Ben Stein and Ben Ellison

Two Bens, One great Panbo

9 Sep
Old Ben E and new Ben S aboard Gizmo in Hampton, Virginia June 2018

Old Ben E and new Ben S aboard M/V Gizmo in Hampton, Virginia, June 2018

Ben Ellison: Except for the possible name confusion, I’m very pleased to report that Ben Stein has become Panbo’s new Publisher while I get to focus entirely on the Edit side. As you may know, “new Ben” has been serving as a Contributing Editor since January, we walked the Miami Show together, and it was “Ben S” who spearheaded the Panbo website rebuild that went live in late March. We’ve been working together closely for eight months, and I know beyond a doubt ...

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Raymarine MFD apps three ways: from drone control to sat comms to video streaming

26 Feb

Written by Ben Stein and Ben Ellison on Feb 26, 2018 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


MIBS 2018 saw the manufacturers putting the multi in MFD, with Garmin and Raymarine each introducing multiple new multifunction app and app-like display integrations interfacing to all sorts of third party boat systems, plus consumer electronics gadgets and online services — actually every single brand seen below, with lots more likely coming. The results are exciting, but what the heck are MFD apps? Fortunately, Raymarine is illustrating all three ways they can be created and why it’s useful to know how it’s ...

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Simrad NSO evo3 multifunction displays, and hints of Navico future

28 Jan

Written by Ben Stein and Ben Ellison on Jan 28, 2018 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


That new 24-inch Simrad NSO evo3 screen must look spectacular with its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 1200 nits of brightness, and IPS-style wide viewing angles. And these big screens — there will be 16- and 19-inch models too — can purportedly be viewed with polarized sunglasses, thanks to the use of combined LCD and polarizer. The new NSO design is also packed with connectivity, including a Simrad-first J1939 engine input, and a black box processor is no longer needed. We’ve got details ...

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