Kimball Livingston

Aaron Peskin

26 Aug

The home team. Photo by Gilles Martin-Raget

I learned two things from the America’s Cup World Series on San Francisco Bay.

I have a horse in this race.

And I am not alone.

I saw, heard and felt the crowd every time an Oracle Team USA boat nosed out front in a match race. We have a horse in this race. It’s called, the home team.

And when Oracle Team USA 4 slipped in front of Team Korea, at the last instant, to finish second to Luna Rossa Piranha in Sunday’s finale and gain enough points to win the fleet ...

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Welcome Artemis 72

22 Aug

You probably don’t need to know who “won” the practice race of the America’s Cup World Series, but you might want to know there was another Luna Rossa capsize, and China Team went down too, and it was not exactly a rip-roaring day, and the hot media pool is booking on how many boats will still be sailing for the final fleet race on Sunday.

Action Wednesday 2 pm – 4 pm.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on San Francisco Bay—

Photos from an Artemis Racing posting on Facebook.

And I’d be remiss to not report that l’Hydroptere sailed through the Golden Gate ...

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20 Aug

Photo by Kimball Livingston

I dunno just how my America’s Cup friends will feel about it, but the real fastest sailboat in the world will soon be ripping up San Francisco Bay.

That would be l’Hydroptere DCNS, subject of some of our favorite recent posts.

At just about 1100 Friday, Alain Thbault and company departed the pier in front of Gladstone’s Long Beach and headed up the California coast. Yeah, yeah, we know we’ve been telling you they were set for their first blue water record attempt, Los Angeles-Honolulu, and that was Plan A. Unfortunately, Plan A evaporated along ...

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Welcome to San Francisco Bay

19 Aug

Photo © Gilles Martin-Raget

May I remind us all that the win that brought the America’s Cup to San Francisco Bay was a rescue mission. No one outside of Larry Ellison and his racing team had the wherewithalmuch less the obsession of a junkyard dogto break the Alinghi machine and come away with the prize.

Then they went and changed everything.

And now my home town is suffering a bout of anticipation fatigue, which I reckon will clear up with boats on the water, and sailing news in the sports pages rather than in finance. Meanwhile, consider

Had the Cup ...

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ACWS Restricted Zone on SF Bay and

16 Aug

What do you do for a headline here?

John Kostecki and Stan Honey Named to National Sailing Hall of Fame

Oracle Team USA Releases Teaser of AC72

Observers of the Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 Say She’s Built for Stout

It’s all good.

I’m thinking most of my readers don’t need for me to list the resume of either Kostecki or Honey, and my other two readers can easily figure things out. I’m carrying print deadlines just now, so let’s content ourselves with the Oracle sneak peek and some need-to-know stuff about ACWS on SF Bay August 22-26. No surprises ...

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The l

10 Aug

l’Hydroptere in close-up. Photo by Kimball Livingston

They missed an opportunity in early July, but they weren’t ready in early to July to take off on a Los Angeles-Honolulu record. Today Alain Thbault and crew are looking at a weather pattern over the Pacific that doesn’t convince them to push the Launch button, but they’re still hopeful. What’s below was released today by the teams communications manager, Thomas Lesage:

lHydroptre DCNS in weather-watch mode: interview with Jacques Vincent

What is the main weather parameter that will trigger the start procedure?

“Were targeting a phase when the North Pacific High is ...

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The IOC Wants to Kill It

7 Aug

They keep chasing it down and demanding to have it pulled down.

But even though they are the International Olympic Committee, it reappears.

Why? Because it’s hotter than a June bride in a featherbed.

Te voila, IOC, Some boats in a race is still with us.

And if you don’t get it there, try HERE.


San Francisco’s new Cruise Terminal and entertainment space (with America’s Cup 34 as its first tenant) takes shape on the Embarcadero, close by the temporary Pier 23 headquarters of America’s Cup . . .


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Big, Fast Cats and Safety Measures

6 Aug

Emirates Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton admits that “it doesn’t necessarily make you fast,” but he also reports that his team members are “working like hell” and doing it seven days a week with their first boat in the water for test sailing (so far, 20 knots in 8 knots true, the man says).

In an interview with New Zealand’s Radio Live, Dalton also predicts that in the AC72 design rule, “There’s enough scope that somebody will be quite a bit quicker” while describing the safety measures that his team is taking. Those safety measures include a medic ...

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Inside l

2 Aug

Photo © Kimball Livingston

When she’s flying, the most prominent features of the French trifoiler, l’Hydroptere, are the angled foils that lift her clear of the water surface. When you get close, you see massive cylinders braced between foils and hulls and you might wonder, are those for adjusting angle? Nope, those are shock absorbers.

Port shock absorber. Photo © Kimball Livingston

And the boat doesn’t look like other boats, under the water, so you’d expect some differences in maneuvering. Still, you might be surprised when it turns out that standard tacking procedure is to roll the headsail, put ...

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No AC72 for France

1 Aug

Extended deadlines be hanged, Energy Team has sniffed the dust and called off plans to build an AC72 for the 34th America’s Cup in 2013.

To avoid biting the dust, they say.

Bruno and Loick Peyron, two great figures in the pantheon of French sailors, lead the charge at Energy Team. They will continue to play the game on the circuit of the America’s Cup World Series, but —having reportedly come up short by about a third of the amount needed for a competitive challenge—they will bide their time and aim for a shot a at the 35th America’s Cup, ...

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