The Poo Chronicles

9 Apr

The April issue of SAIL has a page of illustrations of Bird Scarers by Dick Everitt (page 76). If only I'd known. In 2007 I sailed to Peru. The country suffered an out-of-date reputation left over from the Shining Path era, and I was one of only eleven foreign boats to check in that year. I blogged about this back then, and first heard of Ben Ellison and Panbo, because even Ben took notice of my poo situation. The welcoming La Punta Yacht Club, just outside of Lima, had very secure moorings and shore boat service:

This ...

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In-transit Interlude: Q&A

8 Apr

Q:  What do you do when your parents take a breather from dragging you around to tourist hotspots?

A:  Roll down a hill with your friends, of course!

Q:  How do you undo 2.5 years of sailing in 20 hours?

A:  Fly home for a visit.

Q:  How do you explain said “long” flight to your progeny?

A:  “It is like an overnight passage, except you aren’t allowed to move out of your seat unless you need to use the bathroom.  Plus, someone brings you food occasionally and there is a small TV you can use.”

Q:  What kind of ...

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Die Hard

8 Apr

Photos © Kimball Livingston

What’s in a shadow?

Some things cast a long shadow, relating to Grant Dalton’s comment—

If New Zealand can’t win the America’s Cup this time out, “The team cannot survive.”

Heavy stuff, but before we follow that up, I want to know something completely different. I wanna know, when our Kiwi friends brought the “Big Boat” back from the 1988 Mismatch of the Century and put it on display at the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum, did they deliberately misspell the name of The Dennis ?

As in CONNOR rather than Conner?


Meanwhile, not every ...

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inReach SE, will the screen do it?

4 Apr

Written by Ben Ellison on Apr 4, 2013 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


I was so focused on finally heading north that I forgot the April 1 announcement of DeLorme's new inReach SE, even though one standard step in getting Gizmo underway these days is firing up the original inReach for tracking, messaging, and much more (as discussed here last fall). But my forgetfulness does not indicate a lack of appreciation for the new model (which I've already handled briefly in prototype form). To the contrary, I think the SE (Screen Edition)  will likely make a lot of boaters as ...

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About Us

1 Apr


SAILfeed is a new form of online sailing journalism brought to you by SAIL Magazine, the leader in sailing media. By aggregating some of the very best blogs about sailing in one location, we hope to inform and entertain you, plus save you a lot of time and trouble. In addition to content from regular bloggers, you’ll also find some engaging blog content from leading businesses in the industry.

SAILfeed’s team of full-time bloggers includes Clark Beek, Kimball Livingston, Paul Calder, Charlie Doane, Pat and Ali Schulte, Andy Schell and Mia Karlsson, Behan Gifford and the mysterious Mariner. You ...

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The End of Keels?

1 Apr

Multihull sailors have been saying it since the sixties: “If you want to sail fast, get the lead out!”

Now the monohull world has caught on, and lead keels are being ditched like old dishwater.

“I got rid of seven tons of lead in my keel, now replaced with foam, and hey, big surprise, my boat sails way faster, especially off the wind,” says Francis Scupper, a weekend racer from Tampa, Florida.

Ted Neary, owner of KKMI boatyard in San Francisco, says, “I haven’t seen anything like this since in-boom furling. Back then a whole wave of sailors replaced their ...

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Singing in the Rain

31 Mar

Rainy days are always a treat on board.  Well, okay.  Rainy days in the tropics are a treat,because it is warm outside.  Rainy days in, oh, I don’t know, New Zealand, when it’s Christmas and it’s freezing and your in-laws are visiting and a gale is blowing and the anchorage is too bumpy to take the dinghy to land and you’re all stuck below decks for five days and all you do is cook and peel excited children off the ceiling and cook and brew more tea and cook and cook… those days aren’t my number one choice.  But warm ...

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Follow The Sound Of My Voice

29 Mar

Five a.m. is not my best time of day.  I know this.  And yet, when Bob May of Bob’s No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show out of Clinton, Missouri asked me to be a guest on his show, we agreed that a 5 o’clock taping was going to be the best fit for our different time zones.  We all need to be flexible, after all.

My mother, she of the perpetual morning perkiness, will tell you that I am like my father’s side of the family: less than fully functional in the a.m.  Only my sister inherited the ...

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Synthetic Lifelines Part II

27 Mar

I got my spider-wire in the mail today. That’s the name we’ve given this stuff. This length of 5mm Dynex Dux along with the deadeyes and pelican hooks will become double lifelines for the boat.

While waiting for the line, I’ve been working on the deadeyes and varnishing my (minimal) brightwork. I’ve been very busy and things are moving along faster than they have in at least a year but sometimes I find that when things are going well on the boat I’m not much good at keeping up with writing about it. All too often the comparatively instant gratification ...

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