On the Wind Sailing Podcast

#262: Pawel Motawa // Antarctic Sailor & Media Producer

15 Apr


#262. Pawel Motawa is one of the first guests I ever interviewed WAY back in my ‘Two Inspired Guys’ days in 2012. Then, he had just completed the ARC rally in St. Lucia, and I was drawn to his bright yellow steel sloop MALAIKA, with it’s proud Polish flag flying, and thought there had to be a story here. When Mia & I sailed ISBJORN into Las Palmas in January, there was MALAIKA again, on the pontoon just a few slips down from us. Pawel immediately said hello and we reconnected for another chat in the saloon of his lovely ...

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#261: Gerard Dykstra // Iconic Yacht Designer

8 Apr


#261. Gerard Dykstra is one of the world’s iconic yacht designers. He’s most notable to me as the designer of the Bestevaer 53, by far my favorite of all the aluminum expedition yachts which are now so popular. And he designed the first one for himself as a very simple, robust personal cruising yacht. He’s also designed some of the most iconic superyachts like the Panamax ketch HETAIROS and the infamous MALTESE FALCON. Not to mention a few tall ships to boot. I first met Gerard in Isafjordur, Iceland and later talked to him on Skype about his career as ...

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#260: Mark Jablow // ISBJORN Crew & B-1 RIO

28 Mar

Mark 260 Art.jpg

#260. Mark Jablow is a sailor and former Air Force B1 Bomber ‘RIO’ – that’s Radar Intercept Officer (think Goose from Top Gun, the guy who sits in the back seat). Mark sailed with us on ISBJORN last summer from Ireland down to Portugal and we immediately made a connection. Put it this way – Mark is still active duty Air Force, and if I had met someone of his caliber when I was young, I may just have joined the forces. Mark & I discussed his Air Force and sailing career, and dove into some technical stuff about radar ...

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#259: Senor Brady & Alex Blue // SV Delos

19 Mar

Brady Alex 259 Art.jpg

#259. Alex & Brady are the other half of SV Delos. After meeting them for the first time up in Svalbard, Mia & I reunited with the whole Delos crew in Antigua after our Atlantic crossing on ISBJORN. We spent 3 weeks chillin’ on the beach and hanging out in shorts! While Brian & Kazza were off on their honeymoon in New York City, Mia & I recorded a long meandering chat with Brady & Alex aboard Delos about their side of the Delos story.

This was a really fun one to record, especially getting to do it from onboard ...

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#258: David Hows // Ocean Sailing Podcast Host

8 Mar


#258 David Hows is the host of the Ocean Sailing Podcast. He sails his own Beneteau 44.5 “Ocean Gem” and has raced it extensively between Australia and New Zealand. He has now crossed the Tasman Sea three times, two of those single handed. David interviewed Andy for his podcast – they spoke of the podcasting business, filming and photography, and the anxiety that comes with running a boat offshore


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#257: Alvah Simon // Happier at Sea

26 Feb

Alvah Simon 257 Art.jpg

#257. Alvah Simon is best known for his extraordinary voyage to the Arctic that he documented in ‘North to the Night,’ a highly philosophical, almost spiritual book about his over-wintering in the Canadian Arctic, alone, on his steel sloop, the ROGER HENRY, frozen in the ice. Alvah and I, of course, discussed this adventure, but today’s show really covers his whole career and touches heavily on his personal philosophy, not just with sailing, but life in general. Alvah is one of those rare humans who really seems to have it figured out. He’s a sailor’s sailor, happier at sea than ...

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August Sandberg // Norwegian Sailor and Filmmaker

21 Feb


#256: August Sandberg is a young Norwegian sailor and filmmaker. After being inspired at a young age by the Norwegian sailing greats, he bought a boat with his friend and sailed it across the Atlantic and down to Panama. He now works as a teacher, professional filmmaker and sailor. Andy caught up with him at his home on the west coast of Norway...

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Oda Pedersen Taule // Single-Handed Sailor

31 Jan


#256: Oda Pedersen Taule is a 20-something Norwegian sailor who set out single-handed on her little sloop SNUPPA, bound for Australia. Self-taught at ocean sailing, Oda learned the hard way, getting badly beaten up on her first Bay of Biscay crossing, even needing to call the coast guard for help, and tearfully sharing some emotional moments with the crew who came to her rescue. The experience didn’t discourage her though – on the contrary. Oda & I met in Bergen in December to record the podcast in person, and despite her youth, I discovered that Oda is wise beyond her ...

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#254: Simon Borjeson Returns // ISBJORN’s New Skipper

15 Jan

254 Simon Art.jpg

#254: Simon Borjeson returns to the podcast as ISBJORN’s new skipper for the first few two-boat passages later this year. Simon & I became friends when we met during the ARC Europe rally a few years back, and bonded on our love of sailing, skiing and endurance sports. Back then he was sailing his dad’s X-42 EUPHORIA across the Atlantic, while simultaneously training for the 70km OtillO Swimrun World Championships. Simon came out to the farm in Sweden in December for a weekend of planning, and we sat down to discuss his love of sailing & adventure, the cutting-edge foiling ...

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#253: Jessie Z & Luke Y Return // Trans-At Stories

7 Jan

253 art jessie luke.jpg

#253: Jessie Zevalnkink & Luke Yeates were on the podcast back in October 2017, right after they’d crossed the Atlantic in their 37′ yawl DESIREE. Mia & I caught up with them in person aboard their boat in Lagos, Portugal, as we were getting ISBJORN ready to cross the Atlantic. We sat in their cockpit as the sun went down, hearing stories of their dramatic knockdown off Cape St. Vincent, their 6 weeks rebuilding their rudder here in Lagos, life as a married couple and what their future plans are as sailors. Jessie is a professional portrait photographer and also ...

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