Blue Guard Innovations BG-Link installed and testing begins

6 May


Blue Guard Innovations calls their BG-Link an internet of things (IoT) gateway and further describes it as a unique boat monitoring system.  After my impressive test of their BG-One oil detecting bilge pump switch, I am intrigued to see what makes the BG-Link unique.  With one installed on Have Another Day  I’m getting more clarity about what their IoT first approach is all about.  The BG-Link shows a lot of promise and does some things extremely well but also has some areas in need of further development.

Announced in March, the Blueguard BG-Link is available as a $700 ...

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Murder in paradise: is cruising dangerous?

5 May

A few days ago we learned that a cruising family was attacked on their boat in Guna Yala (aka San Blas), Panama, with the tragic outcome of death aboard. We met the New Zealanders in the Bahamas in 2017: their uncommon boat (a sky-blue trawler) and friendly crew made for memorable anchorage neighbors during a brief overlap at Stocking Island. What happened? The bigger question: what is the risk to personal safety when cruising?

The initial facts are thin, but consistent. The boat was anchored near a small island in a remote area; three men boarded the boat; Al was ...

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Of Some Cooling and Tropicbirds

4 May

May 2, 2019/Day 209

Noon Position: 09 40N  38 22W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NW 6.5

Miles since departure: 28,176

Avg. Miles/Day: 135


Mo is cranking out the miles as if she’s a space ship on a long, straight shot for deep space. Next stop, the rings of Saturn.

This morning at 6am, the cabin temperature was 79 degrees. That’s the first time the cabin has been below 80 in the morning since April 12th. At noon, water temperature was 79 degrees–first time below 80 since April 10th.

Even without the numbers, I can tell it’s beginning to cool; I’ve pulled ...

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SailGP hits San Francisco Bay

3 May

This weekend San Francisco is the place to be not only to wear a flower in your hair, but to watch some extraordinary yacht racing. SailGP, ...
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Regression to the Mean

2 May

April 30, 2019/Day 207

Noon Position: 05 52N  34 16W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NW 7

Wind(t/tws): NExE 12

Miles since departure: 27,842

Avg. Miles/Day: 135


We haven’t logged a 160 mile day since March 27th, a week after Cape Horn. But today we were fast again. It feels good to see Mo glide out the miles.

These recent slow, hot weeks have put me in mind of the idea of *regression to the mean.* It’s a phrase my baseball friend and I mutter to each other when our home team follows a glorious winning streak with a losing streak of equal ...

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Moving Again!

1 May

April 29, 2019/Day 206

Noon Position: 04 00N  32 21W

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NWxW 6+

Miles since departure: 27,681

Avg. Miles/Day: 134


If there was doubt yesterday, today there is none. We have at last departed the Doldrums. Proof: a steady and building wind from the northeast and a sky with nary a squall. What cloud we have is dry, cottonball cumulus. (There is also an odd, milky haze in the air.)

I changed down from the big genoa to the working jib at dawn. By 10am, I was putting a reef in the main and a tuck in the ...

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GUNDALOW GATHERINGS: Dinner With a Twist This Sunday

1 May

I’ll be giving a presentation on behalf of the Gundalow Company this Sunday at 6 pm at the home of Ida McDonnell in Portsmouth, NH. Anyone who’ll be in the area this weekend can sign up here to get a ticket and join in the fun. The event is one of a series, called Gundalow Gatherings, wherein you get fed fine food and drink while listening to marine/historical folks like me bloviate about whatever. It costs some $$$, of course, all of which are fed into the maws of the Gundalow Company’s non-profit enterprise.

Gundalows, FYI, are the sailing barges ...

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#263: Øyvind Vedvik // Helly Hansen Sailing

30 Apr


#263. Øyvind Vedvik is the Sailing Category Managing Director at Helly Hansen, a longtime supporter of 59 North. Øyvind grew up sailing in the fjords of Norway and along the Scandinavian coastlines and has had a passion for the sport since his early days. He invited Mia & I to sail ISBJORN up to their annual sales meeting last April where we had a chance to talk to him about his personal sailing career and his time developing sailing gear at Helly Hansen.

Show Notes:







Support the Show – Contribute

On The Wind is ...

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An EPIC Two-Boat Passage from San Juan-Key West // ICEBEAR & ISBJORN OFFSHORE

29 Apr

19.04.21_Mia Dolphin Dive.jpg

Needless to say it’s been a hectic but hugely successful first passage with both boats. We had spectacular weather all the way from San Juan and a wonderful five-day layover to explore Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic, a new stop for both Mia & I. We’ll be back for sure.

I’ve never been more excited about the future of 59 North Sailing than I am today. The two-boat thing is proving to be TONS of fun, having such cool sailors and great friends around inspiring each other and sharing the workload.

And we’re getting to know ICEBEAR quite well ...

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Easing Out of the Doldrums?

29 Apr

April 28, 2019/Day 205

Noon Position: 02 23N  30 51W

Miles since departure: 27,549

Avg. Miles/Day: 134


I dropped sails after dinner, and we drifted for several hours. A heavy sea. Mo rolled terribly. I had to wedge myself into my bunk to keep from being tossed around.

By midnight, a light breeze with drizzle; I put us on port tack and heading northeast. At least there is some north in the course, I thought.

But by 4am, our course was due east. Wind had begun to swing north, and was pushing us back into the belt of ...

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