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Our new Podcast “Sailing Stories”

2 Feb

It’s been quiet on the blogging front as of late. Winter, and hustling to start 3 new businesses will do that to you. However, that’s not to say I haven’t been making content. God knows I consume enough content: writing, youtube, and podcasts – especially podcasts. I love podcasts.The unique thing about them is that you can be entertained or even learn something new while doing some mindless activity. Driving, mowing the lawn, sanding teak, finishing out your 2 – 6 am watch. I can double my productivity on even the most boring, yet necessary tasks! 

I’ve listened for years to a curated ...

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Introducing “In-The-Way 1” & “In-The-Way 2”

16 Dec

Satori has two new warm blooded pets on board for the winter. After several stubbed toes and near falls, accompanied by several four letter words I wont mention here, they we’re unceremoniously dumbed “In-The-Way One” and “In-The-Way Two”. Then we drew cartoon eyes on them and took pictures in a fit of joy and enthusiasm. Now they adorn the nooks and crannies of the boat and are a bit easier to deal with due to their more life-like qualities. These two electric radiator heaters, combined with our Dickinson “Alaska” model diesel pot-heater, have done an admirable job in keeping the ...

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On the other side: Thoughts on not sailing south.

8 Nov


This fall could not be anymore juxtaposed to the previous one. Outwardly nothing seems to differ – it’s getting cold, the days are growing short, there are Christmas decorations for sale in mid October.However this year we’re winding down our nautical endeavors rather than spinning them up. We landed a job with World Cruising Club running the 2016 ARC Bahamas Rally. It’s a budding fleet of 7 boats that are heading towards Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the crews and helping them prepare for what they will find once they arrive down island. It’s been a ...

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Settling In For The Winter

25 Oct

14691015_1799951583627227_2839396493986102523_nNow that the dust has settled from this years boat show in Annapolis and we’ve moved the boat to her winter home just 30 miles north in the Patapsco river, I’ve begun to take stock of our new reality. We’re trying to make some money while we’re back in town but we’re nervous about getting too comfortable, committing to too much stuff. We both want to be able to take advantage of opportunities should they pop up. In the past I’ve been so over extended in normal life that dropping everything and chasing some far out opportunity has never been ...

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Annapolis Boat Show 2016 Preview

6 Oct


It’s that time again! Today we got to wander around the show between helping out Andy and Mia on Isbjorn, their Swan 48. Come say hello (Dock H), We’ll be here all show! We saw some interesting new offerings that peaked my interest.

img_6916 img_6917

First off was the Bauer 8 Dingy. I’m a sucker for hard sailing dingy’s (currently building a sailing rig for my Eastport Pram) and this new offering from Bauteck Marine made me stop and stare. It’s 8’2 overall, has integral foam floatation, and some pretty seductive lines. The row boat is $1600 and the sailing version is ...

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Shops That Float: Power Tools for Cruising.

20 Sep


Like everyone, we found deciding what to leave behind and what to bring on our cruise difficult. I put myself in charge of power tool selection and feel like you can get by with 5 power tools for a 1 year cruise. With these tools I’ve milled down rough lumber and built a rear seat, fabricated a new aft chainplate, and cut custom teak pieces for various  projects around the boat. You can certainly get by with out these tools, but having them aboard will enable you to pretty much build and fabricate whatever you need aboard out of almost ...

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Hermine Prep In Elizabeth City

2 Sep

Hermine Prep Satori ICW

We’re here in cruiser friendly Elizabeth City, NC, mile 50 of the ICW. As part of their mission to be the most cruiser friendly city on the ICW, the city provides a ton of free dockage. September (already?) is still pre-season for fall migration and we had our pick of the docks. We spent last night on a wall that was exposed to the south by the wide Pasquotank River. We decided to review the weather report in the morning choose our plan of action to ride out Hermine on Saturday. I heard there was a bulkhead north of the ...

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Broke down, bought Honda 2000 Generator.

15 Aug

Honda 2000 Genset

I guess it was bound to happen. Put two millennials on a sailboat with 270 amp hours of battery and you’re going to have a problem. I was seduced slowly – everyone knows running the engine to charge the batteries is terrible for the engine and an extremely expensive way to make power. I find we have to charge the boat every other day, even when we have good sunlight for the 480 watts of solar. Our fridge and freezer are are giant and terribly insulated.

But its beyond that, running the engine while on anchor just plain sucks. Even ...

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Florida ICW Cruising: It’s Really Hot

2 Aug

It’s hot out here! Imagine that – Florida in the summer!

We spent almost a week anchored north of the Las Olas Bridge in Fort Lauderdale. Rachel’s Aunt took delivery of our sailrite binimi kit and brought it with her when she came over one night for dinner (thanks Stacie)! We spent the next 3 days building the frame, patterning the binimi, and sewing the thing up. It turned out fantastic and now we have a refuge from the unrelenting sun during the day.

We got in contact with Pam Wall during our stay in Fort Lauderdale and ended up ...

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40 Gallon an Hour Watermaker For Less Than $4,000 Part II

22 Jul

Here’s part 1 of the watermaker install for those of you who missed it.

The install resumed on the hook in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas. I had plenty of time to work on it after we arrived thanks to 30kt winds for over a week. The pump was installed on the mount and then bolted to the engine rails inline with the power takeoff pulley. After three trips to the store I finally got the correct sized belt. Ideally I would have liked to attach the mount directly to the engine. With my setup you have to be careful not to ...

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