Is Anything Alright?

8 Jul

The most “normal” thing in yacht racing is adjusting the design rule that, when you wrote it down, looked airtight and sure to produce exactly the boats you had in mind. The discovery that you gotta perform emergency surgery on your baby feels sorta . . .


But adjustments are made in the interest of producing a good fleet and good racing.

Except in the jabberwocky world of America’s Cup.

In this world, the advantage calls of Starboard! and Leeward! can be expanded to include Gotcha!

Alinghi learned as much in 2010. The Mercury Bay Boating Club learned as ...

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Portland Life

6 Jul

Probably the single biggest reason that we like Portland over our hometown in Minnesota so much, is the neighborhoods. Sidewalks, unique homes, tons of flowers, one-off restaurants, antique vehicles, cars that stop and wait for you to arrive at crosswalks, parks all over the place, towering trees, local pubs, and the list goes on. North-East Portland, where my mom lives, is five minutes from the center of downtown yet feels like a small-town neighborhood. It’s always a great place to unwind after a year in Mexico.

July05 1 July05 2 July05 3

Today we went down to the Hollywood Saturday Market where we were able to ...

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Three Weddings on a Distant Shore

5 Jul
When I was six years old, I slept over at a friend’s house to watch The Royal Wedding.  I refer, of course, to Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  I remember it being A Big Deal in that distant, background way that kids treat all events not directly related to themselves.  Meaning, it was something adults wouldn’t stop talking about.  The closest I came to being interested in the proceedings was that I had a pretty picture of Lady Diana cut out from the Globe and Mail, which I liked because my mother had the same hairstyle.
The big day came, ...
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Louis Vuitton Cup Explained

5 Jul

If a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Depending on what lens you’re holding to your eye, you can tell me who’s in the middle.

Now do you understand?

By the way, Louis Vuitton, which has supported this sport and this game—exquisitely—since 1983, deserves better than it’s getting at the moment.

The planned Fleet Race, downgraded to a parade and Time Trial, was scrubbed when early morning winds proved already in the mid-twenties, reminding all that in San Francisco, a heat wave is self-cancelling.

That is, the opening ceremonies on July 4 perfectly suited these two Latin-leaning ...

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Amerikaner in Västerås

5 Jul

Before I get into today’s boat project, I’ve got to explain the very peculiar custom here in Sweden of ‘Amerikaner.’ Not people. Cars. American Cars, the older the better. In the summertime here on sunny days you’ll see people out ‘cruising’ – and they call it that here, adopting out English word – furry dice hanging from the mirrors and everything.

The ‘Power Big Meet,’ self-described as the ‘Biggest ‘N Baddest American Car Show on the Planet!’ is taking place as I type, in Västerås, the city where Arcturus is hauled out, and where I’ve been commuting to ...

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Top Ten Snorkeling Spots- Part 3

5 Jul

Maybe we should subtitle the blog “a family snorkelizing around the world.” We love getting underwater, and  it shows! Our favorite five are epic; the next five are pretty spectacular too. Yet it was so hard to just share ten favorites, I can’t resist sharing the other places that loom large in our memory. They didn’t rate top ten, but they were each incredible, and worth seeking out if you’re cruising in these regions or planning a trip.

Enjoying the view
Morning hike in Agua Verde; Roca Solitaria visible in the distance

Instead of attempting any kind of priority order- which really is ...

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Royal Baby?

4 Jul

Sometimes I get the impression that people don’t believe just how out of touch we are with television and celebrity and sports and pretty much everything that is unrelated to our own small bubble that surrounds our boat. Then this happens while my mom watches her morning talk show and Ali is making the kids’ breakfast:

Today Show: “And coming up, more on the upcoming birth of the Royal baby.” Or something along those lines.

Ali: “What royal baby?”

Mom: “Seriously?”

Ali: “What?”

Mom: Explains to Ali all of this royal baby business.

Ali: Turns to me and asks, “Did ...

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Rush to the Race

4 Jul

Yeah, yeah, I know we have an America’s Cup crisis, real or alleged, but I’m leaving my attempt at a crisis column in its present state of chaos to bring you instead a glimpse of the hurry-up work in progress at Pier 27 on July 3 as an army prepared for July 4 and the opening ceremonies of the 34th America’s Cup.

Bob Zimmerman in his juvelinia wrote, “I accept chaos. I hope chaos accepts me.”

What I like best: The shiny new sign atop the shiny new Cruise Ship Terminal







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Lesson learned

3 Jul

Today was a big day on Arcturus, and a not so fun day. We started at nine in the morning and was not done until late afternoon. First project was to clean the entire bilge and engine room, and second project to get the first coat of paint on, both project successful! 

Lesson learned today (something everyone already know) is not to keep stuff in the pockets while working in the bilge. As I climbed down and just got in to the perfect prezel position, I heard the noise “donk donk plopp”. I reached in my pocket and felt nothing, ...

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ROCKING AND ROLLING: Annapolis Cadet Confronts Ocean Sailing

3 Jul

Great video here! A midshipman at the naval academy in Annapolis gets sent out on a sailboat offshore for the first time and has a little trouble with the motion. The camera is perfectly stabilized, which creates an interesting effect. Great soundtrack, too. Tip of the hat to my old buddy Elizabeth Wrightson, a.k.a. E-Woman, who is now a flack at the academy, for bringing this masterpiece to my attention.

The scene with the toilet reminds me of a time I went sailing on an ocean passage with a rookie who also had trouble with the motion. Conditions were pretty ...

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