Kimball Livingston

A Tender Spot

22 Jun

By Kimball Livingston Posted June 22, 2015

Care to crack a guess at what resides at 33.698825 – 118.291682 ?

If you said Point Fermin Lighted Whistle Buoy 6PF you’d be spot on, and you’d be right in tune with the folks from Transpac Yacht Club who set up a station today, ashore, at the Point Fermin Lighthouse planning to draw a bead on the buoy and thereby establish a starting line for Hydroptere’s run at the course record, Los Angeles to Honolulu, Point Fermin to Diamond Head.

Imasgine their surprise when –

Out of the breakwater and past Angel’s ...

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Busting Forty

13 Jun

By Kimball Livingston Posted June 13, 2015

I saw only one helmet aboard the trimaran, Lending Club. That’s because only one person at a time goes up the mast. I didn’t notice any divots . . .


The lead photograph comes from Lending Club Sailing, btw. The other snaps are mine.

Originally a Groupama, later one of the Banque Populaires, Lending Club has a hole in the calendar after setting a new 635-mile Newport to Bermuda record that lops 15 hours off the old mark. Next in the racing sked comes a start on July 18 in the Transpac, ...

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“Is It Always Windier On My Watch?”

27 Apr

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 27, 2015

Convergence is a book about sailing to Tahiti, and sailing in Tahiti, and breathing in a lifetime of dreams and tales, glittering imaginings, gritty realities, and indelible wanderings.

I read the book, or a lot of it, at 36,000 feet flying the opposite direction from California, en route to the Caribbean and St. Barth. Maybe that’s backwards, but hey, time happens on a plane.

Being acquainted with Sally-Christine Rodgers, the author, and with Convergence, the 66-foot Wylie-designed cat ketch that she sailed to Tahiti along with three children and three other adults, ...

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Drought to Close CA’s False River

22 Apr

Posted April 22, 2015 by KL

The long tidal slough known as False River is a popular, scenic shortcut for mariners traveling on the San Joaquin River in California’s Delta country. Its shallow spots are the stuff of legends, and having a personal (perhaps secret) route through is the mark of a river veteran.

By the way, there is more than one way to do it right, and there are many, many, many ways to do it wrong.

But that will not matter, apparently, in the summer of ’15. The California Department of Water Resources, concerned that False River is ...

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How High Do You Fly ?

22 Apr

Posted April 22, 2015

“Everybody” wants to foil these days, including racing sailors headed offshore, some of them. Gitana has been talking for a while, and plotting and developing, and Baron de Rothschild’s team is on the cusp of going sailing to find the answers to questions that lab work just doesn’t yield.
Because you can’t really CAD-design to waves.

Offshore, should it be C-foils or L-foils? Howzabout one of each, for testing purposes?

The ride will be different from what we see above. KL

Here’s the word from the Gitana Team:

In refit since her return from the West ...

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Rightsiding the Wrongsided

19 Apr

Posted April 19 by Kimball Livingston

“What this will do is scare away the people who didn’t belong in the boat in the first place.”
Peter Johnstone

Boat was upright and back on its mooring in about 90 minutes. There was damage to the mainsail, which may need a new headboard. It’s sailing to St. Maartin tomorrow and later to Antigua for the race week. ...

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A Couple Feet Higher, Considerably Faster Than

11 Apr

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 11, 2015

The G4 Gunboat — the first full-galley foiling cat — was already a talking point in St. Barth before it beat its tender over from St. Maarten on Friday afternoon, and before a traveling cruiser dropped anchor too close on Saturday morning, dragged across the G4’s anchor rode, scooped it, rode up on it, wound up bow-to between the hulls, with the rode wrapped around the cruiser’s prop and —

With Peter Johnstone and crew looking on from a hill above the harbor, it did not make for a promising break of ...

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At Strictly Sail Pacific Exchange that Old PFD for a New One

2 Apr

GetMyBoat and SailSFBay Partner in Life Jacket Exchange at Strictly Sail Pacific

Gear up for summer with a brand new life jacket!

Go ahead, make waves — with a brand new life jacket! GetMyBoat is thrilled to partner with SailSFBay and Summer Sailstice to host a life jacket drive at Strictly Sail Pacific on Saturday, April 11, 2015. Boaters need only to bring their used life jackets to exchange for a new, Type III personal floatation device (PFD).

“This life jacket drive is a great opportunity to help boaters get the resources they need to have a great, safe day ...

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Over the River and into the Woods

1 Apr

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 1, 2015

Does Russell get his catamaran circuit or not?

That is the question.

I mean, the catamaran circuit he really wants, in the long run, even if it has to drag the America’s Cup with it.

It’s a question underlying all the chatter and all the undercurrents and all the dissension surrounding the outlook for America’s Cup 35 at this stage of the AC potboiler du jour. And, of course, the vote to move to smaller boats closer to the familiar AC45 model, and to keep all of the America’s Cup eliminations in Bermuda....

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