Progress and Another Question

28 Jun

June 27, 2018

Day 180/9

Noon Position: 40 49N 151 38W
Course/Speed: NE6
Wind: WSW10-15
Bar: 1024, steady
Sea: SW5
Sky: Fog. Still dense fog.
Cabin Temperature: 70
Water Temperature: 57
Sail: Twins still polled. Still running.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 142
Miles this leg: 1294
Avg. Miles this leg: 144

Miraculously, winds are holding and we continue to make solid, if not record, progress in the right direction. That’s the good news. The bad news is the long range forecast suggests Mo and I will have to round the mark at 45N–the mark being a blob of ...

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It’s About TIME!

27 Jun

This post dedicated to Pam Wall, who consulted with me on Mo’s suit of electronic navigational equipment and who will know, intimately, the foibles of manual navigation.

June 26, 2018

Day 179/8

Noon Position: 39 22N 154 00W
Course/Speed: ENE7
Wind: SW15-20
Bar: 1023, steady
Sea: SW6+
Sky: Fog, drizzle, then more fog
Cabin Temperature: 69
Water Temperature: 59
Sail: Twins, poled out, running

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 165
Miles this leg: 1,152
Avg. Miles this leg: 144

Since departing Hawaii, my morning and afternoon sun sights have been way out, like 20 miles out. These are the ...

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Easy Marine Traffic AIS sharing from your boat, FloatHub is first

27 Jun

The screen above may look like an app running exclusively on the boat, but actually all that data, including AIS targets, was being constantly uploaded by Gizmo’s FloatHub monitoring system and then presented in near realtime on the associated private FloatHub website. So boat-to-cloud AIS relaying is yet another new feature in the exciting but confusing world of remote boat monitoring, though you may wonder why?

For starters, the new feature could have allowed fellow FloatHub users to watch Gizmo tangle with fast ferries off New London, Connecticut, as I transited that area a few weeks ago. But there’s lots ...

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Time to hang up the boots

27 Jun
There is a saying, ‘it ain’t over ‘till the fat lady sings’, and for sure this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race was not over until the singing started just ten miles from the finish line in The Hague. For a long while there was just a hum and the tune was in Spanish. Then it softened as Team Brunel made a last minute charge closing to within one mile from Mapfre, the leader, and the hum had a little Dutch mixed in with it. Mapfre and Team Brunel had chosen to sail down the western side of a traffic ...
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Debris Hunter

26 Jun


June 25, 2018

Day 179/7

Noon Position: 37 13N 156 00W
Course/Speed: NNE7+
Wind: SSW17-20
Bar: 1026, steady
Sea: NE/S3
Sky: Overcast, frequent drizzle
Cabin Temperature: 72
Water Temperature: 63
Sail: Twins poled out full, running
Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 169
Miles this leg: 987
Avg. Miles this leg: 141

Mo is not a racehorse, but she can keep up when the wind is right. Yesterday it was fast on the beam, and Mo turned in a 7-knot average day giving us nearly 1000 miles on the week. By my calculation (best guess of a route) we’re ...

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Can you open the fridge and grab me an iPad?

26 Jun
The upper helm of Have Another Day with two iPads ready to go

The upper helm of Have Another Day with two iPads ready to go

I’m an information junkie; if some information is good, more is better. So, when traveling in unfamiliar waters I would like to know as much as possible.  This data habit finds me with multiple plotters and a couple of iPad Minis at the helm when I’m underway.  Sometimes my quest for information finds me refrigerating iPads.

Navionics charts on the MFD and the Navionics Boating HD app running on the iPad

Navionics charts on the MFD and the Navionics Boating HD app running on the iPad

My boat is currently outfitted with five Raymarine little “e” MFDs with Navionics+ cartography.  I’ve used ...

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The Manifesto

25 Jun

June 24, 2018

Day 178/6

Noon Position: 35 00N 158 20W
Course/Speed: NNE8 (must have a current with us)
Wind: SE14
Bar: 1030, dropping
Sea: NE/E8
Sky: Overcast, drizzle
Cabin Temperature: 72
Water Temperature: 67
Sail: All plain sail

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 159
Miles this leg: 818
Avg. Miles this leg: 136

Wind veered into the E and stiffened after sundown. We’d been pounding into a hard sea all day, a hold-on-with-five-hands, punch-you-in-the-gut kind of sea. I was worn down, so I put two reefs in the working sails and began sleeping right after dinner.

Around midnight...

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Weems & Plath PRO 7×50 binoculars, customized for monocular vision

25 Jun

Several years ago I noticed that Weems & Plath had introduced a line of binoculars that seemed to offer good specifications and build quality at reasonable costs. But it took me until last fall’s Annapolis Show discount to take the plunge, and then it took some customization work to get where I hoped to. It’s an interesting story, I think, but to tell it I’ll have to reveal two more personal idiosyncracies.

First of all, and possibly not a surprise, I’m a bit cheap. And while being careful with my funds has generally served me well over the decades, I ...

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Dongfeng Race Team make history

25 Jun

Charles Caudrelier, Dongfeng skipper, gets to savor the moment

In what was without a doubt the most exciting Volvo Ocean Race finish, or perhaps the most exciting sailboat race finish since the Australians won the America’s Cup in 1983, the Chinese entry Dongfeng Race Team took overall victory in the tense and nail biting finish in The Hague. Earlier in the day the team was ...
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Birds, Blankets and a Question Regarding Favorite Foods

24 Jun

June 23, 2018

Day 177/5

Noon Position: 32 21N 158 35W
Course/Speed: N7+
Wind: ENE 17-20
Bar: 1028, steady
Sea: Lumpy and steep to 8 feet
Sky: Overcast
Cabin Temperature: 76
Water Temperature: 74
Sail: double reefed working jib; one reef in main, close reaching to close hauled

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good: 143
Miles this leg: 659
Avg. Miles this leg: 132


Herman, my friend the blackfooted albatross, swung near the boat just after dawn to say goodbye. He didn’t have to, of course. I knew the many visits of yesterday were a diversion while the wind ...

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