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Artemis Racing Bumps up Design Team

17 Apr

One of the questions I hear a lot goes, how many entries are we going to see for America’s Cup 35 – wherever it happens? My number for that is six, which is a bet that the French and the Brits both will get funding. Beyond that, I’m counting on the Aussies as challenger of record, New Zealand, the Italians of Luna Rossa, and the Swedish team of Artemis, which continues to operate out of its base in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay. Here is their latest—KL

ALAMEDA, 17th April 2014 – Artemis Racing announced today that it ...

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Peyron Explains What Happened To Artemis

28 Jun

Finally. After weeks of rumor, speculation and silence, Loick Peyron talks to the New York Times about how Artemis’ AC72 ended up upside down and broken, killing Andrew Simpson.

Peyron was following in a chase boat, so had a pretty good view. It is not the final word, but definitely key testimony from an expert witness. Here’s the key point Peyron makes in the story:

The accident was “a classic capsize situation,” said Loick Peyron, one of the team’s two helmsmen. He confirmed that the yacht capsized, as has been reported, while the Artemis crew was executing a

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In Memoriam: Bart Simpson

31 May

A stirring tribute to a sailor who always seemed to be smiling. It’s a nice testament to, by all accounts, a great guy and a great sailor. Which only makes it all the more saddening that he lost his life for something that is as essentially trivial (in a cosmic sense) as that plaything of billionaires–the America’s Cup.


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Loick Peyron On The AC72: It’s REALLY On The Edge

27 Nov

We've all been watching the development of the AC72, trying to get a good feel for what kind of design it is, what the limits are, where the risks lie.

We've seen ETNZ handle their beast with aplomb

We've seen Oracle Racing devoured.

But now, for the first time, we have a real inside evaluation of the AC72. It comes courtesy of Loick Peyron, who is working with Artemis Racing and has probably sailed more miles in more multihull designs than just about any sailor on the planet. 

Peyron knows what he is talking about, so when he ...

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A Boundary Every 90 Seconds

22 Mar

© Sander van der Borch/Artemis Racing

That’s the prospect for Louis Vuitton Cup racing and then the America’s Cup, as the competitors imagine it, and that would include Artemis Racing skipper Terry Hutchinson. If I could summarize what the man had to say, on the phone from the Artemis base in Valencia, it would go:

It’s not what you got, it’s what you can use.

Terry posed the question, “How do we maximize the talents of Juan K and the rest of the design team but keep things reasonable when you’re going to be running into a ...

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Wings, the Next Generation

29 Nov

Wanna have some fun? Set Paul Cayard loose on the subject of America’s Cup 34, some re-imagined and surprising wing-control mechanisms, and the terrors of San Francisco Bay in full cry. The custom AC72 catamarans of 2013, he says, will be 30 percent more powerful but “much less stable” than the AC45s that sailed three events this year on the America’s Cup World Series circuit.

And occasionally failed to maintain verticality.

Cayard’s home waters, where the Cup will be sailed, are known to be a windy spot, and when the ebb tide works against the seabreezeone sixth of all the ...

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