LAURA DEKKER: Dissing Her Own Movie

18 Mar

Laura Dekker, current holder of the unofficial "youngest solo circumnavigator" record, who thumbed her nose at Dutch authorities and insisted on doing it her way, has announced in her own typically cryptic fashion that she doesn't think much of a film about her that has just been released to quite positive reviews. Maidentrip (you can see a short clip up top), an independent documentary film by Jillian Schlesinger, debuted last week at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) media festival in Austin, Texas, and immediately won itself an Audience Award. Dekker's own review of the film ...

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MIBS CZone tour, enabling the car-like boat

18 Mar

Written by Ben Ellison on Mar 18, 2013 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


In Miami Actuant Electrical invited a few boating writers like Ed Sherman, Steve D'Antonio and myself to tour several production boats that have chosen to use BEP CZone distributed power and digital switching systems. A highlight for me was getting to hear the founder of Scout Boats explain why he would do such a crazy thing. I joke of course — and there's an argument that you have to be a little nuts to build boats anyway — but Steve Potts (seen to the right of ...

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What’s Cookin’?

16 Mar
The trouble with feeding a family is that it is relentless.  It can be fun to prepare a good meal – chopping vegetables, sniffing at the pot bubbling on the stove, watching everyone’s smiling face as they dig in.  And then, zip! it’s gone, you have a stack of dirty dishes in the sink and, four hours later, everyone is hungry again.  But the fact is, whether cooking is satisying or not, we all need to eat.  Even I can’t survive on crackers and cheese forever.
I have run the gamut on kitchens from Well-Equipped Western World Standard to Fire ...
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SailRocket In Depth

15 Mar

I've done more than my share of SailRocket updates, because Paul Larsen's quest for the outright speed record was epic. 

But you can't beat a series of detailed television reports for digging deeper, and adding to your understanding. So let's check in on the excellent Shirley Robertson, who has one of the best jobs in the world at CNN's Mainsail (One gripe: Hey, Shirley, why oh why is there no dedicated Mainsail RSS feed?). Cuz she has aired an excellent account of Larsen's SailRocket journey, in all its frustrations, setbacks, and, eventually, glory. Check it:

The Beginning

Getting It ...

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Mid-Week Sailing Porn Pause

13 Mar

It's been a while since we've indulged. Also, it's Wednesday. So let's take a break from tragedy, America's Cup navel-gazing, and billionaire fantasy, and engage our inner sailing lust.

Because that's the primary emotion that results from peering through the internet window at the sleek, sexy, hybrid-electric,TAG 60 catamaran.

It's enough to make you want to sell your soul. But let's bring it down a notch, and lie back with a soothing, virtual, cigarette, courtesy of "The Following Sea" Tumblr blog. It is a daily source of exquisite photographs of

the ocean and its ...

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Another Southern California Racing Tragedy: Uncontrollable Urge

12 Mar

We all know offshore sailboat racing can be dangerous. But the southern Californian sailing community certainly is enduring some tragic times.

Last summer, it was four dead aboard Aegean during the Newport-Ensenada Race. And this past weekend a young father was killed during the Newport-San Diego Island Race, when the boat he was sailing on–James Gilmore's Uncontrollable Urge–apparently lost its rudder coming off a big wave, and eventually ended up wrecked in big surf.

Here's Latitude 38 with the details

"The California sailing community has once again been thrown into mourning. San Diego's Craig Williams, 36, died this ...

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SELLING SODA NOW: Jarle Andhoey To Launch World’s Largest Pop Bottle

11 Mar

Solo Bottle Adrift

Norway's self-styled Wild Viking sailor guy, Jarle Andhoey, last seen retreating from Antarctica a year ago after failing to establish that anyone other him was responsible for the tragic loss of his boat and three crew in a Ross Sea storm in 2011, has taken to pitching soda pop. As part of a deal with the manufacturer of Solo, a popular Norwegian soft drink, Andhoey will on Wednesday launch a giant 26-foot Solo bottle from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, setting it adrift with a free case of Solo and a giant 12 square-meter message inside. Lest it ...

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AC72 Racing

11 Mar

It's a taste of things to come. At least, what you can see of it in this video of Emirates Team New Zealand lining up against Luna Rossa

Nice gallery here.

And ETNZ tactician Ray Davies talking about it, and saying little, here (though the footage is excellent):

The America's Cup teams have been in the desisgn phase, and will no doubt stay that way through September. But eventually they will have to race against other boats, which is why you see the teams going head-to-head

when possible. Oracle has been left alone for a while after Artemis ...

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Rape, Beheading, and Sunken Treasure: The Road Warrior and Hans Klaar Are Brothers

9 Mar

Thanks to relentless investigative reporting by the SAILfeed staff (Charlie pointing out the obvious to me), we have deduced that The Road Warrior and Hans Klaar are brothers. The Road Warrior is Alex Klaar. I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

This has not been a happy discovery for me. I wanted to write a post about my old cruising acquaintance and his cool boat, but instead I've been plunged into the Heart of Darkness and learned:

1. Michael Klein, who I believe I also knew in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, was found in the companionway of his boat in ...

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Dynex Dux in the Arctic & the Gym. PLUS, 5 Marathons before 30?

7 Mar

Let us call this the official start of my marathon training blog. And my marathon training in earnest. I tried doing this last year a bit, when I had the brazen idea of running a marathon in under three hours. Which I now realize is downright impossible unless I totally change my lifestyle to accommodate it. Which I do not really want to do. But that effort (both the training and the blog), quickly faded. Time to start over.


??I want to start this one with something I meant to

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