Oracle Team AC72 Capsize Revisited

25 Oct

I know, I know. I promised to lay off this. And there are lots of other things going on (like Charlie facing off against Hurricane Sandy).

But then Oracle went and made this great video, looking in detail at the hours before and after the devastating capsize, and deconstruction, of their multi-million dollar AC72 yacht. It's pretty intense, and the awareness of how bad a blow the team has suffered is written all over everyone's faces.

So sue me. And then go watch.


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Hold Fast – A documentary about getting out on the water

23 Oct

Hold Fast from Moxie Marlinspike on Vimeo.

Recently here on Sailfeed Charlie wrote a great post about what we need to draw more people into sailing in which he talks about his first boat. Made almost entirely of styrofoam the Sea Snark was about the only boat a schoolboy could hope to own but that didn’t trouble young Charlie in the least, it was still ‘enough’ boat to give him a lifelong love of sailing.

This video is another tale of first boats and getting onto the water by any means possible. Three friends, members of the ‘Anarchist ...

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Bluenose II Relaunched

20 Oct

The Bluenose II splashed down about six weeks ago, and they stepped the masts a few days ago. I blogged about the Bluenose last New Years, when my wife and I were in Luneneburg, visiting her parents. Back then the Bluenose II looked like this:

This makes it one of the fastest restoration projects I've ever heard of, but it helps when you've got an army of both professionals and volunteers on the case.

Now she looks like this:

And here are the masts going on:

You can read all about the history of the Bluenose and Bluenose II here...

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Et Tu, Artemis?

19 Oct

Well, I thought I was done with AC72 disaster posts. And I was–at least when it came to Oracle Team USA.

Today's America's Cup AC72 breakage report comes courtesy of Artemis, which took their AC72 out for some tow testing, and damaged the front beam.

Artemis was already behind the curve, after breaking their AC72 wing earlier this year. And they are the only team that have yet to sail their AC72. Not surprisingly, they were very light on details regarding what happened

(photo gallery here):

18 October 2012 – In preparation for sailing the Artemis

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A Genuine Catch-22

18 Oct

Catch-22 is a horrendously misused term. People use it to mean damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but this is not what a Catch-22 is. I haven’t read the book in a long time, but I believe the episode I had in Iquique, Chile, would get Joseph Heller's blessing. Every international cruiser has a horror story about bureaucracy run amok. After ten years, 34 countries, and clearing in or out of countries about 200 times (I came and went from the same countries a lot), this episode in Iquique stands apart.

My new passport was supposed to be ...

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Oracle Team USA Capsize: Oracle Video And Pics

17 Oct

UPDATE: Here's a long range video of the capsize itself. You can only imagine what it must have been like to be aboard the AC72 as the bows started going down the mine.

Oracle Team has put out their own video and photos of their AC-72 capsize.The video has some good sailing footage, which gives you a sense of the sheer power of the thing, as well as the sequence when the catamaran turned turtle (further trashing the wing). And it's got team members speaking about what happened

and what it means.

It was always said that the ...

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Schooner Race watch onboard Rodney Carroll’s Tayana 37

16 Oct

Note: unless otherwise noted, Mia Karlsson has taken all the photos. 

We left Annapolis early and drove up to Sparrow's Point, to the Old Bay Marina where I'd been twice before to help Rodney do some work on his Tayana 37. The boat had been hauled out for over 3 years, Rodney doing the refit himself between sculpture projects. Two years ago I helped him step the mast, when the boat was on the hard. Earlier this summer, Mia and I joined him and his wife Narda (and their brown dog Brownie) on a sweltering day to help install his ...

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The Original Windsurfer

15 Oct

What happened to windsurfing?

Kiteboarding is now all the rage, but kiteboarding isn’t doing for the world what windsurfing did back in its heyday. Before this last Olympics I heard that windsurfing was going to be replaced by kiteboarding, but I was relieved to find out this wasn’t the case: kiteboarding was just entering as an exhibition sport. Windsurfing was still in, albeit called RS:X. Then I had to look up what an RS:X is: It’s a windsurfer.

Back in 1967 my dad’s former roommate from Pomona College co-invented, and later co-patented what would be called the Windsurfer. Hoyle Schweitzer ...

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2012 ANNAPOLIS CATAMARAN TESTS: Leopard 58 and Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57

15 Oct

Leopard 58

Both the cats I tested after the Annapolis show this year are super-sized production boats designed mostly to serve in the charter trade. The Leopard 58, a.k.a. the Moorings 5800, is the more extreme example of this species, fully three stories tall, topped with an enormous covered flybridge on which it is possible to entertain and feed a dozen or more people while simultaneously driving the boat.

Leopard 58 flybridge

The Leopard’s amazing flybridge. There is both a wet bar and dedicated barbecue to satiate the hordes that will gather here

Viewed from a dock, or even from on deck, the height ...

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