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#252: Haakon Vatle // Storm Weather Shanty Choir

1 Jan

252 Haakon Art.jpg

#252: Haakon Vatle has, as far as we can tell, the world’s ONLY master’s degree in sea shanties. He’s the founder and leader of the Storm Weather Shanty Choir, who fans of the show will know as the group of Norwegian musicians who have mastered the art of the modern sea shanty. And Haakon is a REAL sailor – he’s heavily involved with Norway’s tallship Statsraad Lehmkul and has sailed her trans-Atlantic 4 times, practicing his shanties in real life aboard the ship. I traveled to Bergen to meet Haakon for this interview and to see the Shanty Choir live....

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#251: Rachel Slade // ‘Into the Raging Sea’ Author

11 Dec

Rachel Slade 251 Art.jpg

#251. Rachel Slade is the acclaimed author of ‘Into the Raging Sea,’ the heartbreaking account of the sinking of the American merchant ship ‘El Faro.’ With a degree in political science from Barnard College and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania, Rachel began her journalism career as the design editor at Boston magazine and moved up the masthead to executive editor. After a decade on staff, she became a full-time freelance writer in 2016. Incredibly, ‘Into the Raging Sea’ is her first book. Rachel & I discussed her background growing up on the water, her interest in ...

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#250 Matt Rutherford & Randall Reeves // Figure 8 Voyage, 2nd Attempt

3 Dec


#250: Matt Rutherford and Randall Reeves are both veterans of the podcast and extremely accomplished single-handed ocean sailors. In today’s special episode, Matt guest-hosts the show to talk to Randall about his latest attempt at the ‘Figure 8’ voyage, his plan to sail solo and nonstop around the America’s AND Antarctica. Randall was on the show with me just before his first attempt, which failed when he suffered a serious knockdown, blowing out the windows in his boat’s wheelhouse. At the time of this recording with Matt, Randall was set to depart San Francisco on his second attempt the very

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#249: Herb McCormick // Cruising World Editor-at-Large

19 Nov

Herb 249 Art.jpg

#249. Herb McCormick has made a career of writing about sailing, but it wasn’t entirely on purpose. A fifth-generation Newport, Rhode Island native, Herb didn’t even know that sailing was a thing at all until a chance meeting in his 20’s. After vagabonding around for a while, he wound up with a low-level job at Cruising World during the heyday of sailing magazines, and slowly started working his way up, of course eventually becoming Editor. Herb has seen it all in sailing, from the racing and cruising scene to an epic 13-month Around the America’s expedition on the 64-foot steel ...

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#248: Bryan Rolfe // The Adventures of Tark

13 Nov


#248. Bryan Rolfe is a grass-roots 30-something cruiser with big dreams and a small budget. Hes been documenting his adventures aboard his 27-foot Albin Vega TARKA on YouTube, and is currently in the Caribbean. Mia & I have followed Bryan from afar since he started his trip, and my conversation with him ended up being a very inspirational look at how someone takes a dream and turns it into reality. Longtime fans of the show will know how excited I get talking to other young folks out there cruising, but this episode is truly for anyone who dreams of heading ...

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Mia Karlsson // “Mermaid Tales”

6 Nov

Mia 247 Art.jpg

#247. Mia Karlsson is honored to be the FIRST guest on the new Mermaid Tales podcast, featuring tales of women who are connected in some way to the ocean, hosted by Breezy Mulligan. Here’s a rare opportunity to hear Mia on the podcast, talking about her sailing history! Subscribe to Mermaid Tales wherever you get your podcasts.

Show Notes:

  • Check out @shesailing, Mia’s Instagram handle reserved for the celebration of amazing women on the water!

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On The Wind is the evolution of 59º North, and is, quite simply, long-form conversations with sailors from ...

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RECYCLED: John Kretschmer // Cape Horn to Starboard

29 Oct

JK Artwork 130 (1).jpeg

#130 RECYCLED. John Kretschmer has long been a hero of mine, and has become a friend and mentor over the past 10+ years. John runs offshore adventure sailing passages on his Kaufman 47 QUETZAL (the inspiration for our own business), is a former delivery skipper and a renowned author of several books, including his latest ‘Sailing to the Edge of Time,’ which will release in November. Andy spoke to John back in 2016.

Show Notes:

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246: Lee & Rachel Cumberland // Cruising to Panama

23 Oct

Lee Rach 246 Art.jpg

#246. Lee & Rachel Cumberland are two of Mia and my best friends, and this episode has been a long time coming. Together, Lee & Rachel, in their late-twenties, bought and refit a Tayana 37, quit their jobs and sailed off to Panama. We recorded the podcast at their house, which Lee built with his own two hands, over a glass of wine late in the evening. The conversation traces their story from dream to reality, including all the scary bits, and for the first time ever publicly, I finally got them to share their story of a terrible storm ...

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245: Matt Rutherford // Death, Golden Globe Race, Shackleton & More

19 Oct


#245. Matt Rutherford’s been a longtime friend of the podcast and has been on the show more than any other guest. For this episode, Matt & I talked about Arctic sailing – I got to tease him for sailing farther north than he ever has! – we talked about the Golden Globe race, death, fear, anxiety, kids, his latest trip to the Northwest Passage, climate change, Shackleton, and more. It was a wide-ranging and meandering conversation, and Matt, like usual, always has something compelling to say, so listen up. Follow Matt and his Ocean Research Project on oceanresearchproject.org, and don’t ...

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244: Pete Goss // “A Series of Daft Ideas”

9 Oct

Pete Goss 244 Art.jpg

#244. Pete Goss became a hero in the 1996 Vendee Globe for rescuing fellow competitor Raphael Dinelli in a survival storm in the Southern Ocean. Pete tells this story and many others from onboard his new Garcia Exploration 45 at the Annapolis Sailboat Show. This one’s an all-timer, so pay attention!

Show Notes:

Pete Gos2.jpg

Pete Gos.jpg

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On The Wind is the evolution of 59º North, and is, quite simply, long-form conversations with sailors from around the ...

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