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17 Jan

Andy here. Just checked my email this morning and had a long one from Mia, who's posting on our blog at from at-sea. Kinship departed Las Palmas on Saturday, January 12, bound for the Caribbean. This is their latest…

Jan 17 11.00 UTC 

21° 00 ' N / 25° 57 ' W 

Wind: E 14-18 kt 

Another lovely day on Kinship

I had the morning sunrise watch, 07-10, today but unfortunately with the haze we had today and yesterday I did not see the sun come up. It is definitely getting warmer as we are getting south and ...

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Matt Rutherford, before his Solo the America’s record.

16 Jan

In April 2011, about two months prior to Matt's recored-breaking Solo the Americas expedition began, Matt and Andy sat down in a little marina on Burnside Street in Annapolis where Matt kept his 32-foot Pearson, the boat he'd twice crossed the Atlantic on. At the time, Matt was virtually unknown, and when he told people about his idea, many of them ignored him, claiming it was a death-wish. But after listening to this talk with him, it's hard to doubt the man, even before he set out…


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Blog from onboard Kinship (by Mia)

14 Jan

Here comes the first blog post from Kinship. Sorry I am writing in English, but I promised I would…


09.00 UTC 14 Jan 25 degrees, 00 ‘ N 18 degrees, 48 ‘ W


We all were impressed with Las Palmas and what we got done when we turned around. We arrived early Wednesday morning and ten minutes later we had people come and work on the boat. Jon Crouch was the man who made everything happen and we were very thankful for his help. The broken shroud got replaced, Kinship got hauled out to fix some leaks and ...

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Kinship (and Mia!) Back Across the Atlantic

14 Jan

Kinship, the Saga 43 that Mia and I sailed on to Europe this past summer, is back and sea, and heading east to west across the Atlantic now, aiming to complete the circle she started last May.


Originally the boat was set to join the ARC rally in November, sailing in company from Las Palmas to St. Lucia (we indeed participated in ARC Europe in the springtime, calling at Bermuda and the Azores before finishing on the European continent in Portgual). Alas, they had to turn back after 24 hours due to some major deck leaks, which though not ...

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Ben & Teresa Carey on Two Inspired Guys

7 Jan

I’m continuing to post my sailing-related podcast episodes on SAILfeed until my posting editor gets fixed. At the moment, these short descriptions are all I’m able to do, so for the meantime, enjoy the interviews! Ben & Teresa are amazing people and amazing sailors. After single-handing their own boats for a few years – sailing in company, and keeping a rotating watch while one person slept – they joined forces on Ben’s Bristol Channel Cutter and aimed north. The goal was Labrador to search for icebergs, and they filmed a movie about the adventure, titled ‘One Simple Question,’ which is ...

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What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

6 Jan

Here’s an hilarious new take on the classic Drunken Sailor song. I clipped this out of an hour-long episode of ‘Adam & Edith’, a radio show produced by BBC 6 Music (hope they don’t mind a little promotion!), which they turn into a podcast every week, and which I joyfully listen to. You have to like the dry, British humor to appreciate it (the podcast that is), but I think anyone who’s ever heard the Drunken Sailor song can appreciate this version of it. If you want to skip the intro bit where Adam and Edith discuss it, fast forward ...

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Matt Rutherford on Two Inspired Guys Podcast

5 Jan

Here’s another episode from my Two Inspired Guys podcast that I do with my old college roommate Ryan Briggs. This one was with Matt Rutherford, a good friend of mine and the first person to ever sail solo and nonstop around North and South America. Matt is gearing up for his next adventure, the Ocean Research Project (, which will see him head north again on a 42-foot steel ketch that he’s bought since this episode was recorded. To see the boat, head over to Port Annapolis Marina (, where Matts is working on the refit. To hear two bonus ...

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Volvo skipper Andreas Hanakamp on Two Inspired Guys Podcast

31 Dec

Check out our latest podcast with Austrian sailor and adventurer Andreas Hanakamp! I sat down with Andreas in St Lucia at the finish of this year’s ARC. He was skipper of Team Russia in the 2008/09 Volvo Ocean Race, has sailed in two Olympic games and is an all-around super nice guy! We talked for an hour about Andreas’ passions beyond sailing, and how he got to the highest level in the sport. If you like this episode, check us out on, or subscribe for free on iTunes.


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ARC 2012- Volvo Ocean Race Sailors in the ARC

20 Dec

Last year I wrote about how the ARC attracts professional sailors. I highlighted two in particular, Volvo Ocean Race skipper of Team Russia and two-time Olympic sailor in the Star class Andreas Hanakamp, and ocean racing legend Magnus Olsson. Both are back this year, and doing more than ever to make the ARC a unique event in the sailing world. I’ve been having technical difficulties with the SAILfeed site, so follow this link ( to read the full article on the ARC Website....

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ARC 2012 – Norwegian Father & Son Duo Sail Double-Handed

19 Dec

Here’s yet another report from the ARC finish in St. Lucia that I’ve been working on. This one is particularly significant to me because of the subject(s). Sven and his dad Kenneth sailed all the way down from Norway together, joining the ARC in St. Lucia, and have a one-year plan to go off on this great adventure together, just the two of them.

My website, in fact, began as, thanks to all of the sailing I’ve done with my dad Dennis. Back in 2006, I was off to Bermuda for my first delivery. I wanted to take ...

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