Back to cruising! OK…almost.

24 Oct


With the US Sailboat Show over, life starts to return to normal…except nothing about our time in the USA feels like our ‘normal’ cruising life. I miss life without a schedule. We all crave warm weather and clear water. But some cruisey routines have returned: hanging out with other cruisers, for sundowners or to share knowledge; picking up on some routine maintenance; exploring the world around us.

Routine maintenance

With the show behind us there’s been a LOT of boat work to catch up on. Our primary outboard, an 18hp Tohatsu, has decided not to work shortly after arrival in ...

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Isbjorn Offshore: Hove-to!

24 May

Another beautiful, sun-drenched morning! And yet another day of headwinds! So much for leaving on a Friday…Etienne, this is your fault ;) All kidding aside, we’ve had a pretty good trip thus far, it’s just been painfully upwind!

Last evening was sort of the culmination of our frustration and exhaustion. We started the morning off up with full sail, close-reaching in about 12-15 knots of breeze and right on course. But in what’s been the story of this passage, the wind just kept veering and heading us, and building all the while. By 1800 it was blowing 25-30 again ...

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