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Sara Hastreiter

10 Aug

Episode 115 is Sara Hastreiter, crewmember aboard Team SCA in the most recent Volvo Ocean Race. Sara’s been featured in the NY Times, on NPR, in the Wall Street Journal and other places as her star has risen in the sailing world. She only got started in 2008 after moving from Wyoming to St. Croix, and getting work on charter boats and racing yachts in the Caribbean. It had always been a goal to reach the pinnacle of the sport, and she did that with Team SCA. Sara and Andy discussed her career and what it’s like ocean racing on ...

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Paul Exner on Heavy Weather Sailing

3 Aug

Paul Exner speaks at the World Cruising Club’s ‘Ocean Sailing Seminar’ in Annapolis, Maryland in March on what it’s like to sail offshore in strong conditions. Paul touches on heavy weather in theory and mixes in his own experiences from his varied career as an ocean sailing skipper....

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The First Voyage of Isbjörn

28 Jul

Episode 113 is an essay about the first passage of Andy & Mia’s Swan 48 Isbjorn. They sailed to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, departing Annapolis on July 4, with Charly, Dan, John and Sean onboard as the inaugural crew. Andy talks about the passage and reflects a bit on how it all went down and what it felt like to reach this milestone. To see some photos of the trip, go to 59-north.com/passagelogs....

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Pawel Motawa

20 Jul

Episode #112 is a Two Inspired Guys rerun with Pawel Motawa, a Polish sailor Andy met at the ARC Rally a few years back. Pawel had a TV studio in Poland, and then bought his dream boat – a steel sloop – and has been spending the past several years sailing in Antarctica. The interview was recorded onboard his boat ‘Malaika’ in St. Lucia after he’d crossed the Atlantic from Europe....

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Miles Poor

13 Jul

Episode #111 is Miles Poor. Miles and his wife Anne run MRP Refits, both here in Annapolis and at their winter base in Nanny Cay, BVI. MRP specializes in project management on pretty fancy sailboats. Miles’ main career was as a facial surgeon. We sat down on Miles’ Tayana 55 in Annapolis, a boat he uses for MRP as his ‘showroom’ and discussed his very interesting history – he was born in Stockholm and went  to boarding school in Switzerland, learning to sail on Lake Geneva – and then delve into some ocean sailing stuff. ...

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Duncan Hood

6 Jul

Episode #110 is Duncan Hood, a long-time sailor and technically an Annapolis resident for more than two decades, but who’s traveled the world teaching instructors how to teach sailing.

Duncan works ASA and years ago got asked to travel to China to help start a sailing school in the south, near the border with North Korea, and his story of that misadventure makes up a good chunk of the middle of this episode. It’s a riveting tale!...

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Sigurdur Jonsson

29 Jun

We’ve got a special episode of 59º North this week, coming to you all the way from Iceland. I’ve been inspired by a handful of podcasts that I listen to regularly as a fan. The Nerdist podcast, which got me into this in the first place. Bill Simmons, for my sports. And more recently, two Swedish podcasts I’ve really taken a liking to. Varvet, hosted by Kristoffer Triumf. And the Huksy Podcast, hosted by Magnus Ormestad, a Swedish-based outdoor adventure sports show.

I reached out to Magnus as a fan in May while I was back in Sweden. We had ...

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Douglas MacDonald

22 Jun

Episode 108 is a followup to the very popular blog post I wrote last week about our too-close encounter with a Navy ship en route from Bermuda to NYC. Douglas MacDonald, owner of the HR43 we were sailing, comes on the show to discuss what happened from his perspective. He’s very humble about the experience, and wants to provide his insight on how you can avoid this kind of thing yourself. If you haven’t read the article, click here....

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Paul Exner & Brian Duff

17 Jun

Paul Exner sits down with Brian Duff in Tortola. Brian’s old friends with both Paul & Andy. Brian started Southbound Rigging in Annapolis, MD a few years back, where Andy first started working as a rigger in 2009. Brian sold the shop to Mike Meer (who’s been on the podcast!) and sailed his Westsail 32 south to the BVI to start a new life as a boat broker. Paul of course lives in the BVI, and soon became friends with Brian. They chat on this episode about Brian’s work as a boat broker, his life as a rigger, how he ...

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Hank Schmitt

8 Jun

Hank and Andy go back several years, having continually bumped into each other in various landfalls around the US and Caribbean. Those of us who work in sailing full-time are few and far between, so it’s a small world. Andy sat down with Hank in Bermuda during the ARC Europe stopover and chatted for almost an hour and a half! Hank talked about his career working on offshore oil rigs, how he got into racing as a teenager (and lived a sailing bums life in the 70s), & how he started OPO and the NARC Rally. Towards the second half of ...

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