The Paul Cayard Story

23 Jan

No, he is not dead, or even retired.

But Sail-World has published Part 1 (though it might have come from Pressure Drop; it's really hard to tell) of a series that tells Cayard's history in the sport: how he got started, where his love of sailing took him, what he thought about the major campaigns he has been involved in. It's also got some sweet pictures of a young Cayard.

Here's Cayard on the 1983 America's Cup:

“ Americas Cup teams back then were extremely lean, our shore crew was exactly one person. We did major surgery ourselves to

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Boat Work with Kids Onboard – An oxymoron?

23 Jan

It's strange for me to look up out of the engine compartment and no longer just see one face staring down at me. I foresee having a lot of "help" on the boat projects soon. Today Ouest and I worked on a project that included both of us using our spanners at the same time. Soon it'll be time to get Lowe a set of tools too.

(Jan. 20) When I say I've got a list a mile long of little projects to get done this is the sort of project I'm referring to. It doesn't mean much in the ...

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Volvo Race, Leg 3, Stage 2, Segment 6, Leg Start

22 Jan

I'm kidding about the Segment 6 part. But it is weird to see the Volvo, once a truly global race with just four stops, being broken down into nibble-sized bites. Hopefully, that's not a sponsor strategy that will be repeated in the future. But it's obvious marketing has overwhelmed the sailing for now.

That's probably something that will be on the sailors' mind as they bash their brains out going to weather for most of the 2000 miles to Sanya, China. It's not until the fleet gets to Auckland that there will be the prospect of a traditional, downwind, ...

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Anatomy of a Water Damaged Deck Part II – Repairing and Sealing Minor Damage

21 Jan

In this continuation of our examination of cored deck saturation I’ll be taking about dehydration and perspiration. Which is to say I’ll explain how we sweated gallons while drying out and repairing some minor areas of damaged deck in the ‘ideal’ situation of a New Orleans summertime!

If you didn’t read it before it might be worth jumping back to my previous post Anatomy of a Water Damaged Deck which sets the stage for our repairs on the leaky decks of my 37-year-old boat. Our work roughly fell into three categories: sealing deck fasteners which showed minimal or no leaking, ...

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20 Jan

Bridgetown, Barbados

Lucky me. Seems I’ve been promoted to the Mt. Gay Rum beat, my third excursion to the islands in the last two months. Up top you see the view of the anchorage at Bridgetown from my hotel room, a worthy reward for the hellish treatment I received yesterday at the hands of American Airlines. (May they rot in bankruptcy indefinitely.)

Today I toured the Mt. Gay distillery and bottling facility and might have learned enough to make rum on my own. I look forward to sharing some of the scatalogical details in a future issue of the comic.

Sugar cane field

Mt. Gay distillery

Mt. Gay distillery

Mt. Gay distillery

Mt. Gay rum tasting

And, ...

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Looking for a Ship

20 Jan

I'd just finished reading John McPhee's excellent book, when I had to go looking for a ship myself.

I am a member of the Clipperton Project, which embarks from La Paz, Mexico for Clipperton Island this March.

We have one boat, the Lucia Celeste, which is a sturdy craft, but as the numbers wax and wane with camera crews, turtle savers, ham DXers, and others whose functions I don't understand, we might want some additional capacity.

We stayed aboard the Lucia Celeste while in La Paz, and we were quite comfortable, but it's hard to imagine her loaded down ...

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America’s Cup Uncovered

20 Jan

They say that the America's Cup inspires innovation and technology that works its way into the general marketplace.

Put the racing multihulls aside for a moment, and take a look at what the AC is doing for RIBs and media platforms.

I can think of lots of good uses for one of those speedy media cats, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on Craigslist after the America's Cup winds down.


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Circumnavigation – Red Sea Pt. II

20 Jan

Part Two of our Red Sea Sailing Adventure, Eritrea, Africa – We are often asked, “What was your favorite part?” when people hear that we sailed around the world. And while the standard answer is that every country had it’s high points for us, the best area we cruised, or the best and most interesting memories at least, came from sailing the Red Sea. Which is why it is so disappointing to hear that these days, just six years later, cruisers are facing such a tough decision when it comes to choosing whether or not to sail these waters.

march 31 ...

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