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Update from ISBJORN: Friday Nov. 15

16 Nov

Photo by: James Austrums

Photo by: James Austrums

Skipper August
November 15, UTC 02:15 // 25˚47’ N, 65˚51’ W

An eerie, absolute stillness disturbs me at the nav station, and I look up from the charts. Not a sound is to be heard onboard. No melancholy tunes from Ben’s guitar, the galley is deserted, and even the trusty snoring from the off-watch is nowhere to be heard. And every bunk seems to be empty. Only the slightest whisper of water along Isbjørn’s hull, as she glides fast through the night with the warm breeze well abaft her beam.

Even the usual banter from the ...

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Update from the sea: Thursday Nov. 14

14 Nov

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 4.36.04 PM.png

ISBJORN & ICEBEAR are now south of Bermuda and are pointing south towards the BVI! I have gotten a few updates from both of the boats and would like to share it with you all

Yesterday the boats were expecting the front to pass over them and ahead of the front was SE winds so both boats made great progress to the east!

Before the front, August on ISBJORN wrote this message on the tracker page: “Whomever came up with the saying “gentlemen don’t sail to weather” never sailed on Isbjörn! Choo choo! Last upwind sprint before the wind is ...

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Update from ISBJORN, Tuesday Nov. 12

12 Nov


SV Isbjörn
UTC 2020
33˚28’N, 67˚18’W

A drop of sweat forms on my frowning brow as the temperature onboard Isbjörn surpasses 30 degrees. I have no more layers to shed without my dignity decency going with it, and there are still many degrees of latitude until we reach our tropical destination.

There are numerous reasons for these horrendous temperatures. One is the gulf stream, bringing up hot water from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to my distant homeland of Norway. There are also these winds out of the south that we’re currently trying to beat around. They bring ...

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Update from the sea: Sunday 8 am

10 Nov


Update from the sea, Sunday 09.00!

Hi everyone, Mia here! I am getting emails via the sat phone from Andy & August and will post some fun updates here on the blog for you all! They departed already on Friday, the window was too good not to catch it and they had a fast ride down the bay and past over the Bay Bridge tunnel and entered the ocean yesterday morning.

“We just got done eating dinner – Lee made my favorite, the pesto chicken broccoli. We’re motor-sailing now with just the jib. The wind started dying at around 1200 ...

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VIDEO: Passage South // Weather Routing to the Caribbean

7 Nov

As ICEBEAR & ISBJORN prepare to depart Annapolis on the Chesapeake Bay, bound for Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, Andy and August brief the passage route and the weather they expect to encounter en route.

(August Sandberg is ISBJORN’s new skipper going forward).

The 1500-mile passage starts in Annapolis, and both boats will sail down the Bay, where at Norfolk we’ll go offshore, aiming for a waypoint about 120 miles south of Bermuda, then we’ll hang a right turn and sail due south, bound for the Virgin Islands.

This is one of the toughest passages we do at 59 ...

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ICEBEAR Offshore // Heading South Again

22 Aug

'19.07.10_Morning Upwind_2500.jpg

I’m writing from the little ‘stuga’ in Åland, sat in a grey living room chair with my feet propped up on the coffee table and the laptop, well, in my lap. The cabin belongs to Mia’s best friend Johanna’s dad, and is situated on a lovely little peninsula amongst pine trees and moss-covered forest, overlooking a small inlet which eventually, after myriad twists and turns, leads out to sea and into the Baltic.

We’ve got a lot of history here. Åland was the first place I visited outside of Sweden, when I first came to Sweden in 2007. We celebrated ...

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IceBear update: Lunenburg to Annapolis

21 Jul

19_05_22ICEBEAR Fast_1.JPG

Update from ICEBEAR // July 21, 10.00

As I am typing this, I am sitting at the farm house in Sweden watching the tracker on the website, curiously waiting for the next update from Andy & ICEBEAR via the YB tracker or the Sat phone. Now I know what it feels like for the families back home, following the progress from the home. The tracker and the new messages we have been posted along with it is a nice treat for us not being onboard, and I thought I could cut together a short blog with some updates from Andy....

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Mia: Back in Sweden while IceBear is sailing south

21 Jul

A very nice day to fly back home to Sweden…

A very nice day to fly back home to Sweden…

Written on July 10, 2019 by Mia

Back in Sweden…

IceBear is currently offshore, about 100 nm from Lunenburg and off the coast of Nova Scotia. They had a nice passage south from St. Johns with a stop in the French Island St. Pierre. But this is the first time in a very long time that I am not onboard, sailing with Andy and the crew and finishing off the season. We made the decision a while back, we have now lived at the farm in Sweden over two years ...

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ICEBEAR Offshore // “Iceberg, right ahead!”

29 Jun

An unexpected highlight of the passage to St. John’s.

An unexpected highlight of the passage to St. John’s.

As I write, we’re on the home stretch, steaming up the east coast of Newfoundland towards St. John’s. We’ve got a big iceberg about a mile ahead, and the crew has altered course to go and have a better look. It’s the fifth berg we’ve sighted since rounding Cape Race in the SE.

The other bonus of that low moving off to the north was that we knew the air getting pulled in from the west would be dry, and the ‘iceberg coast’ fog-free. Had we continued direct to St. John’s ...

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ICEBEAR Offshore // Francois, a Gale & Palm-Sized Lobster Claws

28 Jun

Foggy Francois, ICEBEAR on the beautiful new floating dock with 35’ under her keel in the deep fjord.

Foggy Francois, ICEBEAR on the beautiful new floating dock with 35’ under her keel in the deep fjord.

Francois is Atlantic Canada’s most remote out-port village, the farthest settlement from any roads, and accessible only by boat or helicopter. In its heyday, over 300 people called the village home. The location is insane – the village is divided in two by a rushing waterfall fed by a picturesque pond a few hundred feet above the houses, and situated on a rise above the water’s edge, where fishing boats and a ferry make fast to a wharf on the south side ...

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