Rudders, let’s start here

10 Oct

Icon new rudder.jpgThis is ICON’s revised rudder. As you probably can guess the bumps on the leading edge are what was added to my original rudder shape. These bumps are called “Tubercles” and can be found in nature on the leading edge of the fins Humpback whales. They can be seen as vortex generators. So, why were they added and did they work?


ICON’s original owner and skipper were Happy with the boat’s performance and I never heard any complaints about the rudder. But ICON sold to a new owner and he was campaigning the boat heavily and quite successfully. The

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6 Oct

We managed to get the hits on Jill’s hospital blog up to almost 900!

Jill and I appreciate the support. It was amazing.


I think we did what we could do and now it’s time to turn the blog over to some subject matter more cheerful like,,,how come I can’t steer my boat?

I think I’ll do a rudder blog this weekend....

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A Million Bucks

3 Oct

If you’ve been playing Johnny Yachtracer for a while, you’ve said it yourself. If you’ve been playing Johnny Yachtwriter for a while, you’re written it.

There were no losers.

It’s a trite but perfectly-accurate assessment of an event in which scads of people had fun on the water, and a few of them won a thingie to take home. Happens pretty often in sailing, but nowhere was it ever more true than last weekend at the Leukemia Cup Regatta on San Francisco Bay, an endeavor that raised a record $1 million for cancer research.

This annual all-out effort at The ...

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Hogg Blog— I am going to ask you for some help

1 Oct

spike.jpgRobert Hogg was Spike’s doctor at Swedish hospital in Seattle. If he had correctly diagnosed Spike’s illness as bacterial pneumonia Spike would most probably be alive today. Bacterial pneumonia is easily treated but it requires antibiotics.
Spike was given an anti inflammatory drug, anti depressants and an anti nausea drug, no antibiotics. He was sent home to “rest” and died the next night.

I would appreciate it if you could visit this web site and look at Jill’s blog about Spike and bacterial pneumonia. I want to keep this blog active and busy.
I am not asking you to comment ...

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Pumpkin my cat

29 Sep

I get requests from people asking me about Pumpkin and I’ve been thinking about blogging her so I’ll give it a shot.

My family has always felt most complete with a dog and a cat in the house. I don’t have the financial resources to help people significantly but I can give a dog or two and a cat lives of kings.

Mork, our last cat, a Silver Persian, was dumb as a stump but he loved to hunt. I’m pretty sure the hunter turned into the hunted and he was eaten by the coyotes that are plentiful around here. ...

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The North Side of Tonga

27 Sep

A while back I challenged readers to name a regatta that in just three years became the biggest annual festival in its island state. The answer was, and is, Regatta Vava’u & Festival.

Northernmost of the island groups in the Kingdom of Tonga, Vava’u has whales, reefs for the diving, beaches (though not as many beaches as Ha’apai to the south) and smooth, protected sailing waters. There’s even a modest charter industry, with Moorings and Sunsail facilities side by side.

I went for the racing, such as it is, with one after another cruiser “racing my house” and being rather ...

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Farewell Rich Worstell

26 Sep

SPIKE boat.jpg

I was tempted to make this heading” Rich Worstell rest in peace”. But in Rich’s heaven he is not in peace. Rich didn’t like being at peace. Rich liked to be busy and kind of agitated. It suited him. So I like to think that in Rich’s heaven he is racing about working on a  new project. I’ll bet he’s starting to build another new plane. They must fly in heaven.


Rich owned Valiant Yachts ever since Uniflyte went belly up about 22 years ago. He moved production to his home on Lake Texan in Texoma where Rich owned ...

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Bug Blog

22 Sep

jill.jpg“Bug” was my father in law’s nickname for my wife of the last 35 years Jill. She was the mischevious one of the four kids and she tells one story of her father pulling of the road on the way up to go sking so he could wash her mouth out with snow for saying something that was “innapropriate”.


Jill was/is an amazing skier. She skied on profesional demonstration teams and competed in freestyle events and once appeared on the WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS. But she fell. When she tried to teach me to ski at age 40 she ...

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