DIY epoxy repair links and my chances of survival as a career criminal…

21 Apr

Friends, do you know about this brilliant resource?

                         West System Epoxy Technical Services:  Toll free 866-937-8797

It’s the West System help line where M-F, 9-5 there is an expert on hand to talk you through virtually any project you think you could use epoxy on. They’ve been a huge help to me with my deck core replacement and the repair I have just started on my cockpit sole. Plus West System has an enormous database of past repair projects here: They also have extremely detailed yet easily digested manuals on the general use of epoxy, epoxy for ...

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The Low Speed Chase Memorial

21 Apr

Here is an updated timetable for Saturday’s memorial to the crew lost aboard
Low Speed Chase:


A detailed link is HERE

All participating boats are asked to turn on running lights
All participants shall wear Personal Floatation Devices

1845 Gather to the southeast of Elephant Rock
1900 – 1930
Tiburon Fire Boat with the USCG will lead procession using their spinning lights; boats should carefully fall in line behind. Boats will proceed in line following the FD boat between Victory and the Protector, Farallones, and may drop ...

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Wayback Machine: 18th Century Shipping Routes

19 Apr

It's extraordinary and enlightening when you apply modern data modeling to delve into the mists of history. James Cheshire and Ben Schmidt took 18th century British, Dutch, and Spanish shipping records to produce these spectacular visual representations of the routes being sailed.

Here's what British shipping was up to, 1750-1800 (click image for enlarged version):

Here's what you are looking at: Cross-Atlantic shipping lanes were among the busiest, but the number of

vessels traveling to what was than called the East Indies – now India and South-East Asia – also stands out when compared to Dutch and Spanish records ...

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VSRs, ACRs, and the Digital Duo Charge for Idiot-Proof Battery Charging

18 Apr

Let's treat the development of these products historically:

In the distant past, the only way to connect a battery for charging or discharging was to flip a switch. This switch usually connected the battery to the main electrical bus, and the main electrical bus was where connections branched out to various consumers of power and charging sources. If you wanted a battery bank to get charged, say, while the engine was running, you flipped its switch to connect it to the main bus. If, after the engine was stopped, you wanted to keep this bank in reserve, you disconnected it ...

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How To Raise A Family The Anasazi Way

18 Apr

If you ever find yourself dazed in a Mall, stewing in traffic, or listening to your kid scream about playing more Wii, and wonder what the hell you are doing, then think about James Burwick, who is circumnavigating the globe with his wife and two (very_ young kids on an Open 40 called Anasazi Girl.

He's crossing oceans at high rates of speed and giving his family an experience that is unlike most any other in this harried, technified, 21st Century (course the Bumfuzzles know a thing or two about this, as well).

Anasazi Girl is currently in ...

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MATT RUTHERFORD: Bay Bridge in Sight

18 Apr

Matt Rutherford off Virginia Beach

Matt Rutherford off Virginia Beach (photo courtesy of Mark Duehmig)

Editor’s note: Andy Schell, my Matt Rutherford correspondent, shot me this report just moments ago. LET’S GO, MATT!!!

You’d think that in a voyage of now 310 days–the time Matt Rutherford has been at sea since departing the Chesapeake almost a year ago–the hardest part would be far behind him.

But in fact, the hardest part is right now.

Matt has the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in sight, and is only a handful of miles from crossing his outward track, which would make him the first person in history to ...

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Farallon Tragedy: Key Questions

18 Apr

This excellent news report has some insightful interviews with other racers about the central issue which will be examined as the post-tragedy investigation and analysis begins: was Low Speed Chase cutting too close to the Farallones?

It would be easy to just say "yes," and assume an obvious miscalculation was made. But that's rarely how things are at sea, esepcially in a race environment. Racing is all about calcuclated risk, and my gut so far (though there is still a lot to be learned) is that Low Speed Chase wasn't crazy-close, and in a place other boats have gone before, ...

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How was your week?

18 Apr

I think these photos sum mine up pretty well!

My folks came down to New Orleans (again!) to help me work on the boat, and work we did. We were out at 8am each morning and going till dark most evenings. We got a lot done even though we only had five days to do it in. A partial list:

Chopped up and rebuilt the engine bed and installed a new (used) diesel inboard.
Started making the new cockpit coamings out of some beautiful pieces of mahogany
Pulled off the rubrails and reinforced all the beat-up fastener holes (Thanks mom ...

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SUICIDE OCEAN TOW: Drake Roberts on YouTube

17 Apr

Many moons ago I blogged about a fellow I met in Bermuda, Rich Littauer, who was aboard a derelict 52-foot steel boat, Cha Cha, that had been towed into St. Georges after losing her engine and sails during a rough passage from Newport, Rhode Island. More recently I’ve been in touch with Drake Roberts, the singlehander who found Rich and his crew, Gail Alexander, adrift and towed them most of the way to Bermuda with his Westsail 42, Paragon. Drake has launched a YouTube channel and has posted a complete video account of his own voyage to ...

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