ETAP YACHTS: Surviving the 2012 Apocalypse (and Bankruptcy?)

10 Mar

World destruction and ETAP Yachts

What if the Mayans were right? What if the world as we know it really does come to an end on December 21, 2012? If it’s true, one of the only ways you’ll be able to survive is aboard an unsinkable sailboat from Belgian boatbuilder ETAP. This according to doomsday prophet Patrick Geryl.

You remember ETAP, right? They were marketing their unique, rather innovative cruising sailboats here in the U.S. until the economy fell off a cliff in 2008. The big selling point on these boats was their double-skinned foam-filled hulls, which made it impossible for them to sink, even ...

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Volvo Intensity: Match Race To Auckland

9 Mar

If you haven't been paying much attention to the Volvo Ocean Race, now is the time to focus. A brutal, seemingly endless, Leg 4 is coming down to an intense battle for podium places, and boats are practically match-racing as they try to get through the final 300 miles.

Groupama has sailed a brilliant leg, and barring a catastrophic breakdown, look to have this leg sewn up. Cammas and his team deserve this victory, and it will help keep Telefonica from running away with this VOR.

It is the fight for second and third, however, that is delivering ...

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Dream Regattas: Les Voiles De Saint Barth

7 Mar

Okay, now that you have your Dream Boat, where are you going to sail it?

I am here to serve. So let me point you toward the Caribbean paradise of Saint Barts, where one of the most spectacular regattas on God's blue ocean will take place in a month. 

Les Voiles De Saint Barths. It sounds exotic, non? Does it feature beautiful classic yachts, luxury yachts, and flat-out racers, bashing it out across deep blue waters in whistling tradewinds? Why, yes, yes it does.

April 2-7. Be there. And any American with a pulse has to be happy ...

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DIY Chainplates – Choosing your materials

6 Mar

I’ll start right out with this: don’t make your own chainplates. At least, don’t insist on doing all the work yourself. Well, not unless you already know what you’re doing. Or maybe if you’re really set on it. I mean, you will be able to manage it. So I guess do make your own chainplates, but…

 The one thing I can tell you with authority when it comes to crafting your own chainplates is that if you do it the way I have it will cost you more money and far more time than it would if you get at ...

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Baja Single-Handed

6 Mar

I sailed around the world without ever once sailing single-handed. Not even fifty yards of that circumnavigation were completed without Ali onboard. So when we made the decision last June to fly her and our daughter, Ouest, to Puerto Vallarta ahead of me while I sailed down from San Diego it wasn't made lightly. But weather and life had conspired to put us behind schedule and she was now closing in on eight months pregnant. So the idea of sailing south together as a family sounded less and less appealing. Or safe.

So one fine San Diego morning I dropped ...

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A To-Do List Ass Kicking

6 Mar

(Feb. 29, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) Spent the day on the boat plugging away at the list. The water hoses are all replaced, the tanks were cleaned just recently, and the whole system is smelling and tasting wonderful again. Feels good to start fresh.

During that project I learned something new. I was just about finished with the job, I just needed to go out and buy two more hose clamps. But I was anxious to see if everything was working properly so I flicked the water pressure switch on and stood back. What I failed to remember to do was ...

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MORGAN OUT ISLAND 41: The Original Charter Barge

5 Mar

Morgan Out Island 41

The legendary designer/builder Charley Morgan allegedly conceived this boat in a fit of pique when the IOR supplanted the old CCA rule as the racing rating rule du jour back in 1970. If so, it was an auspicious tantrum, as the Out Island 41 turned out to be an extremely successful boat and ultimately helped transform the business of fiberglass sailboat production. The OI 41 was not only one of the first designs targeted at the emerging bareboat charter industry, it was also one of the first center-cockpit boats and one of the first to blatantly discount sailing performance in ...

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Loick Peyron Talks Sailing

5 Mar

Good interview with VSail. Here's just a taste: So, what is the most important factor in beating such a record? Is it luck, the boat, the weather, the crew?

Loïck Peyron: The weather. Optimal weather conditions can allow you to beat the record, even with older boats. You rounded the world in 45 days. Do you envision the record being brought down to less than 40 days?

Loïck Peyron: Of course. It can even go lower. Twenty years ago we couldn’t grasp the possibility of rounding the world in 80 days. I was there, with my brother

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Dream Boats: Schooner Mayan

5 Mar

We all love beautiful boats. We all love to fantasize about owning a beautiful boat. 

So how about this one? Mayan is a John Alden designed schooner, much-loved, and much-sailed by David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash (and sometimes–and he was key–Young). 

Here's a history, set to obvious (though just the right) music:

You can look at the full sales listing (and lots of great photos), here. Here's the summary:

After forty years of ownership, David Crosby has decided that it is time for this magnificent sailboat to become part of someone else's life. Many of David's

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