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Saudade update

12 Apr

Here comes the today update from Saudade.

29˚ 35′ W 064˚ 43′ W

The wind is very light, about 5kt from behind so the engine is turned on and they are heading for Bermuda.

Andy told me a fun story from yesterday. They were sailing along, great wind and the boat was moving fast but only making 6kt. It seamed slow so the conclusion was either a current against them or something maybe caught on the boat. They used it as an excuse to go swimming, hove to and jumped in one at the time. Of course nothing was wrong ...

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Saudade update – great sailing

11 Apr

26˚ 55′ N / 065˚ 03’W

Saudade is moving along, blue sky, wind from the E at 12-15 kt and no waves. Can’t be much better?

Andy called me again this morning. A front will come through but not until Saturday-Sunday and they should be in by then if nothing happens. The trip has been very uneventful so far.The 2nd day out, the wind got light and Andy and Casey decided to stop the boat and jump in for a swim. No dolphins in sight, but many flyning fish.

Yesterday the starboard running backstay broke, but Andy the handyman fixed it and ...

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Saudade update

10 Apr

23˚ 54 ‘ N / 064˚ 56’ W

Got the morning phone call from Saudade. The winds had now turned NE, about 15-20 kt. Less comfortable than yesterday, but it looks like it will turn more East later today and tomorrow (according to the GRIB files).

Saudade 10 April, 09,00...

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John & Amanda Neal of Mahina Sailing on Two Inspired Guys!

20 Mar

John and Amanda Neal from Mahina Expedtions have been sailing heros of Andy's for a while now. It was a real honor to have them on the show! Ryan was away for this one, but Ben Eriksen joined Andy as a special guest co-host. They talked to John and Amanda about their sailing history, about Amanda's participation in the Whitbread Round the World Race, about John's passion for kayaking, and about running a triathlon in Svalbard in 2016! Thanks guys!...

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Springtime – time to get your own boat ready to sail?

19 Mar

By: Mia

You will see it everywhere; the magazines are covered in tips how to get your boat ready for the spring.  Check your rig and mast if you had it out during the winter, check all running rigging, how is the engine doing after a winter in hibernation, any new leaks that need to be fixed? 

Andy’s dad is not unusual. He is starting to plan the year. He is thinking about entering the ARC Caribbean 1500 this fall, and might sail in the DelMArVa rally in June. What gear does he need to get? The list of getting ...
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Yves Gelinas, Cape Horn Windvane Inventor, on Two Inspired Guys

16 Mar

Yves is a solo sailor, artist, inventor and businessman who gave up a successful career in filmmaking to pursue his dreams of sailing. 'With Jean du Sud Around the World', the film account of his solo circumnavigation via the Roaring Forties, is still considered the finest sailing film ever produced. Yves discussed his philosophy on art, life and sports, and how he got into the windvane business. And click here to read Andy's article on how the Cape Horn sailed he and Mia safely across the North Atlantic. Thanks Yves!...

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Dynex Dux in the Arctic & the Gym. PLUS, 5 Marathons before 30?

7 Mar

Let us call this the official start of my marathon training blog. And my marathon training in earnest. I tried doing this last year a bit, when I had the brazen idea of running a marathon in under three hours. Which I now realize is downright impossible unless I totally change my lifestyle to accommodate it. Which I do not really want to do. But that effort (both the training and the blog), quickly faded. Time to start over.


??I want to start this one with something I meant to

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Matt Rutherford Returns to Two Inspired Guys

26 Feb

When we first talked to Matt back in October – our second-ever episode! – his Ocean Research Project was just an idea. He was still riding high off of his Solo the America's expedition, but he wanted to shift gears and focus on something outside of himself. Since then, the ORP has achieved full 501c(3) status, and has a boat! He brought the 42' steel Colvin up from Florida in December. Andy went to see it in Annapolis in late January, and this was their talk....

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Paul Exner of Modern Geographic on Two Inspired Guys

19 Feb

Andy recorded this episode in Chicago during last month's Strictly Sail show at Navy Pier. Paul Exner is a professional sailor who teaches sail training on his own boat (which he spent 10 years building from a bare hull), and on other people's boats based out of Tortola in the BVI. His company is called Modern Geographic because he used to be a map maker, of all things! Paul is a super nice guy and we had a super cool chat at the Billy Goat Tavern over coffee one morning before the show started. Thanks Paul!...

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