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Sailboat Racing, the DelMarVa Rally and Sverige!

26 Jun

Two weeks ago we took 4th place in the Annapolis-Newport Race, sailing on Sleijride  in PHRF II. It’s the first time I’ve done an ocean race at all. John Gorski, a friend and former neighbor at Sarles Boatyard in Annapolis, took Mia and I along as skipper and mate for a race that’s been on his bucket list for a while now. He attempted it in 2009 when he owned the Swan 39 Kathryn , but they hd to bail in Atlantic City. I promised him this time we’d make it at least.


Newport Race, by Rory Finneren

The ...

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ARC Baltic Announced in our home waters in Sweden!

12 Jun


Mia and I found out about this last week, but it’s only now been made public, to much excitement from us! Though we won’t be directly involved in running it, we’re surely going to promote it! We’ll be sailing the same waters this summer in Arcturus , so we’ll be posting our own experiences there….

Sailing cruise through the Baltic in summer 2014  

St. Petersburg and Swedish Archipelagos on the route

Cruising rally specialists World Cruising Club (WCC), have announced an exciting new addition to their rally programme, with the first ever ARC Baltic Rally planned for summer 2014. Billed ...

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How to go offshore sailing

29 May

Schooner Arcturus in Auckland, New Zealand (2006)

Schooner Arcturus in Auckland, New Zealand (2006)

Incredibly, it seems, I’m getting more and more emails from people looking to me for advice on how to get out and go sailing. I was in the exact same position not very long ago, and it still confounds me as to why in the world people are asking me!? But it does feel pretty cool too.

I got a recent email from a young guy in Australia looking for advice, and I asked him if I could publish our email exchange here. He said yes. This is it:

Good morning Andy,...

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Things on sailboats that annoy me offshore…

28 May

I was cleaning out my desk just now and came across a list that I had brainstormed during a particularly frustrating moment on a recent yacht delivery. Incidentally, this is one of many, many lists that I create during offshore passages – I cannot NOT think about stuff when out on the high seas. Some of the other topics I’ll share in due course include: Business Ideas, Top Five Offshore Tricks, and Refit Ideas for Arcturus. Without further ado, things that annoy me…

-self-tending jibs of which you cannot adjust the sheet lead fore/aft
-single-line mainsail reefing
-lines led to ...

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How Music Makes the World Taste Better

24 May

Heading into the fog in St. Pierre, Eddie Vedder on the headphones.

Heading into the fog in St. Pierre, Eddie Vedder on the headphones.

I forgot to mention that that last post was an old one. I wrote it back in the spring of 2011, before I got married and before we took Arcturus across the Atlantic. I was dreaming about that crossing then. Now it’s reality. Strange how that happens (or perhaps not so strange at all).

Mia, my Dad and I came back to Pennsylvania from Annapolis last evening. We’ve been refitting my dad’s Wauquiez Hood 38 Sojourner in anticipation of him sailing in the Caribbean 1500 next fall (which ...

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North to Sweden, Part 1

23 May

Yesterday my marina neighbor John was watching me climb around in the cockpit locker of my boat, tangled in battery cables and covered in engine grease. It was the 18th day in a row that I’ve put over ten solid hours of work into the boat. He asked me where I got my motivation; it was an easy answer – in two months, I’ll be sailing towards Sweden, and the boat just has to be ready.

As I write, it’s late in the evening and I’ve just finished yet another 10-hour workday, the 19th now since returning from Sweden on April 1 ...

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Southern Cross Completes the Circle

22 May

It’s official – the 2013 Atlantic Cup has come to a close, and Mia and I are back in Annapolis. Yachts in the Old Bahama Channel fleet are making their way north after having finished in Ft. Lauderdale a week or so ago, and the Bermuda fleet has made their landfall in the USA.

And with that landfall, the Lagoon 380 Southern Cross has closed the loop on a circumnavigation that began in 2011, touching soil in the USA for the first time since that November. Normally the news items on the World Cruising Club webpage are devoid of any ...

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A Long Night in Bermuda

10 May

No rest for the weary. I went to bed last night at 7pm, knowing full well that we’d be up again at 2 the next morning to cover the early morning shift. That’s how it goes when we have boats coming in one after another and have to be there on the dock to greet that. No matter how tired you are though, it’s pretty invigorating greeting crews on the dock who have just completed an ocean passage. They’re always thrilled to be there and provide a little boost of energy with their excitement.

It’s very nice here in Bermuda

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Merrill Brown, Caribbean 1500 Sailor, on Two Inspired Guys

8 May

Andy sat down with Merrill aboard his Shannon 43 'Serenity' in Tortola, two days before the start of Atlantic Cup / ARC Europe 2013. Merrill is a sailor, furniture builder, wine collector, beer brewing enthusiastic and really just a super active, thoughtful and inspiring guy! The talk meandered from sailing – and Merrill's reconstruction of the old Shannon – to lawn mowing, wine, coffee and more in between. Best of all, Merrill is an optimist, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Enjoy!...

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ARC Rally Announces 2nd Start Date, plus Cape Verde Stopover

7 May


Okay, busy day for Andy & Mia today on SAILfeed! We just got the official word from the main office in Cowes that the World Cruising Club is expanding the ARC Rally, something Mia and I have enjoyed working on for the past four years. Here's the official press release…


'Demand from sailors world-wide for spaces in the 2013 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC 2013) has been unprecedented. The thirty extra boat slips recently installed by the Las Palmas Port Authority has enabled the ARC to grow to a maximum of 245 yachts for 2013; despite this, the ...

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