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Ups & Downs

1 Jun

Episode 105 is an essay in which Andy describes the ups and downs of starting a sailing business. Financially and emotionally it’s been a roller coaster ride since buying Isbjorn. Andy talks about that process and how far he and Mia have come since buying the Swan 48 in February....

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Tania Aebi

25 May

Tania Aebi spoke at the ARC Europe Rally in Bermuda last Sunday, and Andy recorded it. Tania was skippering Jojo Maria, a Beneteau on it’s way back to New York from the Caribbean. During the Bermuda stopover she regaled the packed house of crew with her tales of circumnavigating in her 26-foot Contessa in the 1980’s at age 18. She was the youngest woman to ever do so single-handed. Her book ‘Maiden Voyage’ remains in print and is an all-time sailing classic. The fleet was based at the St. George’s Dinghy & Sports Club. ...

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Anna Vinnars

18 May

The beautiful and charming Anna Vinnars, voice of the podcast, on the show today to talk about her epic cycling trip from South Africa to Sweden (yes, you read that correctly!). Co-hosted by Ryan Briggs, Andy’s best friend. This is a re-run from one of the very first podcasts Andy ever did, back in the ‘Two Inspired Guys’ days. It’s not so much about sailing, but it’s all about adventure. You’ll dig it. And you’ll fall in love with Anna’s voice like Andy did!

Want to go ocean sailing with Andy? Book a berth on Isbjorn, our Swan 48 at ...

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LIVE: Offshore Yacht Rigging w/ Mike Meer

11 May

Despite what I say in the intro, this is actually episode #102! Episode #102 is Mike Meer, a dear friend of mine and my former employer, who taught me everything I know about yacht rigging. It’s all about yacht rigging in the context of ocean sailing, in Mike’s witty, fun-loving style. He’s a cool guy, and he gets across complex rigging issues in a very understandable manner. The slides from Mike’s talk are available at this episode’s blog page on 59-north.com/sailingpodcast, so head there to follow along.

Want to go ocean sailing with Andy? Book a berth on Isbjorn, our ...

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Elodie-Jane Mettraux, Team SCA

4 May

Episode 101 is sort of a hybrid conversation and essay, and you’ll see why right now. 

Mia and I got the chance to sail onboard Team SCA’s TP52 in New York Harbor last week (in fact I’m recording this the day after). Two of the girls who’d rotated off the crew roster for this leg of the Volvo Ocean Race, Sara Hastreiter and Elodie-Jean Mettraux came along, and I had a chance to chat with Elodie on the dock following the sail.

So what’s it like sailing a TP52 with some of the best women ocean sailors in the world? ...

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Who the Hell is Paul Exner!?

30 Apr

Episode #100 is Paul Exner & I on the road talking business. It occurred to me shortly after releasing Paul’s first interview with Victor Hempel that a lot of my listeners might not know who the hell this Paul Exner guy was. So we re-hash some of Paul’s sailing experience, focusing on his technical knowledge of the sport. Ultimately though we ended up talking more about the new business than anything else. This is a very honest episode – we talk about the conflict of using the podcast as an advertising platform, how to price offshore passage trips, what it’s ...

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Gary Jobson

27 Apr

Episode #99 is legendary America’s Cup sailor and local Annapolitan Gary Jobson. Gary told stories of growing up in New Jersey sailing dinghies, sailing with Ted Turner and winning the 1977 America’s Cup, commentating for ESPN, winning two Emmy wards, watching the foiling catamaran’s at AC34, his thoughts on AC35 in Bermuda and lots more!

Want to go ocean sailing? Book a berth on Isbjorn, our Swan 48, on 59-north.com/offshore....

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Senator Tom Harkin

20 Apr

Retired Senator Tom Harkin invited me and my dad to his house in Hope Town, Bahamas, a place he’s been going to since the 70s to escape the rat race in DC, and which he’ll spend a lot more time at now in retirement. We took the ferry over and had lunch with Tom and his wife Ruth on the dock overlooking the sea of Abaco and Tom’s new sailboat, a 26’ lifting keel Seaward. We recorded the podcast on the deck behind Tom’s house, overlooking the Atlantic ocean. My dad was there as well, listening in the background. Tom’s got ...

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Offshore Passage Debrief

13 Apr

At about 0200 in the morning last Wednesday, after we’d tied the dock lines up in Little Creek VA, I got out the recorder and we debriefed the passage north on Sojourner from Marsh Harbor to Annapolis. The crew were myself, my dad, and Les and Jim, two podcast fans who’d signed up for the expedition online! The trip was ideal sailing – broad reaching under a full moon for most of the way, and warm, dry and comfortable (at least until we got back into colder water on the Bay). Aside from one night, that is. Early Easter Sunday ...

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Outfitting Your Boat for Offshore Sailing

6 Apr

Live from World Cruising Club’s Ocean Sailing Seminar weekend in Annapolis. Andy spends 90 minutes discussing boat types and how to prioritize outfitting your boat for deep ocean sailing. He emphasizes that basically ANY boat can complete an ocean passage when properly outfitted and with a properly trained crew. But sometimes it’s nice to have a few luxuries, and Andy talks about how to prioritize adding equipment. 
This episode was sponsored by Forbes Horton Yacht Sales in Annapolis. Need a bluewater boat? Have one to sell? Talk to Forbes – Andy’s new Swan 48 came through Forbes’ office. Visit ...

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