Icebergs Away!

7 Feb

Icebergs are always amazing to encounter at sea. And when they are calving, breaking up, flipping over, or doing anything other than simply floating, it only gets more thrilling.

So thanks to always industrious GCaptain for going to the trouble of compiling the "Top 6 Dangerous Iceberg Collapse Videos."

This is my favorite. Yes, iceberg-watching is a participation sport!:

But watch them all, because they are each mesmerizing in their own way–including this iceberg-created 

tsunami which sweeps into a fishing village on Greenland. You never know what will get you when you live on a coast.


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America’s Cup Wayback Machine

6 Feb

The 1987 America's Cup off Perth was one of the great contests. And the America's Cup YouTube Channel is now featuring some great video of that epic, big wind, big seas, battle. 

Can the upcoming 2013 catfight be as exciting? Maybe the speed will have its own charisma. But hard to imagine that the sailing will be as interesting and tactical.

Here's DC and Stars & Stripes versus CD and Kiwi Magic, the Plastic Fantastic, in the LV Cup finals. 



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Is There Any Dinghy More Dramatic Than A Moth?

6 Feb

Or more exhilarating? 

I don't think so, and the images don't lie. Thierry Martinez won the 2011 Photo Of The Year for the above shot of Nathan Outteridge being ejected by his Moth at the 2011 World Championships. Here's another (and the full sequence is right here).

And while photos are one way to try and grasp the true nature of a Moth, you have to go to video to

understand the true, mesmerizing, essence of the thing.

So go sailing with one for a few minutes:

Phew. I need a smoke....

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4 Feb

Javier Martin

Here’s another interesting story I wrote something on almost exactly a year ago that has sprung back to life again. CBS News will be running a piece called “The Dark Side of Paradise” on its award-winning program, 48 Hours, about the murder and disappearance of two cruising sailors in Panama in January last year. You can check out a trailer for the show at this link here (sorry, CBS won’t let me embed it). And, of course, you can refresh your recollection by re-reading what I wrote last February.

I was going to do a bunch of online research ...

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Repacing Rotten Deck Core, Part I

4 Feb

As I mentioned in this post one of the major repairs on my boat is a section of deck where the upper fiberglass laminate had cracked, allowing water into the balsa core and starting a cycle of rot and delamination which led to this:

Close-up of the worst damage. These cracks go all the way through the fiberglass.

I knew this project would take more than a few days so before starting I made a series of dams out of plywood so that I could protect it with a tarp and not have rainwater running into the repair area. This ...

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Orca Uber Alles

3 Feb

For anyone who has any doubt about the supreme intelligence and physical superiority of killer whales, I offer this article about research being done on the lives of orcas who frequent Antarctic waters.

It's a fascinating account of the sophistication of orca society, communication, and hunting strategies. It leaves even me, a mutant with certain evolutionary advantages, with one simple thought: "We are not worthy."

Charlie's buddy, Jarle Andhoey, better not mess with them (and somewhere in footage of his that he once sent me he has a great sequence of an orca repeatedly spyhopping throuh a hole in ...

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JARLE ANDHOEY: Did Kiwi Navy Send Berserk To Her Doom?

3 Feb

Jarle Andhoey

I confess I am now officially obsessed with the “Wild Viking,” Norwegian Jarle Andhoey, and his latest unauthorized voyage to Antarctica. In case you haven’t been checking the news online every few hours like I have, let me bring you up to date:

1. Andhoey is questioning whether New Zealand’s navy is culpable in the loss of his previous boat, Berserk, which disappeared with three crew aboard during a storm in the Ross Sea last February while Andhoey and another crew member were attempting to reach the South Pole on ATV bikes. Andhoey, who has been communicating regularly ...

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