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11 May


Ocean Racing brings a creative solution to cleaning your hull

Keeping the hull clean can be a pain at best and an ordeal at worst. Diving into the murky waters at your marina and scrubbing the hull is a hassle, and if you leave the task until you haul the boat once a season your hull’s bottom will have a bigger beard than Gandalf. Enter the new Scrubbis cleaner, made in Sweden and distributed here in the States by Ocean Racing. It’s a simple tool that makes cleaning your hull a breeze—a scrubbing head that is attached to the end ...

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TackingMaster Wrist Tool

4 Sep

TM_FRONTThe new TackingMaster is a wrist-worn tool that’s designed to help provide tacticians with an easy-to-read wind overview that also provides a visual reminder of recent shifts. The TackingMaster ($75, is worn like a wristwatch, but instead of a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, its movements are manually entered based on information that’s generated by the boat’s anemometer and compass. The TackingMaster uses an external locking ring (red), a moving outer bezel (the “compass ring”), a rotating watch face (the “wind dial”) and a mark ring (the two yellow arrows). To use, set the wind dial to the 0-degree ...

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A Sporting New Timepiece

24 Jun

Bremont’s new special-edition Oracle II, Oracle I, AC I and AC II watches

British-based watch manufacturer Bremont, the oldest British timing partner of the America’s Cup, whose relationship dates back to their involvement with the 1851 race, has announced they will be releasing a new line of watches in conjunction with the 35th America’s Cup. “Bremont is incredibly proud to be involved in such a historical event,” said Bremont Co-Found Giles English. “The America’s Cup is possibly the only team extreme sport out there; these boats are built using pioneering technology, which makes the race more exhilarating to watch ...

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No Stick in the Mud

23 Jun

For those sailors with a shallow enough draft to get close to the shore, finding a good spot to tie up is a great addition to peace of mind when you want to tie up the boat and enjoy a day at the beach or a hike through the woods. But what if you can’t find a good spot on land to tie the boat to, and your anchor isn’t sufficient enough for holding ground onshore? Enter the Slide Anchor Shore Spoke. This little beauty provides you with a secure place to tie up the boat no matter where you ...

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