Unscheduled Swim

17 Apr

Apr16 1

Ali is actually taking to this whole cooking thing. She keeps saying to me, “I can’t believe I never did this when I actually had the time to do it.” In other words, pre-kids. Note: We could seriously do with a dishwasher on this boat. Note: The kids didn’t eat one bite of this meal, as is becoming their custom unless they are very, very hungry. The key appears to be to starve them for twenty-four to forty-eight hours before feeding. Another trick we’re learning is to simply rename foods. Ali makes homemade mac and cheese—call it Mac and Cheese ...

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Saudade update – saling fast

16 Apr

Sorry for the delayed update, I will do better and update before lunch tomorrow…

16 April 09,00EST

34˚ 51′ N / 065˚ 56′ W

Andy called in this morning to check for weather. We didn’t talk much about the sailing as I wanted to update him on the awful day in Boston yesterday. I was not there my self, but have friends and family living up there and running in the race, no one of them was hurt.

Anyway, Andy reported fast sailing, around 8kt during the night and at 09.00EST they had already covered 155 miles! They must be ...

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COME AND GET IT: Free Swan 48 Available

16 Apr

Wolfhound adrift

There she is folks… yours for the taking. This empty Frers-designed Swan 48 of mid-90s vintage, worth I’d guess $500K or more, was adrift approx. 800 southeast of Bermuda as of this past weekend. She was abandoned just north of Bermuda by her Irish owner, Alan McGettigan, and three crew back in February. At the time it was believed she may have sunk soon afterwards, but one Martin Butler recently snapped this image and sent it to the Irish sailing comic Afloat, which is running an account of the boat’s abandonment in its current issue.

What the heck were ...

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MASTFOIL RIG: Mainsails Be Gone

15 Apr

Atlantic 47 under sail

I spent a day hanging out with multihull designer Chris White a while back and came away all buzzed up over his latest idea. The basic concept, as you can see in the image from his website up top, is pretty simple: two jibs and no mainsail. What isn’t immediately clear from the photo is that those aren’t conventional pivoting wing masts behind the sails. The masts in fact rotate through a full 360 degrees and have controllable flaps on their trailing edges, so that they too can act as sails and create lift at any wind angle.

Chris calls ...

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Saudade to Bermuda – UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

14 Apr

We arrived on Saturday morning, just before noon. Saudade made a faster passage than I’d expected, averaging about 7 knots for the duration of the 850 miles or so. In perfect weather.

We left St. Thomas on a Monday morning, having to pawn off the bananas to a big schooner that was our neighbor at the dock. Casey and Lindsey had not heard that particular superstition (“It’s not a superstition, it’s real!,” said Billy at dinner the night before we left. He and I enlightened them with many others, including the no shaving rule, no clipping of fingernails, no leaving ...

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Saudade – pictures

14 Apr

Saudade coming in to Bermuda. 

Saudade got in to Bermuda yesterday around lunchtime. A very happy crowd :)

The first stop was custom dock and they are now in that small marina next to the customs dock. I assume it is a bit early in the season for boats to travel north because Andy mentioned St. George’s harbor is almost empty. It will not be in a few weeks when our Atlantic Cup and ARC Europe fleet will arrive! :)

On arrival, David and his wife greeted the boat on arrival. A big surprise for Lindsey who did not expect her mum the be ...

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A New Pet

14 Apr

Apr13 1

We got our first pet today. Ali and I have never gotten a dog of our own because of the responsibility. I mean, who wants to saddle themselves with something that could possibly be dependent on you for like eighteen years? Not us. But then today Ali and the kids went off to the Saturday market and came home with…

…a Betta. Yep. We’re looking at up to four weeks of daily feeding and attention. As if we didn’t have enough on our plates—now a fish too. I know, right?

We all sat at the kitchen table and dumped it ...

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Saudade – close to Bermuda

13 Apr

Andy called me this morning at 07,30 my time (EST). He was all excited, they were about 25 miles from Bermuda. Only 10 kt of wind from behind, so not enough to push the Tayana forward. The motor was on.

Bermuda will be a great stop for them, and I am very jealous I have to admit. I also want to go to Bermuda!

In Bermuda, they will change crew. Lindsey and Casey will fly home, and Lindsey’s dad David will jump on the boat. He is currently in Bermuda and will greet them at the dock on arrival :) Also, a ...

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Saudade update

12 Apr

Here comes the today update from Saudade.

29˚ 35′ W 064˚ 43′ W

The wind is very light, about 5kt from behind so the engine is turned on and they are heading for Bermuda.

Andy told me a fun story from yesterday. They were sailing along, great wind and the boat was moving fast but only making 6kt. It seamed slow so the conclusion was either a current against them or something maybe caught on the boat. They used it as an excuse to go swimming, hove to and jumped in one at the time. Of course nothing was wrong ...

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THOMAS TANGVALD: In His Father’s Wake

12 Apr

Thomas Tangvald on Oasis

HERE’S A HOT STORY from the Where Are They Now Department that blew my mind a bit while I was cruising around in the Spanish Virgins last week. Spotted a feature in All At Sea, a local Caribbean sailing comic, by a young blonde rasta-looking dude about sailing 2,000 miles to windward from Vieques to Brazil in a converted wooden fishing smack with a pregnant wife and young son. Byline: Thomas Tangvald.

Yes, THAT Thomas Tangvald. Last known whereabouts (in my own mind, at least) was a reef on the east coast of Bonaire in 1991, where, at age ...

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