Behan Gifford

Kiss goodbye to Bali

5 Jun

When our expectations of a quick (<1 week) visa extension turned into a three weeks, it was hard not to be frustrated. Yet silver linings are everywhere: a chance to go out to Pulau Menjangan was just the first.
The very best part of our delay by far was the chance to catch up with an old friend. Rick and I met in 1988 on a camping trip that preceded our matriculation to a little liberal arts college in Connecticut. We were both Chinese minors and members of the sailing team – kind of a unique combination it turned out, ...

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Sun protection for pasty white cruisers

30 May
budding naturalists
Scoping boobies on Isla Isabel

Sun protection- with sunscreen, sun protective clothing, and more- is something we take pretty seriously on Totem.

When I was a teenager, my mother was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. My uncle (her brother) died from metastasized skin cancer. Jamie’s family has a history of skin carcinomas, so you could say that we have the skin cancer genetic factors all wrapped up in the pasty-white-northern-European bag.

Dermatologists have told both Jamie and me that with our lifestyle and genes, skin cancer is not “if”, it’s “when”. One doc suggested we should reconsider our choice and stay ...

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The Sailing Podcast interviews Totem

25 May

Just recently, Jamie and I spent a really nice hour chatting with David Anderson of The Sailing Podcast. He and his wife Carina have a great series of interviews for sailors. David had been in touch with us a while back, but took months for us to be parked in a place with dependable internet access to Skype. The joys of cruising, right?

Crazy squalls
Crazy squalls that day, but calm and peaceful in time for our interview with The Sailing Podcast
It was  fun for us to kick back in the cockpit and chat away with David about everything from
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