SF-AC Negotiations: Exclusive Pictures

22 Feb

Okay, we hope it’s not quite that . . .

Even as negotiations continued between the city fathers of San Francisco and the America’s Cup Event Authority, with Stephen Barclay as the lead, Oracle Racing held a media day on TuesdayI suspect the sailing team would rather have had the time for other businessand my takeaway was a comment from Russell Coutts that he knows of a fourth challenger who has begun work on an AC72 catamaran for the 2013 America’s Cup match.


We’ve downsized from the total of nine or ten AC72s that were thrown out as pie ...

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The Sinking Of A Superyacht

22 Feb

It's not often that you see a superyacht, which charters for almost a cool half mil a week, sinking beneath the waves. A sight like that will no doubt inspire mixed feelings for some, particularly any #OccupyWallStreet-ers. But I hate to see any ship go down.  

Here's what the playtoy YOGI should look like:

And here, unfortunately, is what YOGO recently looked like (despite the chaos in Greece it's nice to see that

the Greek Coast Guard is still flying):

The full backstory is here

Follow The Mariner ...

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MIAMI VICES: Command Chairs!

22 Feb

Command chair on Seaward 46

My annual pilgrimage to the Miami International Boat Show is underway. Unfortunately, I made it to the Miamarina at Bayside just a few hours before the Strictly Sail side of the show closed yesterday, so I didn’t have much time to explore in between setting up dates to test-sail boats after the show. But I did get a peek at some interesting stuff, most particularly this stunning command chair, which dominates the saloon of the new Seaward 46RK from Hake Yachts.

This is just the thing for sailors who like to indulge in Capt. Kirk fantasies while sailing where no ...

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21 Feb

I've seen skiffs that are more out of the water than in. But I have never seen a skiff that is literally and almost completely airborne–with just a few square centimeters (if that) remaining in contact with the water. Looks like quite a ride. (via)


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Volvo Ocean Race Having Fun (Not) At Sea Again

21 Feb

Here's what you need to know.

1) They had another weird start/restart arrangement that was head-scratching and not really worth understanding. The important thing is that PUMA got snakebit (again), and are struggling to stay in contact.

2) The whole fleet is getting their asses kicked (again) by the pleasures of sailing to windward in the pumping monsoon, confused seas, and devilish currents of the South China Sea.

3) Camper is the only team that is managing to challenge Telefonica's superiority, and keep this thing at all alive as a competition.

4) Real downwind, Volvo-style ocean racing will (finally!) ...

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ERNEST K. GANN: Song of the Sirens

18 Feb

Song of the Sirens book cover

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the sinking of the Canadian school ship Concordia, a tragedy I will always relate to the controversial sinking just over 50 years ago of Chris Sheldon‘s school ship Albatross. This is a story that ties into a strong tide that has long flowed through my mind. It in fact first started flowing about 40 years ago when, at age 13, I found a paperback copy of Ernest K. Gann‘s Song of the Sirens stashed on the shelves of a lending library in a U.S. Army hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. The ...

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The Art Of Sailboat Video: Keith Brash

17 Feb

Maybe you think a sailboat video is a cinch to make? Well, it is, I guess. Water, boat, camera, done. Fourteen views on YouTube. Nice job.

But making a good one, like anything else, takes something called talent. And in the world of high-end sailboat racing, there are few better at capturing the action, mood, and excitement than Keith Brash.

I was reminded of that when I saw this recent update on Artemis.

But to see all the different aproaches he takes, take a quick tour of his work for Quantum TV

You'll see vids like this:

And this:...

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Ultimate Cruiser’s Skill? Welding.

17 Feb

16-Feb-2012 puerto vallarta, mexico.
Here's a hot tip for the would be cruiser: Learn to weld stainless steel and you'll never be wanting for money or work in your travels. In all of our years aboard we have hired welders seven times that I can think of off hand. Mechanics, twice. Refrigeration guys, twice. Nope, welding is where it's at. If you can weld stainless you'll be working in every exotic anchorage the world over.

The davits are coming along nicely. They are big strong beasts and I'm pretty sure they bring Bumfuzzle's overall length to over fifty-two feet. We'll ...

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What Is It?

16 Feb

Check out these pictures and see if you can figure out what they show. It's like a Rorschach test for humanity.

Beautiful, yet also disturbing, no? 

If you haven't figure it out they are from a series of photos taken in the water column of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Read all about the photo series, and the artist behind them, here

What would it be like to swim down through the estimated 100 million tons of trash swirling around in the Great Pacific Garbage PatchMandy Barker's photographs bring viewers probably as close as they'd

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