Lee & Rachel

Ahoy Cuba!

26 Feb

Satori in santiago Cuba

We left Ragged Island the morning of the 17th. Wind out of the north was expected to fill in and then build to about 23 knots by Friday. My plan was to ride the northernly across the Columbus Bank and then scoot around the eastern tip of Cuba before the wind got up to the mid-twenties. This was mostly successful as the wind finally intensified on the southern side of the shipping lanes, south of Punta Masi (the eastern tip of Cuba). It did blow near thirty the night of the 18th. I think the localized wind coming off the ...

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The Ragged Islands: Bahamas Found

17 Feb

Ragged island lobster

Since leaving George Town we’ve been heading down some lesser known Bahamian islands that run Southeast towards Cuba. I’ve been searching for these islands, where there are only a handful of cruising boats and the water still teems with fish and lobster. Well I’m happy to report the Jumento and Ragged Islands offer all of the above and more. While most of the islands only provide protection from the east, refuge can be found from all directions in some spots. There’s no water, food, gas, diesel, propane and only cell service/internet in Duncan Town on Ragged Island. I like to ...

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Escaping Chicken Harbor

16 Feb

Stocking Island

Satori and her crew have called George Town, Exuma their home for the last 3 weeks. The area has many names, Elizabeth Harbor, Georgetown, Stocking Island, Chicken Harbor, and by using any of them people generally know what you’re talking about. The last name, “Chicken Harbor” amuses me. It’s called this because George Town is the traditional final southern port of call for most boats that start their journey from Florida or points north. Beyond this relatively safe and well stocked area, the Bahamas get much more remote and the number of places to hide from a strong frontal passage ...

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The Numbers Are In: January 2016 Cruising Budget

8 Feb

Eastport pram

They say budgets are made to be broken. Maybe they don’t say that but it sounds good when you’re trying to defend your broken budget. This month we managed to spend $539.55 more than we had said we would. The cause? Amazon. Even 800 miles away from home we can’t escape its pull. Not that I’m complaining that is. We had a bunch of little items like an external hard drive, skin suit, some spare vhf radios and a bunch of sail making and repair items. All told it came to about $500. Rachel’s parents packed an extra suitcase when ...

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Cost Control While Cruising the Bahamas

27 Jan

Now that we’ve been down in the islands for a few months, we’re getting an idea of what it costs to cruise down here. Like always, its more than we thought. As a general rule, everything is twice as expensive as it is in the mainland US. Drinking or eating out can be prohibitively expensive if you make a habit of it. For most people traveling in the Bahamas the cost of things is not a big deal because they are “on vacation”. However since we happen to live full time down here at the moment we have to make ...

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Breaking (down) The Budget: Decemeber

24 Jan

In an effort to be as transparent as possible about how much it costs to cruise, here are the December numbers!






at budget 




106.65 under

Income less Expenses



106.65 under 

So where did all that money go? Heres the breakdown for our luxury items which Rachel has Lovingly named: The Good, Bad and Ugly.
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Capn Jacks – Lunch (12.1.15)


Budda’s Snack Shack – Lunch (12.5.15)


Macheti (12.5.15)


Lee’s Book


Wild Orchid –

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Exuma Bound

18 Dec

Our first stop after the crossing from the Abacos was Spanish wells. We tied up to a very industrial looking dock (concrete, rusting bolts sticking out, generally evil looking to my topsides) and I hopped off and went looking for the attendant. Sure enough the reason it looked like a fishing boat pier is because it was. The fuel dock was the next one over. After re-docking we got to pay $4.37 a gallon for diesel. God only knows how much it was for the two gallons of gasoline we got for the dingy. It’s a purely fishing town that ...

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