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30 Oct



Class 40’s at the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre


There are two iconic sailing events taking place right now. Two huge sailing events which I am sure that most sailors have barely heard of or are at least unaware that they are taking place. One is the Mini-Transat, a singlehanded race from La Rochelle ...
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Kobelt Vitals: a new sensing, monitoring, and gateway powerhouse

29 Oct


Long Maretron experience has taught me that the key benefit of boat monitoring is not screens of sensor readings, though they can be useful; it’s warnings and alarms. Done right — which is not easy — they can help a boat operate longer without major issues, but with a more relaxed operator. So I’m pleased to report that the new Kobelt Vitals offers similarly sophisticated alerting in a freshly thought-out, reasonably priced, and very flexible design that may be just right for many mid-size vessels.

The heart of Vitals is the 6700 Vessel System Monitoring & Smart Alarm Device...

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#277: Billy & Sierra // Tula’s Endless Summer

29 Oct

Tula Art 277.jpg

Sierra Groth & Billy Swezey are the inspiring couple behind Tula’s Endless Summer. Their adventure started when Billy bought a dilapidated boat that had been abandoned in a New York boatyard and set about restoring her and meandering his way single-handed down the US East Coast. Billy met Sierra in Florida, and since then they, with their dog Jetty, have been inseparable, cruising the Bahamas and Eastern Caribbean in a variety of boats from the original TULA to a motor trawler named NEVERLAND, and now their ex-racing catamaran ADRENALINE. We spoke to Billy & Sierra onboard ICEBEAR at the recent ...

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Randall Reeves does a figure 8

25 Oct

Moli – 45-foot aluminum sloop purpose-built for high latitude sailing

It’s getting harder and harder to do something challenging and original in sailing. It used to be that a circumnavigation was a big deal, a solo circumnavigation even more so. Take the Australian sailor Jon Sanders for example. In 1970 he did a solo, non-stop circumnavigation. Ten years later he did a solo, non-stop double circumnavigation. As if that
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Broad IP camera support, a Raymarine advantage

23 Oct

When I outfitted Have Another Day to begin cruising I wanted better visibility of several areas of the boat. IP cameras are the natural way to tackle this but once I realized I wanted five or more cams the cost of MFD manufacturer branded models quickly became prohibitive. Fortunately, I’d already decided to go with Raymarine MFDs and some digging revealed strong support for a commonly used IP video standard.

The back of an 8617 with ample network ports as well as CVBS (analog video) input

MFDs have support for a varying mix of IP and analogue cameras. Most MFDs ...

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Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea

23 Oct

Drakes Bay

October 19, 2019

5am. The alarm sounds to wake me though I’ve been up since three o’clock. 

For some time I lay in the dark listening to the wind whine in the rigging. Mo tugs at her chain. I wait for sleep to descend again, but it has slipped away in the night to play with the coyotes calling from the headland.

Today we return home. My heart pounds. The bunk rejects me.

I make coffee but can’t sit to drink it. By flashlight I continue the endless job of tidying the deck in preparation for our Golden ...

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#276: Pip Hare // Preparing for the Race of Her Life

23 Oct

Pip Hare 276 Art.jpg

#276. Pip Hare is a lifelong professional sailor and a wonderfully inspiring person. Mia & I traveled to the south coast of England to meet Pip aboard her IMOCA 60 SUPER BIGOU, a ‘recycled’ Open 60 she is gearing up to campaign in the 2020 Vendee Globe Race. While we talked, her friends – including sailing speed record holder Paul Larsen – were on deck prepping the boat for upcoming Transat Jacque Vibre. Pip shared her life’s sailing story, from growing up in small cruising boats to sailing a ‘desk’ with the RNLI, that ultimately led her back into a ...

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DC-DC chargers, Victron introduces Orion TR Smart series

21 Oct


I just recently developed an interest in DC-to-DC battery charging and — bada bing — Victron introduces a whole series with the “Smart” Bluetooth configuration feature I’ve greatly appreciated in two of their other power components. But DC/DC is an unfamiliar technology for me, so I’m hoping readers will help out with possible misunderstandings, though even I can detect some confusing nomenclature and product naming.

An Orion-Tr DC-DC converter is not a charger (and not "smart")
An Orion-Tr DC-DC converter is not a charger (and not “smart”)

For instance, Victron already offers numerous DC/DC products — most named Orion, and several Orion-Tr — but they are all converters, not chargers. ...

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REID STOWE: Art Inspired by His Voyaging on Display in Chelsea (Plus a Big Thumbs Up for Randall Reeves!)

21 Oct

Oct. 21/2019: I was in New York City last Thursday after test-sailing boats in Annapolis and stopped in to see this show. All I can say is: WOW! Reid was there to greet me, first time I’d seen him live and in-person since we sailed up New York Harbor together on his schooner Anne after he completed his record-breaking 1,152-day voyage in June 2010. Mostly what Reid has been doing since then is taking care of his aging dad in North Carolina, raising his son Darshen with his partner Soanya Ahmad, and making art. Lots of art!

Coincidentally, this ...

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October 19th Livestream and special announcements from LandOps…

18 Oct

Hi, awesome virtual voyagers!

Quick update from the Landops team aka Joanna aka “The Wife”

  1. If you want to watch Moli and Randall come under the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday and can’t make it no worries. We’re now going to be Live Streaming the event on Facebook. If you want to watch just go to The Figure 8 Voyage Page here at approximately 12:30 pm PST . We’ll be streaming the “landing” at the Sausalito Yacht Club somewhere between 1:15 pm – 1:30 pm PST. Yes, we will be recording and sharing this footage.
  2. If you want to
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