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29 Mar

Five a.m. is not my best time of day.  I know this.  And yet, when Bob May of Bob’s No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show out of Clinton, Missouri asked me to be a guest on his show, we agreed that a 5 o’clock taping was going to be the best fit for our different time zones.  We all need to be flexible, after all.

My mother, she of the perpetual morning perkiness, will tell you that I am like my father’s side of the family: less than fully functional in the a.m.  Only my sister inherited the ...

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Synthetic Lifelines Part II

27 Mar

I got my spider-wire in the mail today. That’s the name we’ve given this stuff. This length of 5mm Dynex Dux along with the deadeyes and pelican hooks will become double lifelines for the boat.

While waiting for the line, I’ve been working on the deadeyes and varnishing my (minimal) brightwork. I’ve been very busy and things are moving along faster than they have in at least a year but sometimes I find that when things are going well on the boat I’m not much good at keeping up with writing about it. All too often the comparatively instant gratification ...

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Taking Care of Number One

26 Mar

Looking back through my photos, I can see that we on Papillon are animal junkies.  Sealions, birds, dolphins, fish – all of these things get far more play than the landscapes we visit.  Only pictures of the girls on the beach outrank the animal world.  So it is no surprise that we went to visit to Kangaroo Island last weekend.  We have a mere handful of days left in Australia, and, although we have seen a lot of birds, we are running a major marsupial deficiency.

So, that means I saw all sorts of adorable animals, right?  Yes.  And.

And ...

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Kickass Video Friday

22 Mar

I've got a vault filling up with good stuff, and the weekend transition day is a good day to start watching.

First up, a teaser for the Global Ocean Race 2014-2015. Who knows if it will really happen, who knows how many boats will show up if it does. But here's what they have in store:

And how about another beautiful kitesurfer, doing her thing, since that seems to be such a popular genre:

Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean from Manuela Jungo on Vimeo.

And finally, we should take note of the fact that the fabulous Francis ...

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We Make This Journey Together

22 Mar
A lot has changed since I started this blog two and a half years ago.  My original motivation for writing about our cruising life was simple: reassure the grandparents.  And I wasn’t always successful.  It never really occurred to me that anyone I wasn’t related to would ever be interested in our broken fingers and broken masts, our sealion bites and four-legged pests, or riding around in a Colombian police van.  Twice.
But new people came, and new people stayed.  The blog grew, SAILfeed invited me to join their site, and here I am.  And ...
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La Paz

21 Mar

Mar19 1

We went into town today to visit a book store, walk around the main plaza, and grab a bite to eat. I have to say, I’m really not enamored with La Paz. All the cruisers here like to talk about how “sticky” the place is—meaning it is hard to leave—but I’m not sure why. The town itself is pretty ho-hum. I can walk around and around and not be bothered to take the camera out of the bag too often. The main plaza is less than appealing, and in a not very busy part of town—there just isn’t anything happening ...

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ETNZ Isn’t Perfect

20 Mar

Well, of course they are not. But it is unusual to see them screwing up. Here's the New Zealand Herald:

Team New Zealand have damaged their wingsail – a hi-tech and expensive piece of machinery – in a dramatic launch incident in the Viaduct this afternoon.

The incident occurred as the team were preparing to fit their wingsail to the platform of AC72 catamaran in gusty conditions. The 40m wing-sail needs to lifted into place by a crane – an extremely delicate process at the best of times.

A Team New Zealand spokesperson said as they were hoisting the

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The Art Of Making It All Fit (with helpful how-to video)

20 Mar

One of the more common questions I get about life aboard is, “How do you make it all fit?”  That’s easy.  Step one: prioritize.  We follow a simple space allocation formula on Papillon.  I’ll draw you a pie chart.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.  Provided it is boat related, otherwise it’s out.

As I am (loudly) reminded every time we run out of something, I am the Provisioning Officer aboard.  We have lots of locker space so dry goods don’t present an issue, but I did used to think my fridge and freezer were too small.  ...

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Springtime – time to get your own boat ready to sail?

19 Mar

By: Mia

You will see it everywhere; the magazines are covered in tips how to get your boat ready for the spring.  Check your rig and mast if you had it out during the winter, check all running rigging, how is the engine doing after a winter in hibernation, any new leaks that need to be fixed? 

Andy’s dad is not unusual. He is starting to plan the year. He is thinking about entering the ARC Caribbean 1500 this fall, and might sail in the DelMArVa rally in June. What gear does he need to get? The list of getting ...
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