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The State of ‘Isbjorn’ Sailing in 2018 // Essay Podcast

2 Jan


Note: Today’s LONG blog post is also today’s podcast episode/essay. Tune in and hear Andy narrate all of what follows in episode #221 of On the Wind. Subscribe to the show via iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Or, click the player below to stream from the website or download to your desktop. The text, with lots of photos, is below.

It’s been a LONG time since I talked much about the business on here, and, now three years in (almost) and at the dawn of a new year, I feel like this is as good a time as any. ...

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South Pacific Memories (& a Future?)

29 Dec

Alex new LR.jpg

I get inspired to write when reading a really good book. Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, by William Finnegan. Won the Pulitzer Prize. The book is about, quite literally, what the title suggest. It also dredges up a LOT of nostalgia in me. I just finished reading a section on Fiji, in the 1970’s, when the author and his buddies discovered Tavarua, in Fiji.

I was there too, LONG after it was discovered, off the coast of Nadi, south of the Mamanuca’s, where I first met Clint and his brother Glenn, the first meeting on that trip that would ...

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Low Bridges & High Water on the ICW

23 Nov

Anchors Aweigh Cropped.jpg

I’ve gotta finish the southbound delivery story.

We never made it to Stuart. After our brief offshore jump from Cape Fear, NC to Jacksonville, Florida, Dad, Tom & I spent three uneventful days motoring down the ICW. The days were boring, but satisfyingly uneventful. 

We met my dad’s old friend David in New Smyrna Beach. The timing worked out such that we motored into town just before sunset. I found a free city dock in front of one of the city buildings just north of the A1A fixed bridge. We maneuvered the boat against a strong NE wind and southbound ...

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Southbound Delivery: A Quick Jaunt Offshore

15 Nov

Sunset Offshore 2.jpg

I cooked the last of our sausages while Dad drove Meri through the inlet at Cape Fear. Tom napped. The current was with us, so we made 8.5 knots over the ground, motorsailing out beyond the lee of Cape Fear. I served dinner after dark, those sausages with leftover red potatoes and the last of the mustard. While Tom did dishes dad & I set the genoa and Meri aimed south on starboard tack under an overcast sky. The air warmed up quickly once in the ocean – the water remains in the mid-70s and seems to have acted to ...

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Offshore Into the Cold

11 Nov

Chilly willy start to the morning! But beautifully clear skies.

Chilly willy start to the morning! But beautifully clear skies.

We anchored s/v Meri just off the ICW last night around mile marker 265. A nice-looking 35-footer called Valkyrie was anchoring in a similar spot, just to the east of the channel in the only little hole of deep water. He called us up on the VHF as we waited for him to find his spot before moving in ourselves. The sun had gone over the horizon, leaving a brilliant orange glow to the south, that faded into a clear, deep blue sky overhead, with the first stars starting to ...

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A Greyscale Day on the ICW

10 Nov

Capt. Dennis (aka 'Andy's Dad') at the helm in the morning mist a few days back.

Capt. Dennis (aka ‘Andy’s Dad’) at the helm in the morning mist a few days back.

s/v Meri is underway today after a 24-hour pause in Beaufort. Time goes slowly when you have nothing you have to do. 

I went for a run in the afternoon, rain be damned. I couldn’t stand being cooped up in the boat any longer, and exercise is always a cure for the restless mind. I ran east along the waterfront road in Beaufort, keeping a jogging pace on the way out and admiring the fishing boats and white egrets along the way. One big ...

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Southbound: Indecision in Beaufort

9 Nov

Shrimp Boat 2 Passing.jpg

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.

— Oscar Wilde

Stuck in Beaufort. Rain pours from the sky, heavier now than it’s been all morning. Any last inkling of going offshore today has been officially washed out. 

Dad, Tom & I borrowed the car from the Three Nice Guys at the Beaufort Docks marina and drove to Atlantic Beach for a midday breakfast at the Four Corners Diner, then on to West Marine to get a few supplies. Because that’s what you do during ...

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Mia’s Book Project – “Mot en ny Horisont”

25 Oct

I am super excited to tell you about a book project i have been involved with during the fall.  

Together with 10 Swedish Sailors, we have each written a chapter in the book “Mot en Ny Horisont”. All proceeds will go directly towards donation in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma & Maria that hit the Caribbean earlier this fall. 

The book is currently available in Swedish and Danish, and maybe one day it will be translated into English and other languages?


Buy ‘Mot en Ny Horisont’

To give you the back story of the project… It was the ...

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Paul Exner comments on the IMMENSE BVI rebuild after IRMA.

16 Oct

Paul Post IRMA.jpg

Here’s Paul Exner, on the long-term aftermath off Hurricane Irma in the BVI, as only he can put it…

AWARENESS OF STATUS … it’s one thing to be in denial, and another to place blame where it’s wrongly focused; and, it’s also possible to fall into a situation where I could misjudge any influence that appears to push against the plans I’ve made for myself when awakened by insecurity felt at two AM … but, in the face of IRMA, I’ve struggled to put “things” into proper perspective, at times … not because I’m weak or can’t be attentive … ...

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Life after IRMA // Paul Exner Describes a Devastated Tortola // & You Can Help

20 Sep

Paul Isbjorn.JPG

Note: Paul Exner is Isbjorn’s racing skipper and a very close friend of Andy & Mia. He and his young family – including wife Liz (whose Irish), their 3 1/2-year-old son Eoin & 9-month-old daughter Eva – stayed on in Tortola after the island was devastated by Hurricane Irma. As I write this, Hurricane Maria is making landfall in Puerto Rico, where Paul grew up, and she is undoubtedly being felt in the nearby BVI. Paul has checked-in twice on Facebook since IRMA, and these are his thoughts. We’ve setup a fund where you can donate directly to Paul & his ...

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