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Sailing in My Head + eb1 Labs + Oculus Rift

6 May

By Kimball Livingston Posted May 6, 2014

Wanna have some fun? Jump under an Oculus Rift immersion headset and skipper an AC45 in virtual reality, with audio, with gyro, with accelerometer. Understanding, meanwhile, this is just a rudimentary exercise in proof of concept. A “soft interface” in the parlance.

You’re presented with a gaming console? As helmsman, you should have a real wheel.

You’re alone? Your trimmer should be “alongside,” though not necessarily physically in the same room—or on the same continent.

You’re sailing an AC45 instead of an AC62 in-development for America’s Cup 35?

Well, all these compromises are ...

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Dishing with Iain Murray

6 May
Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday chain, Queensland, Australia, home to the Challenger of Record for AC 35

Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday chain, Queensland, Australia, home to the Challenger of Record for AC 35

Sail-World’s Richard Gladwell recently interviewed Iain Murray, and he came away with not a lot that is groundbreaking, but a lot that echoes or confirms what has been rumored, bandied, leaked or guessed at in the long wait for a Protocol for America’s Cup 35.

MurrayMurray, most recently CEO of America’s Cup Race Management, has been many things in the sailing world, from skiff champion to Cup designer and skipper. He has deep background with the Oatley family, which owns Hamilton Island Resort ...

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Holy Church of the Pacific Cup

6 May


By Sutter Schumacher

From the web site of the Pacific Cup, starting 67 boats, San Francisco Bay-Kaneohe Bay in July, 2014

John F Kennedy didn’t get it quite right when he proclaimed that humans are tied to the sea in part because their blood and the oceans share the same salinity, but the effect of human communion with the sea is undeniable.

Racers know this intuitively. They get soaked, bruised, sunburnt, wind-burned, physically exhausted, and sometimes worse; they often end up paying a fortune (directly or indirectly) for the privilege of doing so; and then they do it all ...

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Alternative Big Bang: the Alinghi Story

4 May

In the world of big-cat racing, what the Extreme Sailing Series has going for it is fleet racing. Here is the official wrapup summary as supplied by the press team in China’s capital of sailing, Qingdao.

– One of the biggest crashes in the Series’ eight-year history sees Red Bull Sailing Team T-Bone Alinghi at nearly 15 knots according to the SAP analytics, knocking both boats out of racing.

– Realteam, the model of consistency over four hard-fought days in Qingdao, take a well deserved second place.

– Emirates Team New Zealand take third, and are now positioned nicely to ...

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Virtual Sailing, the New Reality. And Better Sex

4 May

By Kimball Livingston Posted May 4, 2014

Three questions:

1) Can you get a winning edge in design before you build your foiling catamaran for America’s Cup 35?

(Everybody tried, designing AC72s for America’s Cup 34, but challenger and defender were still development platforms when they hit the line for race seventeen.)

2) Can you train a crew on dry land?

(When sailing time is brief.)

3) Can you empower the technical team and the sailing team as mutual development partners?

Joseph Ozanne and Kevin Borrows say yes to 1 and 2, and yes-you-must to question 3. It’s the norm ...

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Team NZ Drops out of the Volvo

2 May

They have history in the race, and they had plans for the race, but Team New Zealand will not compete in the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race, even with a one-design format to ease the path forward.

Instead, after all the talk about win or die at the 2013 America’s Cup, Team New Zealand is all about the 2017 match. The New Zealand Herald reports:

Team New Zealand has announced they will not be competing in the 2014/15 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.

In recent weeks, the team had explored a joint challenge with Spanish interests, but chief executive Grant ...

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Because Sabots Are Forever

30 Apr


By Kimball Livingston Posted April 30, 2014

Old and outdated?

Or a timeless classic?

I remember a day when that was a point of debate, but I think we’ve quietly gone beyond the handwringing that once went on over Southern California’s long love affair with its indigenous sail trainer, the tiny shoebox known as a Naples Sabot. It’s not just puppy love. It’s not over.

Sure, Sabots are regional, and you can find plenty of kids now in training programs that have moved on to the Opti, which offers international competition. But kids who grow up in Sabots ...

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The Air Crash and the Vallejo Race

29 Apr

The following is from Erik Simonson, Pressure-Drop.US After failing to recover remains, the Coast Guard abandoned the search on Monday.

1st On Scene Witness Report:
As reported by Noble Griswold, who was sailing in Sunday’s Vallejo race on his Beneteau Mooring’s SD E-ticket. Noble and crew had just finished the race and Nobel had put the boat on auto-pilot and lit the BBQ, headed back to Benicia when one of the crew pointed out the planes that were traversing the area. The crewmember is a pilot and was telling the other crew about the Korean War era fighter plane, a ...

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FLASHAmerica’s Cup Competition in Indiana!

28 Apr

A scoop from the News Star

RUSTON — Members of the Louisiana Tech University Debate Team earned a place as one of 16 teams in the world to compete in the America’s Cup 2014 tournament, hosted earlier this month at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind.

The team of Hannah Schilling, a senior political science and journalism major from Bossier City, and Samuel Hathorn, a junior education major from Alexandria, competed on behalf of Louisiana Tech against teams from institutions such as the U.S. Air Force Academy, California Polytechnic Institute (Caltech), Loyola University and Stanford University.

“The intelligence and ...

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Transatlantic (Ladies) Training for the Volvo

28 Apr

As found at, the women of Team SCA are making tracks, Lanzarote to Newport, R.I.

Onboard reporter Corinna Halloran tells it this way:


Day 2: Transatlantic Blog

Imagine riding a wicked fast motorbike at night. You’re cruising along down a windy road. Suddenly, it starts to rain, not just a nice easy rain but a relentless rain – the kind that floods roads.

And then you’re blind folded. You cannot get off the motorbike; you are propelling yourself faster and faster down hills and bends, into the dark night with water all around.

This is what it ...

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