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Five days offshore across the North Sea

26 Sep

This post was originally published in four parts on I got inspired to edit and publish it here after reading Pat and Ali Schulte's Weird Things Happen at Sea post today. Mia and I had some similar experiences in the North Sea earlier this summer, namely with a moving oil rig (or so I thought) and a rogue wave on an otherwise sunny evening. Here's our experience…

By August 8th, we were were back to sea, Inverness in our wake and Scandinavia just over the horizon! Arcturus was gliding along at 4-5 knots on ...
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Why Pat Schulte is right and why I (Andy) am slightly embarrassed

24 Sep

Now I’m inspired. Took me some time. And a cheese sandwich.

I’m writing from a Norwegian Airlines flight, en route from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to Stockholm, via Oslo. Mia is in the window seat next to me (asleep. She has a knack for dozing off before a flight ever leaves the terminal – once, in Australia, she slept for three full hours, awakening to a view of the tarmac outside her window and assuming they’d reached their destination. The plane, in fact, had never left the airport thanks to a delay. She was oblivious). I’m stuck in the middle ...

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The Realities of Yacht Delivery, Part 2

22 Sep

Click here for Part 1

I had originally planned to post this immediately following the 'Realities of Yacht Delivery, Part 1,' which I published on April 29 on My mom died April 30. So there.

So, what happened to the Farr? the Vagabond? my mom and dad's Sojourner?

I called my dad in Delware City when it was apparent that the new prop we ordered for the Farr would be several days in the mail before it got to us. There was no point in Mia and I wasting our time – and the owner's money to ...

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The Realities of Yacht Delivery, Part 1

22 Sep

A couple of months back, Mia and I had a boon of sorts with the boat delivery gig. Two promising phone calls in a row had us set up to for a delivery of a Vagabond 47 from Annapolis to Albany, NY, up the Hudson river, and another on a Farr 395 from Annapolis to Maine. The Vagabond was a week or two in the making until we sorted out an arrangement with the owner. The Farr, on the other hand, was last-minute, a phone call taken in the parking lot of the farmer's market in Pennsylvania. Mia was inside ...

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Lessons from two (very different) Atlantic crossings…

21 Sep

Okay, quick intro. First, happy to be on SAILfeed! Mia and I are writing from Las Palmas, after just arriving this morning. We delivered the Saga 43, Kinship, down from Lagos, Portugal, the same boat we earlier sailed across the Atlantic with ARC Europe. I (Andy) initially wrote this article for my own website ( a while back, and am re-printing it here, as I think it's fairly relevant. The two Atlantic crossings reference this recent trip on the Saga (BVI-Bermuda-Azores-Portugal), and our own crossing in 2011 on Arcturus (Annapolis-Nova Scotia-St. Pierre and on to Ireland). We completed ...

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