You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (shoe)

25 May


Sperry Topsider teams up with Jaws for the must-have shoe of the summer

As a young man who spent their summer days gently plying the waters of the Massachusetts coast in a Beetle Cat, listing along without a care in the world, when I first saw the movie Jaws it was all too real for me. Did I think that I was going to get eaten by a big shark? No, not really. Did I take a closer look at the shadows beneath the boat, wondering if maybe, just maybe, Jaws was on the way? Honestly, yea, a couple of ...

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Slowly Waking Up

4 Feb

What is this delicious piece of gorgeousness? A blocked toilet hose? I don’t know about you, but this puts me in mind of arterial plaques and makes me want to treat my circulatory system with gentle kindness.

More importantly, does this mean that things are afoot aboard the Good Ship Papillon? Indeed it does! Erik is tearing through our to-do list like a lion taking down a zebra. The girls and I are waiting out the worst of the destruction from afar. If all goes well, the four of us will move back into our floating home in another month, ...

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The Sixth Annual Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image Award

15 Jan

And The Winner Is …

The sixth annual Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image awards were given out last December. Here is a look at the top five photos from the competition as chosen by the public.


Photographer: Jesus Renedo

Number 5




Photographer: Martina Orsini

Number 4



Photographer: Stefan Coppers

Number 3



Photographer: Brian Carlin

Number 2


Winner: Rick Tomlinson


Photographer Rick Tomlinson took home the Public Award for this shot of Team Brunel sailing past Cape Horn during the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race.


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GoPro HERO4 Session

2 Nov

CHDHS-101_main1GoPro HERO4 Session

The HERO4 Session from GoPro is the newest and smallest camera in the company’s HERO line of durable digital cameras. At 50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the rest of the models in the line, the HERO4 Session has easy one-button control—one press of the button turns on the camera and starts taking video or photo, another press of the button powers it down—and is waterproof to 33ft without needing a separate housing. In addition to the video capability that made the company’s cameras so popular, the HERO4 Session can take simple 8MP single photos, ...

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How to Choose the Best Pair of Sunglasses for You

10 Sep
Revo’s Guide S sunglasses are built with “fast-flow” vents on the arms to keep your head cool and the shades where they need to be (i.e. on your head), and they come with high-contrast polarized lenses. $189. Revo,

Revo’s Guide S sunglasses are built with “fast-flow” vents on the arms to keep your head cool and the shades where they need to be (i.e. on your head), and they come with high-contrast polarized lenses. $189. Revo,

In a past life when I was working as crew for America’s Cup Charters in Newport, Rhode Island, sailing tourists around Narragansett Bay for up to 10 hours a day, the captain on one boat told me my sunglasses, well, sucked, and that if I didn’t want to cause permanent damage to my eyes I had to upgrade. So I ponied ...

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5 Sep

“Oh, ho!” you say, sipping your morning coffee. “Amy has finally written something new. That slacker. Took long enough.”

And you’re right. My record has been more than a little spotty this past year. And I owe you, my loyal readers, a short explanation.

Let’s face it: this is, at heart, a family travel blog. And while the family part remains intact, the travel aspect has ground to a halt. Not forever, but for now.

The other issue I face is that we currently live in a teeny-tiny community. And while I could record many (many, many) funny stories about ...

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Furuno NavNet TZ Touch 2, First Impressions on the Water

24 Aug

Written by Guest Writer on Aug 24, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

Helm_with_TZT_2_15L_displays_courtesy_F_Khedouri_aPanbo.jpgWritten by Fred Khedouri

A few days ago, just about every square inch of panel space on the main helm of my 32-foot Carolina Classic express-style sportfishing boat got covered over with the shiny black glass of two new Furuno TZTL 15F multifunction displays, the newly launched second generation of the Furuno TZ Touch series. The rest of the system includes a 12kW four-foot open array radar, a DFF1-UHD black box sonar, a smaller first-generation TZT 9 display mounted on the tower helm, and a ...

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Moving the boat, part 2: First attempt

7 Jul
Ahh, peaceful Baie Maa. A lovely little bay just north of Noumea, and a perfect place to stop when everything is going to hell around you. Soak in this lovely photo of the girls, because it took some major excitement to get to that point.
It was a misty moisty morning when we pulled out of Port Moselle for the last time. As we filled the diesel tanks at the nearby fuel dock, the winds howled louder and the rain came harder. I shielded the diesel inlet while Erik filled, trying desperately to avoid taking on a tankful of water, ...
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Moving the boat, part 1: Noumea

28 Jun

It was tough to choose the first photo for this post. On the one hand, most of our time in Noumea looked like this:

Not a holiday.

But on the other, returning to Noumea felt strangely like going home. Exciting, but bittersweet. The girls and I lived there for almost a year. In that time they went to school, we made friends, and began to integrate ourselves into the community. The moment we landed, the girls wanted to visit everywhere and see everyone – our favourite bakery, their old schools, the best spot on the beach. And, of course, their friends....

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The Papillon Question

25 May

I spent the day confirming plane tickets and stuffing underwear into a bag. Why? Because it is time, people. Time to return to Papillon. Our good old Papioni-pepperoni.

Not permanently. No, that would be too much to ask. Erik is still firmly in the grip of his work addiction, so we’ll have to ride out the land life for a few months longer. However, the good people of Nouvelle-Calédonie are ready to be rid of our fine vessel, so it is time to jump aboard and sail the boat to Brisbane.

But what kind of a boat are ...

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