Jules Verne Big Trimaran Porn

10 Apr

Sure, this short video of Banque Pop's epic Jules Verne record-setting run is in French. But you don't watch for the dialogue. You watch for the action.

There is plenty of action.

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NONSUCH 30: A Modern-Day Catboat With a Wishbone Rig

10 Apr

Nonsuch 30 under sail

The Nonsuch 30 was the first and most successful of the Nonsuch line of una-rigged cruising catboats built by Hinterhoeller Yachts of Ontario, Canada, from 1978 to 1994. Designed by Mark Ellis at the instigation of Gordon Fisher, a famous Canadian racing sailor who wanted a fast, easy-to-handle cruising boat for his retirement, this boat in particular and its four siblings (the Nonsuch 22, 26, 33, and 36) are among the most popular alternative-rigged production boats ever built. In all a total of 975 Nonsuchs were launched over the years; of these 522 were 30-footers. The Nonsuch remains a popular ...

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Ghost Ships

9 Apr

One of the eerie echoes of the 2010 Japanese tsunami was the ghost ship, Ryou-Un Maru, which broke free of her moorings and over the past year drifted across the Pacific to Alaska.

To prevent a hazard to shipping, or a ghostly beaching, the US Coast Guard late last week fired on it, and sank it, in 6,000 feet of water 180 miles west of the Alaska coast.

Here are some photos (full sequence here). Spooky. 

And speaking of ghost ships, here is director James Cameron perfecting the CGI re-enactment of the sinking of the most haunting ...

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Cruising with Kids – Not All Fun and Games

8 Apr

We've had a busy week of cruising, and let me tell you, there are challenges to being out here with two kids. Challenges that we never had to deal with when it was just the two of us out sailing the high seas. Looking back I can't believe how easy it was to sail around the world just the two of us. Back then a thousand mile passage was undertaken without any thought. Now throw a hundred miles at us and my brain wants to shut down. But then the kids go off to sleep and I load up the ...

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Odds and ends around the shop

8 Apr

Things are very hectic here at the moment. My father will be arriving in a couple days and during the week that he’s here we’re hoping to install a used diesel inboard (a Yanmar 1-GM, more on that soon) and maybe even step the mast, though I’m probably getting ahead of myself on that one! Either way, I have a lot to do before he gets down here. Mostly I’ve been puttering around the shop finishing projects and making all sorts of little mounting plates, backing plates, and fiberglass bits. I’ve also got a good friend in town who does ...

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OCEAN CURRENTS: Fantastic Video

7 Apr

Just had to share this one. This is an animated NASA “visualization” video showing the disposition of global ocean currents during the period from June 2005 through December 2007.

Aside from how beautiful it is, what strikes me most is the prevalence of huge eddies in certain locations–particularly off southern Africa, where there is an impressive string of them stretching from the southeast coast out west into the South Atlantic. There are also some interesting looking eddies off the northeast coast of South America and either side of the Central American isthmus, particularly on the Caribbean side.

It is interesting ...

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Must Reads: Merf Owen On Designing VO70s

5 Apr

Only one out of six of the VO70s on the current leg of the Volvo Ocean Race has managed (or been lucky ebough) to avoid a major breakdown. Nice, PUMA.

First, a quick video summary (and full details of Groupama's breakdown and options are here):

The chaos and catastrophe have been sufficient to induce VOR CEO Knut Frostad to issue a statement of concern. And, naturally, all the breakages have set off the usual armchair designer critics, who have taken to sailing forums across the globe.

To sort it all out, and explain things from the design side, ...

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LANGSKIP 55: A Viking Longship Yacht

4 Apr

Langskip 55

Wanna-be Viking voyagers (e.g., Jarle Andhoey) who are daunted at the prospect of having to plunder and pillage in open boats can heave a sigh of relief. At last someone has had the vision to both design and build a modern-day Norse longship with comfortable interior accommodations and contemporary amenities. The visionary in question is Sigurjon Jonsson of the Skipavik shipyard in Stykkisholmur, Iceland, which has been building fishing boats since 1928. This beautiful and extremely unusual Langskip 55, the first yacht ever built at Skipavik, was conceived by Sigurjon as a versatile world-class cruising boat that can ...

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Volvo Ocean Race: Argh!

4 Apr

Ok, that is definitely not what you want your leaderboard to look like. 

Groupama, leading the leg and threatening for the overall lead of the race, just lost the rig. Here are the details:


When the incident happened, Groupama 4 was sailing upwind on port tack in a northerly wind of around twenty knots.

The mast broke level with the first spreader (around ten metres above the deck).

When the spar fell, bowman Brad Marsh suffered a slight injury to his forearm.

Franck Cammas indicated that he wasn't requesting assistance and that he'd temporarily suspended racing.

Two options

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The Volvo Ocean Race: How Did We Get Here?

3 Apr

The seas may be rough, and the boats may be breaking, but at least this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race appears, at the halfway point, as if it will go down to the wire, with Groupama and Telefonica dueling to the finish.

And if you want to know how it came to this, the media team at race HQ have put together a handy-dandy video summary of all the action to date:


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