Brian Hancock

Revisiting two old stories

23 Jan

Sometimes it’s good to follow up on previous blogs and now is as good a time as any. In my last piece I wrote about the French yacht Spindrift Racing and their attempt to set a new non-stop, fully-crewed around-the-world record. The team had been on standby for a couple of months waiting for a weather window that would propel them down toward the equator. ...
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Spindrift Racing set to rumble

14 Jan

It has been a case of standing by to stand by for the crew of Spindrift Racing as they wait for a perfect weather window to slingshot them to the equator and beyond that non-stop around the world on a quest to set a new world record for the fastest circumnavigation time. However, it looks like their wait may be over as the team has ...
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Crazy is as crazy does

4 Jan

Crazy Eyes – an Open 40 – recently resurfaced

Happy New Year – let’s hope that 2019 is a year filled with crazy sailing stunts. I know, that’s an odd wish, but two sailing related stories in the news caught my eye this past week and it’s worth commenting on them. But first…  It used to be a big deal to sail across an ...
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Suicide at sea – whose fault is it?

20 Dec

The charter yacht Cimarron

This is a tricky one and I am not 100% sure where I come down on this. I would have fully backed the captain had his behavior after the suicide been different but he didn’t (apparently) follow some basic seamanship rules and now has been charged with manslaughter. Here is the story as we best can tell and I say ‘as ...
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It’s all about the adventure

11 Dec
Abilash Tomy’s replica of Suhaili – now sunk


I have followed the online comments about the rescue of Susie Goodall, some with bemusement and some with disdain. Before I explain let’s recap what happened. Susie Goodall, a 28 year old British sailor was competing in the https://goldengloberace.comGolden Globe Race when her yacht was pitchpoled in the Southern Ocean. The yacht was dismasted and in
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Susie Goodall pitchpoled and dismasted in Golden Globe Race

5 Dec
It looks like the Southern Ocean is still dishing out its balmy summer sailing conditions and has claimed yet another victim. British sailor Susie Goodall, racing solo in the Golden Globe Race, was rolled and dismasted and is out of the race. Goodall had been lying in fourth place behind the Estonian sailor Uku Randmaa, Dutch sailor Mark Slats and the leader, the indomitable ...
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New classes for the Olympics

26 Nov

There has been a lot of hand wringing recently over the proposed changes to the Olympic sailing classes and a lot of it totally understandable. Many sailors lament the fact that the Finn has been dropped and after the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo it will no longer be an Olympic class. After 18 Olympic games spanning 68 years the humble Finn will be replaced. Some ...
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The BOSS on the bricks

16 Nov

Damage to the bow of Hugo Boss after grounding
Dramatic and heart wrenching news was delivered early this morning stating that the British sailor Alex Thomson, who was leading the IMOCA class in the Route de Rhum race from France to Guadeloupe, had run aground. After sailing a flawless race since leaving Saint Malo in France 12 days ago, Thomson aboard his yacht Hugo Boss ...
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A battle of the giants in the Route du Rhum

14 Nov

Francis Joyon celebrates his Route du Rhum win in Guadeloupe

It was a battle of the giants right up until the last few miles of a rough and wet Atlantic crossing as François Gabart on his Ultime trimaran Macif fought off a last minute challenge from Francis Joyon on his Ultime trimaran IDEC Sport. In the end it was Joyon who prevailed after a cat ...
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The Maiden Factor world tour

9 Nov

The newly refitted Maiden setting sail from Southampton

I have always been a huge proponent of women in sailing. I guess it started when as a kid I got thumped on the race course by some girls in our cub and I figured that I had no right to ever think I was a better sailor than them just because I was a male. They ...
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