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236: Bob Perry // Legendary Yacht Designer

11 Jun

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On The Wind is the evolution of 59º North, and is, quite simply, long-form conversations with sailors from around the world. ‘On the Wind’ Sailing Podcast is informal chats with people from around the world of sailing – tall ship captains, Cape Horners, sailing authors, Volvo Ocean Race skippers, yacht designers, family cruisers, Arctic adventurers and more. Our aim is to define what creates success in the sailing world and figure out how to accomplish dreams on the high seas. 

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235: Sara Hastreiter #2 // Life After the Volvo Ocean Race

4 Jun


#235. Sara Hastreiter is of course one of the members of Team SCA, the all-female crew in the previous edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Sara was on the podcast back in 2015, immediately following that Volvo to talk about how she went from horseback riding in Wyoming to sailing in one of the world’s premier ocean races. I got to speak with her again in March about what it felt like to be left off the Volvo race this time, her mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas and her ‘Seven Seas, Seven Summits’ project, speaking at the Explorer’s Club ...

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RECYCLED: Moxie Marlinspike // Anarchist Yacht Club

22 May

Moxie WIRED Art 162.jpg

RECYCLED #162. Moxie Marlinspike is a legend in tech. As a programmer, he literally wrote the code that enables everyday encryption. He’s friendly with Edward Snowden and was recently feature in WIRED magazine. Moxie, though, is a sailor at heart. I worked together with him at Broadreach way back in 2008. We caught up to talk about his unique sailing philosophy, his movie ‘HOLD FAST’ & his rise in the tech world.

If you’ve followed the news even tangentially, you’ll have heard about encryption. Remember Edward Snowden? His revelations about the FBI’s mass collection of data from everyday Americans set ...

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233: Nat Philbrick // ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ Writer

14 May


#233. Nat Philbrick is the author of ‘In the Heart of the Sea,’ the famous story of the whaling ship Essex, which sunk in the Pacific after being attacked by an angry sperm whale. This true-life story became the inspiration for Herman Melville’s classic ‘Moby Dick’, and at the time, was one of the most well-know sea stories. Of course Nat’s book, which recounted the true story from the perspective of the ship’s cabin boy, went on to become a Hollywood movie of the same name. Nat’s also a sailor, and actually lives on Nantucket, the whaling capital of the ...

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232: Paul & Sheryl Shard // Distant Shores’ New Boat

8 May

#232. Paul & Sheryl Shard of course have the popular TV series Distant Shores, and for 25 years have been sailing the world on their boats of the same name and documenting their travels. Mia & I met them again in Toronto in January where they were excitedly awaiting the launch of their latest boat, a new Southerly 48. We sat down with them between seminars to talk about the design process, how Southerly are now owned by Discovery Yachts in the UK, what they wanted in their new design, and about how they’re getting ready and planning for the ...

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231: Tom Cunliffe // Sailing Legend & Writer

16 Apr

OTW #231.jpg

#231. Tom Cunliffe is one of the great sailor/writers of the past 30 years. His old-school style in both the boats he chooses to sail and the way he tells his story is fascinating. Tom grew up in the UK and went to sea at a very young age on an actual merchant sailing vessel trading along the coast. His adventurous spirit goes beyond the high seas too – he and his wife motorcycled across the US, and he keeps a 1949 Bentley in his garage that he affectionately calls Reggie. After sailing classic, wooden gaff pilot cutters for most ...

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230: Goran Rutgerson // America’s Cup Sailor, Inventor & Entrepreneur

9 Apr

230 Art Goran.jpg

#230. Goran Rutgerson is the founder of the eponymous Rutgerson company, who design & fabricate rigging and deck hardward in Marstrand, Sweden. Goran grew up in a sailing family and went on to pursue his passion in the sport, rising all the way to the America’s Cup ranks. Back in the day, he was good buddies with Peter Harken, and both Harken & Rutgerson evolved as businesses alongside one another on opposite sides of the Atlantic. I spoke to Goran at his office at the Rutgerson Factory in Marstrand in January.

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BONUS: Matt Rutherford // Single-Handed

2 Apr


Spartan Ocean Racing Sail-4-Cancer

Hey guys, this one is personal to me – as you know, my mom died of brain cancer in 2012 at only 62 years old. Chris Stanmore-Major, who was on the podcast a few weeks back, is putting together a ‘Sail 4 Cancer’ campaign through his Spartan Ocean Racing & Training and needs our help raising money for it. Please follow the link and donate to help them out. Thanks.


BONUS. Matt Rutherford has been on the podcast more than anyone else in our 230+ episodes, and his stories are always epic. What follows ...

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RECYCLED: Gary Jobson // America’s Cup Legend

26 Mar

RECYCLED #99. Gary Jobson is one of the few household names in the American sailing world. He’s is a former All-American collegiate sailor and won the America’s Cup in 1977 as tactician for Ted Turner. Gary then became a professional broadcaster & producer, working for ESPN and other national media organizations, and more recently has done TV announcing work for the most recent America’s Cups. He’s an Editor at Large for both Sailing World & Cruising World Magazines. Gary continues to sail out of his homeport in Annapolis and remains one of America’s strongest sailing ambassadors. I had the privilege ...

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