242: Fredrik Molin // Adventure of Fairwinds

11 Sep


#242: Fredrik Molin is another 30-something out sailing the world on his own terms. We’ve met several like-minded young people this summer in the Arctic, and it’s super inspiring to me to know they’re out there – we just gotta look in the colder places apparently. After building a successful career as a sommelier and chef, opening and later selling his own restaurant in Bergen, Fredrik needed a new challenge. With some adventurous (and at times crazy) friends, he taught himself how to sail and then went all-in, buying a 53-foot steel ketch and set out for Svalbard. We met ...

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LAURA DEKKER’S GUPPY: Wrecked on a Reef in the Cook Islands

10 Sep

Guppy under sail

This definitely denotes a trend. A curse even. Call it the Curse of Famous Circumnavigating Sailboats That Have Been Donated to Non-Profit Organizations. The latest victim, you may have noticed, is Laura Dekker’s bright red 40-foot Jeanneau Gin Fizz Guppy, which carried her around the world back in 2010-11 and helped her become the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world alone. Laura has posted details on both her blog and one of her Facebook pages, so I’ll let her tell the story:

I loaned Guppy long term in full faith to a non-profit organization [Ed: LifeSail, based ...

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Departure Dates – Announcements – MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Figure 8 Voyage 2.0 countdown begins!

10 Sep

Hi Virtual Voyagers!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from the “wife” but I have a couple of big updates now the countdown to departure is looming.

Departure Information!

If you can make it you can join other Virtual Voyagers and wave Randall and Moli out under the Golden Gate Bridge.

When: Sunday, September 30th, 2018: 10am – 11am

Where: Travis Marina @ Cavallo Point, Sausalito CA


If you’re coming by car: There are lots of parking spaces in a lot just before the Marina. It’s a 5 min walk to the breakwater. Please note, due to safety ...

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Two Bens, One great Panbo

9 Sep
Old Ben E and new Ben S aboard Gizmo in Hampton, Virginia June 2018

Old Ben E and new Ben S aboard M/V Gizmo in Hampton, Virginia, June 2018

Ben Ellison: Except for the possible name confusion, I’m very pleased to report that Ben Stein has become Panbo’s new Publisher while I get to focus entirely on the Edit side. As you may know, “new Ben” has been serving as a Contributing Editor since January, we walked the Miami Show together, and it was “Ben S” who spearheaded the Panbo website rebuild that went live in late March. We’ve been working together closely for eight months, and I know beyond a doubt ...

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Chesapeake Bay Hurricane Holes

7 Sep

There are already a goodly number of southbound cruisers  in the Chesapeake Bay. With the  expected approach of Hurricane Florence, it  is time to start considering where to hide  if the storm comes into the Chesapeake.  We have lived on and cruised the Chesapeake for 30 years.  We’ve experienced many tropical storms and a few hurricanes.  With that experience here are some observations about Chesapeake hurricane holes. As a general observation, marinas and anchorages below the Rappahannock are  going to feel the full effects of a coastal storm.  Further up the Bay the winds may be somewhat mitigated going over ...

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The SEA IS NOT FULL: Now Available As An E-Book!

4 Sep

SINF cover

Many of you have asked about this, and I am happy to report my latest book has just been released in electronic format at both Amazon and at the iBooks store. Now you have no excuse for not reading it! (Also, it’s my birthday today, so you should feel obliged to propitiate me.)

Remember: John Kretschmer, one of the most popular bluewater authors of our generation, has called The Sea Is Not Full “ONE OF THE BEST SAILING BOOKS” he’s read in a long time. “More than that,” he continued, “it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a ...

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Testing the Efoy Comfort fuel cell, and the value of premium amp hours

4 Sep

As installed on Gizmo, the EFOY 210 usually outputs 8.6 amps but starts slightly lower

For almost a year I hardly used this little control and monitoring panel because the attached EFOY fuel cell was already flawlessly performing its duty:  If engine alternator, solar panels, and/or shore power were not keeping Gizmo’s main battery bank at the voltage parameters I’d configured, the EFOY automatically and quietly charged the bank for a variable period also configured.

While the amp hours are expensive — the tested 210 model retails for $5,899, and the company’s methanol fuel costs roughly $10 per 100ah — I’m convinced that an EFOY Comfort could be a very pleasing addition to many cruising ...

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British gear up for the next America’s Cup

4 Sep


It appears that I may have to eat my words, well at least some of them, when it comes to the new America’s Cup design. I have been watching some videos of  INEOS TEAM UK, the British Challenger for the America’s Cup, and the boat looks quite amazing. They took what was originally a Quant 28 hull and modified it to ...
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Cruising gear: what about the phone?

1 Sep
Ferry crossing Puget Sound in a smoky sunset

Ah, the freedom of cruising! No commute, no schedule, no phone ringing… WAIT A MINUTE THERE. Phones? We gave our cell phones up when we took off in 2008 for a blue horizon. But the world changed and they crept back in a few years later, and are now indispensable travelers tools. Used as a hotspot, a smartphone is our primary vehicle for getting online aboard Totem. Apps connect us to helpful tools from mapping to translation and a myriad of other tools. Necessary to keep up Totem’s Instagram! Can you use what you have? Do you get a ...

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2018 SUMMER CRUISE: Thwarted Ambitions

30 Aug

Lunacy aground

Job one before embarking on this summer’s cruise was to clean up Lunacy’s bottom a bit. I waited until too late to ask if my home yard, Maine Yacht Center, could arrange to have a diver do it, so ended up having to do it myself. First I dove on the boat, on day one of the cruise at Cliff Island, and scrubbed a good bit of the starboard side, paying particular attention to the log and depth sensors, which were extremely foul. This, as I’d hoped, resolved both my autopilot problem (my modern NKE pilot needs more-or-less ...

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