’s at least in contrast to what you might think if you watched the races live, or in full replay.

Ah, it is always nice to see what good video editing can achieve.

Here’s best of the LV Cup Finals between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa:

Two unfortunate quotes ...

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2013 Fastnet Race Aboard Abu Dhabi

27 Aug

2013 wasn’t a record breaking year. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an interesting, tactical Fastnet. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing captured the experience in 11 minutes of well-produced video. In 2011 Abu Dhabi sailed the course in 1D 18H 39 min, setting a monohull record. This year it took 2D 17H 35 min. Still, if you’ve never sailed the Fastnet track, this gives you just a little taste:

For good measure, here’s the review video the RORC produced:


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The Laser Re-Imagined

26 Aug

I’m a Laser lover, but this is one way of making the Laser more beautiful and evocative.

(Note: You’d think it might make sense to post something about the fact that Emirates Team New Zealand won the Louis Vuitton Cup, but what is there to say. ETNZ won every start, led at every mark, and dominated. You could watch the races in 5 minutes: 3 minutes to see who won the start, and then fast-forward to the finish to make sure ETNZ didn’t break anything. There was literally nothing worth seeing in between).

But art-ified Lasers? Those are worth ...

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Real Sailing, Real Fear In The Southern Ocean

23 Aug

We’ve all had times where we’ve been counting the minutes to the end of a watch, but this is something entirely different–a gripping account of what it is like to race through the icebergs of the Southern Ocean during a Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race.

It is an experience that takes sailing deep into the realm where the crew not only has to manage a boat that is always on the edge, but also manage psychologies, that are also on the edge. It takes a toll.

The sailor speaking in the video below is Gordon Maguire, who was a helmsman with ...

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The Beauty Of Fife

21 Aug

I’ve always loved the graceful, sleek, seaworthy lines of Fife yachts. Apparently CNN Mainsail’s Shirley Robertson feels the same way. Here’s her 3-part tribute to the Fife family and the timeless vessels it produced.


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