2012 ANNAPOLIS CATAMARAN TESTS: Leopard 58 and Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57

15 Oct

Leopard 58

Both the cats I tested after the Annapolis show this year are super-sized production boats designed mostly to serve in the charter trade. The Leopard 58, a.k.a. the Moorings 5800, is the more extreme example of this species, fully three stories tall, topped with an enormous covered flybridge on which it is possible to entertain and feed a dozen or more people while simultaneously driving the boat.

Leopard 58 flybridge

The Leopard’s amazing flybridge. There is both a wet bar and dedicated barbecue to satiate the hordes that will gather here

Viewed from a dock, or even from on deck, the height ...

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Vendee Globe: Powered By Open 60

10 Oct

Sure, our fickle attentions are distracted by those cool looking boats that have been racing, and flipping, out in San Francisco, and their larger cousins.

But the Vendee Globe is just one month away, and photographer par excellence Christophe Launay has picked the perfect moment to remind us that there are few boats that look more awesome than the venerable Open 60 powering across the seas.

Alex Thompson and Hugo Boss have a knack for drama (if not for always completing races). And they deliver once again, with Launay's help. Check it (full gallery is here):

HUGO ...

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The Sail Transport Network

10 Oct

A few months ago Charlie Doane wrote a blog post about sail powered shipping. It may be viable someday soon, but activity is afoot on a smaller scale. I first came in contact with the Sail Transport Network a few years ago, when I started Wine By Sail.

The idea of Wine By Sail, in its first incarnation, was to deliver wine from wineries around the Bay Area by sailboat, rather than by truck. Now Wine By Sail is my charter business, and we transport wine on a much shorter voyage, from the bottles to our mouths. You ...

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Bareboat Charter for $25 Per Day

8 Oct

Okay, the $25 only got me a 17-foot canoe, but it was one of the best "cruising" experiences of my life.  My friend Eddie and I canoed 100 miles down the Green River in Utah, from Ruby Ranch to the confluence with the Colorado River.

The canoe is a ticklish craft. I hadn't paddled one since I was twelve. You'd think forward movement would be straightforward, but a canoe wants to spin out of control at all times. Let me revise that: A canoe loaded with as much crap as we had in this one wants to spin out of ...

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Sail repair for Idiots (of the capital I sort…)

4 Oct
Going up the mast to sort out the cause of a very stupid mistake…

My father has a mantra of sorts for whenever he does something really foolish- ‘Well, at least I can write about this…’ In that spirit, I have a confession to make.

A little while back a couple friends and I went out for an evenings sail and seeing as there was plenty of wind we decided to put the boat through its paces. I hadn’t yet put the rail underwater so that became the goal for the evening. Sailing close-hauled in 20+ knots with full main ...

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Chris Jordan: Bearing Witness

4 Oct

It's so rare that we see the full consequences of our actions, particularly when they have impact thousands of miles away. So I always appreciate it when someone takes the trouble to follow the causal chain, even if that means going to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

A while back, I linked to photographer Chris Jordan, who is doing some remarkable work documenting the impact of plastic on albatrosses. Now Jordan is hard at work finishing a documentary, called "Midway–Message From The Gyre," and has put out a truly beautiful and moving trailer.

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Reprovisioning the French Polynesian Way

4 Oct

The last time I did an honest-and-true proper grocery store run was the beginning of May.  Looked at another way, about 4500 nm ago.  And while I still have more tinned beans aboard than are strictly necessary, we supplement with fresh things when we can.  Some places have been easy (San Cristobal (Galapagos), ...
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Dynex Dux Redux – Stepping the Mast

29 Sep

couple months back I gleefully introduced my fancy new-tech, old-technique rigging and I think it’s past time for an update. I’m using Dynex Dux from Colligo Marine for all of my standing rigging. This is a high-tech synthetic line initially developed for heavy industry which is now being touted as a technological leap and potential sea ...
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Big Moves

27 Sep

My new home:

A couple of days ago  my girlfriend and I marked the end of a very busy week with a midnight bicycle ride up to the boat. It was a quiet, nearly windless night and it seemed a shame to break this stillness so the engine was left uncranked as we eased out of ...
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